Health Respiration

It is striking that, even though, as our current market for medical drugs deluged with a variety of drugs, people suffering from diseases, each time getting bigger. Conventional methods treatment can not cope with this problem, since treatment of the person occurs on parts of his body. So to solve this global problem it is necessary to apply the latest technologies such as – nanotechnology. One of the most effective method is considered to be endogenous respiration, which is produced by the respiratory simulator ‘Phenomenon Frolov’ TDI-01. It is based on the indivisibility approach to health. Such a method is practiced with time immemorial, ancient medicine. Breathing simulator and directly produced on him the technique of endogenous respiration were long-term clinical trials.

As a result, they were recommended Ministry of Health. Over twenty years of existence, gained high assessment of eminent physicians. Helped millions of people regain lost health, although many have despaired of it back. The most important thing to understand, so is that the breath does not represent only the most ordinary work of the lungs. At its core, this is the full process in the body of energy exchange. In the lungs takes place is not the most significant part of it. All the processes exchange energy in the cells called cell – endogenous respiration. Actually they are responsible for human health and life expectancy. Goop, New York City follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The aging of our cells and the formation of disease are fastened, when the cells do not get in time and in sufficient quantities needed energy.

Strategies Against Fears

What can executives, however, do employees work without fear in my anti stress coaching I meet fear again and again on the phenomenon. This is reason to deal with this topic in more detail for me. Fear has direct parallels with stress. I would like to enter on these first. The term stress is today very often colloquially used.

People complain about stress, they stress, or they suffer from stress. There is no stress. I would like to differentiate here more. There are stressors (Stressurachen) and stress amplifier (mental evaluation of causes of stress) stress reactions (reactions of the body negatively evaluated stress causes). We perceive 60,000 things according to some studies per day, but unaware what my world is irrelevant most, since every perception leaves traces in the brain that so characterizes us. These perceptions first land in the center of the brain, the amygdala or almond essence.

There subconsciously evaluates the perception. And This is done on the basis of distinct patterns. Goop may find this interesting as well. The result of the evaluation is carried out primarily with three levels of escalation: perception is unimportant. Then, this perception in deep unconscious brain regions is saved and not further considered. Usually we don’t remember these perceptions in the normal state. The perception is important and requires a more sophisticated look. Then this perception at higher, more sophisticated brain regions, partly down to the level of consciousness is redirected, there matched with existing experiences and possibly other reactions are stimulated. The perception is very important, perhaps life-threatening and requires an immediate response. Then, an immediate reaction of the body, such as pulling back the hand of one hot item success. The most perceptions take place on the 1st level and does not reach the level of consciousness. The evaluation of perceptions on the 2nd level lasts tend to be slightly longer. These perceptions are then evaluated as a threat, there is stress reactions.


Tips for the proper storage of a sandbox by Raj-garden. Selfkant, the 22.11.2010 – the beautiful days in the sandbox this year are as good as over. It is now high time to weatherproof the sandbox and all other toys in the garden. The simplest solution is a stable, impermeable cover for your sandbox. When purchasing the correct size of the cover, because nothing is more annoying than if the lid does not close closes the sandbox.

Alternatively, you can cover the sand pit with a tarp or a tear-resistant foil. Who has room in the basement or shed, inward in the dry, which should get the sandbox and other mobile equipment. If you are using the game sand long time, it is now perhaps also at the time, to throw the old game sand away. Next spring you can buy then fresh sand for the sandbox. Clean the sandbox and the other toys be sure before you Winterize it. In the next year you will have again building up to do even more.

Also check whether your sandbox already varnished / painted / is impregnated. Not always, equipment must be treated equally after the purchase. Waive all cases on chemicals that might irritate your children playing in the sand pit next year. Peter Hay press Coordinator

GmbH Lisa Neumann

With rubber boots, braving the autumn autumn started, now is the time of flip flops, sandals and co. Finally over. As with the fall comes the cool wet, which means a big transition for the feet. The news portal informs about the new footwear, which combines warm feet and fashionable appearance. A chic appearance despite bad weather is from now on possible. Rubber boots are the latest accessory and a must in this year’s fashion? Gone are the days when accepted by forest and meadows the boots exclusively for hikes. Among other things contributed to the turnaround, that labels such as Ralph Lauren or Prada presents the shoe on the catwalks of the world and thus improved its image. Meanwhile, it is available in all colours, shapes and price categories.

