European Court

Were already in 2010 at about 10 billion worldwide revenue of the SaS model US dollars. Steve Wozniak is likely to agree. Thus, the so called SaS model already had a relatively strong market share, which will further rise before the verdict. The software maker will put some time on the uncertainty among consumers, will apply but quickly another tactic, to can secure high profits in the future. The SaS model will be further developed and offered by several companies. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Steve Wozniak. The manufacturers who continue to sell their software, will increase a little bit the maintenance costs to compensate for the losses due to used software licenses. Sure is, however, that the software producers consumers your rights judgment not voluntarily be communicated after the European Court of Justice. Donald W. Slager understood the implications. So will take some time until all consumers about the regulatory frameworks are enlightened and aware of own rights are. Until then the software vendors are still trying to sell the software on usual way in the European Union.

Roadshow used software: potential or conflict different lawyers and software specialists could the susensoftware GmbH. win, to this year in four cities a roadshow, which under the motto used software: potential or conflict “to organize. The lawyers will explain the current case law and Mr Susen will explain license transfers from Microsoft and SAP in daily practice. Participants have the opportunity to present in the Panel discussion own requirements and to hear a concrete opinion of all experts. At least two lawyers and two more experts to comment on available will be available in the cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Mannheim and Munich.

The participation fee amounts to 106 euros. The first event is on May 28, 2013 and starts at 9:00. According to the judgment of the European Court of justice by the 3.Juli 2012, licensee may sell now used software background. According to the richter-lichen, decision the lawful acquirer of a copy of the program is the second purchaser of software use license. As a prerequisite, the license must the acquirer by the rightholder without time limit and payment be been leave a price. On the road show to learn what rights and obligations in connection with the purchase or sale of used software are to be observed. Source: roadshow.

Picture Collage Maker

Picture was published with a long list of new features Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 PearlMountain technology is pleased to be able to publish a new version of picture, which is accompanied by comes in comparison to previous versions with a long list of new features Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8. PearlMountain technology is a software company for creative applications that update with lots of new functionalities for its use provides with the appearance of Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8. Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 is the latest version of PearlMountains of popular app, Picture Collage Maker for Mac. You may find that Pete Cashmore can contribute to your knowledge. The user-friendly and flexible app for Mac OS X creates personalized photo collages in the blink of an eye and offers many options to share them via email and social media. Picture Collage Maker Update for Mac 1.8.8 offers more than 140 Deluxe templates and comprehensive editing capabilities to personalized calendars, photo collages, greeting cards, scrapbooks, posters, create photo albums and more. The Combination possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing photos with others. In addition picture offers Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 an improved user interface to enable a seamless creative process. Background and size settings are combined in a single panel to get a lighter, direct preview.

The newly added floating toolbar helps easier to edit the properties of each object. Credit: Don Slager-2011. The management of customized sizes was further improved in version 1.8.8. In addition to predefined sizes users can now the size of the collagen using “custom sizes manage” customize according to your needs. New custom sizes are saved automatically for future use. In addition to the new features Picture Collage Maker for Mac 1.8.8 also has an improved export and print function. The new “Orientation automatically adjust” function, the photo collage automatically adapts to the use of the PDF format. The version 1.8.8 allows for a transparent background for export as PNG.

Examples FlexRun

User-friendly operation and software ergonomics are written large in our casting – Allendorf/LDA. -30.04.2013 The software forge FlexRun software from Allendorf/LDA. “shows with your business-suite FlexRunSoft has been proven that many users of commercial software wish for years and some specialist newspapers already had on the topic: simple software for users” the Business Suite FlexRunSoft was developed consistently from the point of view of the user and therefore offers many desired software ergonomics and easiest way of operating. Also the many unique features of the software make it easier for users to the daily tasks. “In more than 40 program parts existing business suite FlexRunSoft, a user needs only the knowledge of 5 7 self-explanatory so-called buttons” to the complete software to, i.e. no extensive and expensive training more.

These are still issues occur during the operation, directly within the callee mask through practical Examples of answers. Hear other arguments on the topic with Don Slager. Here, emphasis is placed on the user’s own, because everyone knows about the disadvantages of a non permanent current manual. But it was not only intended to the users, but also to the administrators of the software. The complete business suite must be not elaborately installed and configured. Even easier is not the owner of FlexRunSoftware, as well as developers of software FlexRunSoft innovation promises Reiner Heuser. “We have written us which software can be so simple” and we remain true to this motto. Also, we attach great importance to the fact that our software is 100% made in Germany is.