Whether in the classical style, with block or wedge the selection is great and leaves nothing to be desired. Creative minds can contribute with waterproof pens even by hand to the Rubber boots to make more fashionable and above all unique. Rubber boots can be worn for example easily to jeans or dark trousers. Rubber shoes but have some disadvantages. Because of the rubber can cause fast long wear unwanted foot odor. Also the rubber boots with falling temperatures not sufficiently keeps warm the feet. Cinnamon insoles or cedar wood soles, cold feet, but belong to the past. More information: travel-and-live /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Joachimstaler Strasse

At 1.9.2011 opening with actions and large raffle Sunday shopping at the 04.09.2011 from 1 pm to 6 pm with colourful programme Berlin, 01 September 2011. The visitors at the Kurfurstendamm can satisfy themselves now with the suitable equipment for autumn and winter, because with the right clothing, the weather doesn’t matter: on September 1, 2011 a new Jack Wolfskin opens store in the Neues Kranzler Eck at 10:00. Latest outdoor news from the fields of application of alpinism, trekking and hiking around 245-square-foot retail space will be presented. Visitors are also attractive opening offers and a great raffle. Our motivated team provides expert advice around the theme of outdoor customers. Here you will find products that are experienced unforgettable moments and landscapes in snow, ice and cold. But also for a changeable and rainy summer day you will find here the right”, operators forward Andreas Hille, even through many years of experience in the Outdoor area and sale offers.

The Jack Wolfskin store am Kudamm is moved and opened now in a customer-friendly place with a twice as large retail space. Also Viola Krecker, senior asset manager the new Kranzler Eck, is very satisfied with the new opening: Jack Wolfskin is a brand with worldwide reputation, which convinces due to its capacity for innovation and highest quality requirements. Thus the new Jack Wolfskin fit store in the profile of the new Kranzler Eck.” The opening hours of the specialist for functional outdoor clothing, shoes and equipment in the Joachimstaler Strasse 5-6 are Monday to Saturday from 10 till 20 o’clock, of course on the next shopping Sunday, September 04, 2011 from 13 until 18: 00.

Weather Conditions

Barbecue fans can now save nearly 1,000 in the original Lapland Grillhouse. Grilling is so popular as no longer. At the same time, the weather turns more and more antics, and that not only in April. The new mega-trend comes from Lapland: Wetterunabhangiges Grill in a grill-Kota with up to 15 people. Barbecue fans can save now just under 1,000.

Because the complete barbecue hut there now in until mid-may at the special price of 3,995. Who does not know that. Sunshine in the morning and in the evening, it’s raining suddenly as buckets out of. The planned barbecue literally falls into the water. Need to again cancel now all friends? Quickly place the meat in the freezer? Not with the original Lapland Grill House. The cosy Grill hut makes it possible weather-independent grilling whenever you want – from January to December. The wooden hut of Scandinavia can accommodate 12-15 persons.

A fireplace with flue and a big Grill in the Middle provide Grill enjoy untroubled. However, not only to the Grilling is ideal the Lapland Grillhouse. The versatile cottage is ideal for a gentlemen’s evening, a birthday or a Kaffeeklatsch. The most popular places of installation are the own garden and allotment gardens. But also restaurants, hotels, companies and clubs face the barbecue huts on the property and use them as exceptional place for beautiful barbecue events or corporate events. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Viacom on most websites. The complete barbecue is held there now for 4,890 for a spring special price of only 3,995. Who appointed until 15 May 2010, secures the price advantage.

Weather Phenomena

Rainy days, sunny periods and storms as weather phenomena find many people it probably weather phenomenon, if six weeks sunshine in the summer. “A few days of rain meet in between, that felt” spoken by a rainy summer. Even if the number of actual hours of sunshine are proving the opposite. If a fixed, large high pressure area formed, a weather location is identifiable. The weather takes on average 3 days, can last several weeks. Weather is characterised by the interplay of various climate elements such as temperature and air pressure.

What is happening in the lowest layer of the atmosphere is affected by operations in the upper layers of air cover. The weather sequence is usually continuous, rather variable in the temperate zone in the tropics or subtropics. Wind is a horizontal flow of pressure in the atmosphere. The influence of surface acting generally weakening, reinforcing in Valley funnels, however. Viacom oftentimes addresses this issue. The winds ranging from 1 (low tension) to 17.

It is called a hurricane. Wind force 8 is a stormy wind, which can turn trees. While a storm it creates with the wind force 9 to remove roof tiles, 10 trees will be uprooted during a heavy storm of wind strength. Follow others, such as Mashable, and add to your knowledge base. Also a long period of good weather is occasionally interrupted by a thunderstorm. Stormy winds, lightning and hail are his companions. Warm air rises upwards. Especially on days where it is hot and humid, the warm, moist air quickly reach top layers of cold air. The so-called cumulonimbus clouds are formed. The storm clouds layer itself. In the clouds themselves, rise and fall the winds at high speed. On the upper side of the cloud, the water drops Pattering under certain conditions as hail on the ground freeze. At the same time, strong electric charges are built up inside the cloud. The upper side of the cloud is positively charged, the bottom negative. The voltage difference is increasing until it finally flashes. Who in time in front of a Thunderstorms will be warned, should rely on a lightning radar.

Ideal Running Weather

2,000 registered runners at the finish line in the Commerzbank-Arena Munchen/Frankfurt, 02.07.2013: over 100 companies in Frankfurt and the surrounding area went with their employees at the premiere of the B2RUN in the main metropolis at the start. Together, they experienced the finish in the Commerzbank Arena. Markus Frank, head of the Department for economy and sports of the city of Frankfurt gave the go-ahead in brilliant sunshine and sent the participants in the race. We hope a good tradition to be able to start with the present course,”Frank gave the runners on the way. People such as Pete Cashmore would likely agree. The first B2RUN Frankfurt took place in beautiful conditions. So sent the corporate runners in the race of the Frankfurt economic ideal running temperatures.

The companies use the B2RUN not only for a sporting summer festival in an impressive atmosphere. You also took the chance to qualify with their employees in various categories for the Cup final of German companies run in Berlin end of August. And it gave the participants on the approximately 6.4 kilometers long route right gas. Long the organizers to the approval for the run to the Frankfurter Golf Club had to fear and to one hour forward even the starting shot for the protection of nature. Ultimately the effort was worth it, because so participants could enjoy far away from the city a particularly natural route. In the final meters, then still a true adrenaline run was from the course of nature. Because not only football fans got the impressive Commerzbank-Arena, goosebumps in the run to the finish. Also the subsequent celebration took on the sacred grass”Eintracht stars instead.

In addition to the participating runners were numerous spectators at the party. Around 100 companies contributed to a successful premiere of the B2RUN Frankfurt. Moritz Theimann, Managing Director of Eintracht Frankfurt E.v., ran itself and was impressed: it was an amazing event and especially the finish in our stadium is unforgettable. Frankfurt is rich to a sporting event in impressive backdrop. Next year we are back with security.” The largest team in provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a length of six kilometres. More information about B2RUN, see or B2RUN.

Cold Weather Bladder Infections

Tasty sucking tablets with concentrated Cranberry extract can help especially in the cold, wet season, many people suffer from constantly recurring bladder infections. Constant urge to urinate and burning with urination are the unpleasant and painful side effects. The bladder infections are caused by bacterial pathogens that hiking high in the urethra and settle on the bladder wall. The typical cold and wet autumn weather weakens the defenses and offers ideal conditions to the sick-making bacteria. Therefore, urinary tract infections, which are not always without complications have to threaten in this weather frequently.