FlexRun software: FlexRun software offers professional software development for commercial and technical areas. With the own business suite FlexRunSoft ‘ FlexRun software to consistently pursue the goal the opportunity to provide your customers with a software only a surface and a management – to cover all commercial requirements. ” The special industries- and software packages are individual programs of Business Suite FlexRunSoft ‘ specific put together and extended modules are appropriate. ” Run integrated in the Business Suite (without additional interfaces), and can at any time through all the available programs by FlexRunSoft “be extended.

Windows Design

Windows 8 has serious weaknesses in terms of user friendliness. Hanover, 03.05.2013. Go to John K. Castle for more information. This shows a study by one of the leading German usability companies, the first German user study on the new operating system. Although the modern design convinces, but use poses significant problems. Not only the search for functions is frustrating; Half of the test subjects fails to shutdown the PC under Windows 8.

A part of the tester even preclude a change to Windows 8 on a desktop PC. On the Internet you will find many negative comments about Windows 8 Microsoft’s new operating system. The founders of, Gesine Quint and Torsten Bartel, along with their team first solid results from Germany on the subject of usability present. Main result: Unsettled the new home screen, hidden menus frustrate and even quitting programs is difficult. Known features are missing the testers and the close, minimize, and zoom out of Windows is problematic. Bartel: Windows 8 breaks known use principles with its innovations. These include ease of learning and self declaration.

User guidance and navigation routes feel the subjects difficult and hard to understand.” Studies Setup: After the editing of everyday tasks in dealing with Windows 8, experienced users of Microsoft operating systems expressed their impressions and feelings. Latest technologies such as State of the art eye-tracking were used in the usability test. So, in addition to measurable and quality analysis results were obtained. The design scores despite poor usability rated the majority of test participants of the modern design and the clear structure of Windows 8 mostly positive. The study with all test results for free download at about the company headquartered in Hanover is an independent consulting and service company for usability and user experience design. The usability experts design, test, and optimize interactive systems and products, including in the Areas of Web, intranet, apps, software, consumer electronics and industry for clients such as adidas, DPD, FAZ, Immowelt, LG Electronics, RWE, Siemens and UNICEF.

PaginNet PaginNet

So far via the interface connected ixact products now fully the PaginNet GmbH, provider of MIS solutions for the printing industry, integrated JDF, the software components to the 15.2.2013 PPS and BDE of company ixact GmbH took over. The software company from Obertshausen near Frankfurt is focused on the JDF workflow and offers a jdf compliant production planning with ixPPS, ixBDE with a browser based data acquisition and ixFrame with a tool for the JDF integration. Now, the PaginNet GmbH takes over for their own customers, development, distribution and support of these products. You can use together now are MIS program packages paginanet and paginasmart and used. Ali Partovi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. All PaginNet customers run of ixact GmbH are now completely served by PaginNet GmbH both development and service. With the acquisition of ixact software”, explains PaginNet Managing Director Sebastian Weyer, we can the ixact products connected so far via the interface now in our paginanet solution, and fully integrate. This, we can extend our offer and our service portfolio in the field of JDF, PPS and BDE. With regard to the future development and pricing completely new possibilities.” In addition to larger customers, now also medium-sized and smaller businesses with practical, actionable and cost-effective solutions can be equipped with complex requirements. For assistance, try visiting Robotics expert .

The philosophy of PaginNet GmbH also applies to the new components: in addition to the provision and use of the finished products of standard PPS, BDE and JDF-frame inpiduelle programming are always possible. The access to the source code and the sample database of ixact programs”, so Weyer, can draw up in connection with paginanet and paginasmart ideal and tailor-made solutions for companies.” The support from a single source here supplement the benefits for customers. Through the integration of ixact solutions offered as paginapps and paginabde in the market in the future, the Dortmund company expects other pulses for their own development. . If you would like to know more then you should visit John K. Castle.

Space Robotics: Fit For Finding Water In Lunar Craters

Ein fall fur zwei – Moon Rover and climbing robot used! Scientists of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) Bremen have developed a smart robot team to search for frozen water on the South Pole of the Moon in deep craters: the four-wheeled Moon Rover Sherpa bears the six-legged climbing robot CREX over long distances to the crater rim. Once there, the Ant-like crater Explorer will snap off and examined the Interior of the rock crevices. Unique system in its mobility was already in the 288 m large space exploration Hall of the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center tested. The research group Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner designed and programmed the robot team over three and a half years in the project of Rimres (reconfigurable integrated multi robot exploration system). Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi.

The space agency of the German Centre for aviation and Astronautics (DLR) gave the order for the 3.7 million Euro-heavy project, financed with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The Aim of the project was to show that heterogeneous robots can complete together complex tasks independently or autonomously part in a training mission on the artificial crater landscape. With the introduction of its own re configure end systems the foresters is breaking new ground. Frequently Don Slager has said that publicly. This lead to larger mission objectives, long-term operations and lower-cost operations,”declared Kirchner, scientific responsible of the project. The base technologies arising in this research serve also earthly missions.” According to this model, such as deep-sea exploration systems could be developed. Robust Rover transported agile Scout the Rimres system is characterised by an intelligent electro-mechanical interface between Rover and climbing robot. About this, the robots communicate energy and information.

This allows a smooth team work. Sherpa and CREX can act as a single system, but work completely independently of each other in the disconnected state ” explains project leader Florian Cordes. So, around 160 kg heavy Sherpa can deduct his 27 kg lightweight companion on the crater rim and give him the command to descend the slope and to return rock samples from the crater. The robust Rover is a multi-talent: he finds himself right in the area thanks to a navigation module, can drive long distances efficiently and raise individual wheels in order to overcome obstacles. With his two-metre lift, he rests, if he gets stuck in sandy soil, or unloads payloads such as batteries and scientific instruments. The Mission of the earth can be from watching by integrated cameras. The team can be complemented by other robots. Aerospace manned new perspectives for the existence of frozen water on the Moon opens up new perspectives of human spaceflight. Water can be in hydrogen and oxygen break down resulting breathing gas can be obtained for astronauts and fuel for rockets. Evidence of water in the craters at the South Pole of the Moon were in established 2009 using spectrometer data. Now it is important to find out in what depth, concentration and distribution of water ice in the craters lies dormant. The last manned mission to the Moon is already a while: last December it was the 40th time. Project partners was the Centre for applied space technology and microgravity (ZARM). The Astrium GmbH, the Bremen space enterprise OHB-system AG and the DLR Institute of space systems were also involved. Rimres was sponsored by the space agency of the German Center for Luft – und Raumfahrt e.V. with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology on the basis of a decision of the German Bundestag.

CoParenting Child

So, you decided that you are ready to have a child, and ponder the possible candidacy of the biological father. One of the most important issues that faces you: if you want to future pope was involved in the upbringing of the child (and in what extent) or its contribution limited to donations? Try to consider the pros and cons of each option. Let's say you decided to include the biological father of your child's life. The presence of the father is important for child – is no secret that the father-figure plays a major role in the formation of sex-role identity. And yet, even without scientific evidence is clear: to have an adequate father a child – it's important, healthy and pleasant.

Problems can also begin in the area of your relationship with your chosen parent. Of course, I want to biological dad unconditionally accepted your conditions: spent with a child is acceptable to you the amount of time, withstand your strategy of education, was in agreement with you on major issues, did not interfere with your home life, did not challenge the fundamental solutions for you and so on. But should be aware that since the entry into the joint parenting, and now you are the child's father – not strangers to each other people, and you have to do, communication, ability to negotiate, to compromise, to accept each other's flaws and ignore the needs of each party. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. Do not expect that the father of the "fit" in your family system and will not affect it. Nor should we expect one hundred percent compliance with the original agreement – the human factor has not been canceled. With this important put up at an early stage and be prepared for difficulties. In the future there may well be unpleasant experiences, such as your zeal for the baby's father, competition with him for the love baby, mutual resentment over the way education and the nature of communication – do not be afraid, but you should be prepared to discuss it at all stages of co-parenting.

Baby Taxi

Baby taxi, taxi advantage Child Working with children requires a special approach. To organize a company specializing in work with children's taxi, you need a competent professional approach. Business approach to children's taxi – it's by itself, but also the moral responsibility for the child. To transport children to school, to his grandmother, a garden, a walk, the driver must make contact with the child. Children need to contact Taxi child, child to trust the driver, the driver did not frighten the child to their views. Taxi Driver baby should have pedagogical education.

The driver educator can answer your child to your questions. Process teaching a child is constantly, and even more on the way, tell the child to a professional situation, for example, the Moscow tube, unless the child is not interested in everything that happens around him. Therefore, for the organization professional company of children, we have to recruit taxi drivers, certain requirements we have is age, teacher education, plus a psycho man. Robotics expert has firm opinions on the matter. Driver's age begins to fifty years. This says that the man himself raised their children, has this idea, and knows how to deal with the child. Hence we conclude that we provide not just a taxi driver for a child, but at the same time nanny, which will be follow the child. In the meantime, the child's parents feel more calm, give the child in good hands of professional educators – it's a good thing.