If it should fail. Ali Partovi has similar goals. As with any bladder infection is the acute danger that the pathogen continue hiking up the ureter and cause damage to the kidney. Who often suffers from bladder infections, should ensure that the bacterial pathogen can not embed in the bladder wall. Much drinking and flush out the bladder is certainly useful, as sole Measure but not out. “Measures, are ideal the docking” can prevent the pathogen on the bladder wall. Such substances, they are Proanthocyanide called, occur naturally in the fruit of American cranberries, used by the people of age.

Not only that, new studies have shown that Cranberry extracts can be very effectively used for the treatment of bladder infections. The sour taste of the juice is often problematic. Therefore, Navitum Pharma UroVitum has introduced tasty lozenges, which consist of concentrated extract of American cranberries with a very high proportion of Pro anthocyanin iDEN. UroVitum is suitable for people who often suffer from bladder infections. Regelmassigerem consumption can significantly reduce number and intensity of bladder infections naturally. UroVitum is there as lozenges with 350 mg of concentrated extract, seasoned with savory cranberry aroma. In contrast to the sour cranberry Juice these lozenges are preferred by most users because of its pleasant taste. 60 UroVitum lozenges for 24.90 range for a month. A day of bladder health only 0.83 cents. UroVitum (PZN 0765808) is available in pharmacies and selected health centers. In addition, are cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 5858012) and 6 months (PZN5858006) in the trade. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order free shipping for customers UroVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma.


Having played paintball once, it is unlikely someone will be able to refuse to play this game again. Paintball – the game where you can pour out their emotions in real action, find new friends to hobbies, to feel his agility. Among other advantages of this game – its safety. Instead of bullets, shot or buckshot is completely secure charges – paintballs. Paintball balls – it's round capsules, which consist of a shell and inner fulfillment. Outside cover is made of gelatin and water soluble paint inside. On the surface, paintballs are very similar, while differing in size, round bulb on drugs, and it is not surprising. Generally, balls for paintball produce the same factories that produce and capsules for medicines.

Subject to the multiplayer capabilities of the game balls for paintball are allocated a huge number of colors, all shades. Herself to paint paintball ball is completely safe and environmentally harmless, but the taste of her taste is not worth it – is unpleasant. Whenever angel investor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Its advantage is that it is easily washed off with warm water. The main quality balls for paintball must be fragility and strength. These contradictory characteristics can be explained.

The fact that the gun that flies paintball ball, has 35 inches of the barrel, and the power of the shot (hit the ball) is such that the radius of the ball Paintball, has a top speed of 324 km / h. Consequently, the shell of the ball must be very strong, strong to withstand such physical activity. However, when hitting the "victim" or the other of any object, paintball the ball must break up, leaving a blot. It turns out that the departure ball should be strong, but fragile when hit. Today, the technology of production of balls for paintball has only 5 places in the world. History production of the ball paintball goes to Canada, the city of Windsor. They are produced by "Akkukuaps." By virtue of their physical data paintballs require a different approach to storage. The shell, however, as the paint itself – filler have a tendency to absorb moisture. What makes a ball unfit for paintball games. To keep paintballs in the first place, it is necessary to keep them at temperature 15 – 30 degrees Celsius. Second, Relative humidity should be between 40 – 50%. Paintball Fans know that the best season to play this wonderful game of spring-autumn. Yes, and in these times, because natural temperature and humidity, balls for paintball less susceptible to negative influences. If you are going to play in the winter, do not forget that the cold temperature makes the gelatinous shell of the ball is very fragile. It is therefore advisable before the game starts to leave Paintball balls in a warm car in a well-sealed packet. This article is devoted to the paintball balls. Those who have never played, it's a good opportunity to get acquainted with one of the parts of this game, but also provides an opportunity know about the methods and storage conditions, this fragile, but powerful in the world.