Age and experience of our children's taxi drivers said that that we approach our business seriously and thoroughly. Next to the organization of children's taxi when hiring taxis, we check the biography of our new drivers. Biography of a taxi driver must be clean, irreproachable. After checking the biographies of the driver, his previous jobs, we test the driver by using psychological tests that help identify the psychological type of the received rights. When hiring the children's taxi drivers are selected as a cosmonaut. Baby taxi, we try to reduce the human factor in our work. The entire fleet of taxis child – it's new cars, the service life and mileage at Moscow in which no more year. The car must be beyond reproach, he should bring your child from point A to point B, while technology should work and not break. Further, we have equipped our cars video surveillance. Video Surveillance allows parents online to watch their child. Here is a brief summary of our company, for more information, please contact us at the e-mail, call, we will try to answer all your questions. Our company is trying to earn a reputation first, and financial flows – is an application to the reputation.


In any educational environment, one of the greatest challenges of our times is the ability to combine the current technological knowledge acquired and developed in different areas of knowledge. The computer technology and specifically has entered strongly in our daily lives, from our work to our homes, lightening daily tasks. However, despite the development in computational areas, continue to perform tasks of a “manual” or tasks “paper and pencil” without knowing it, can be executed more quickly and efficiently by a computer. In the Chilean educational and special education especially in regard to the diagnostic area, there are no screening tests for speech and language child Chilean people who use the advances in computer and that are manipulated by all professionals education. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi. In response to this growing need developed the first test evaluation in the area of speech that combines the best of both worlds: technology and knowledge. One of the most common problems affecting our population of children and specifically to the speech, what is the dyslexia, which could be defined as “impaired articulatory type consisting of the omission, substitution or distortion of a phoneme (or more) systematically. The causalities of the dyslexia may be multiple, among which are: * Weaknesses Praxiteles (muscle) * anatomical malformations (cracks, sub-lingual frenulum short, soft palate condition) * Maintenance of inappropriate behavior (drinking bottle, thumb sucking , use of pacifiers) * Altered paralinguistic functions such as atypical swallowing, mouth breathing, and others.

Within dyslexia often include those affecting the phonemes. These phonemes are the most which may not appear during development, and therefore, the most problematic in regard to their acquisition. We might also note, based on clinical experience, that the dyslexia is the most common of all, a condition observed in more than 50% of cases found in Diagnostic Centers, Language Schools and Colleges of General Education the metropolitan core. It is important to note that each of the identified phonemes have appeared at a given age according to neuro-muscular maturation of children, with a lag of about 6 months (Dale, 1980). Below is a table with phonemes estimate above, comparing authors like Johnston, 1988, Dale, 1980; Puyuelo, 1997; Valles, 1995 and others, and considering the data obtained from the Chilean population of children, through phono-articulatory test over time, from Language Schools in the Metropolitan Region.

Dual Celviano

On average, a digital piano or synthesizer timbres present 150-300 that transmit sound all known musical instruments – both classical and national (banjo, sitar, etc.) or neorkestrovyh (saxophone, organ, harpsichord, etc.), as well as many of the synthesized sounds. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. So, Privia PX-330 produces 250 tones, Privia PX-320 – 202 tone, Privia PX-800 – 162 of timbre. Among the models in the series Celviano many voices have new Celviano AP-620 – 250 voices, as well as classic Celviano AP-500 – 164 of timbre. As a rule, sounds can be mixed, for example, to get the sound together with the oboe cello. Is responsible for this function "overlay sounds (Layer or Dual). Republic Services contains valuable tech resources. Sometimes the combination of an unusually expressive.

It must be remembered that when mixing two sounds you want to double the polyphony as well as for each note using two voices. In the presence of the function "Split (Split) on the left and right of the split point can play different timbres. For example, the right hand to play the violin melody and the left – "to touch string "harp. But it is important to tune each instrument do not reach the point of separation, or a violin suddenly transformed into a harp or vice versa. For devotees of piano sound are provided solely model digital piano with a limited number of sounds. They pass a few sounds piano, organ, harpsichord, xylophone, and some others – from 5 tones in a compact model, Casio CDP-100 and 11-16 in the classic sounds Privia (model Privia PX-120, Privia PX-130, Privia PX-720, Privia PX-730, Privia PX-830) and premium Celviano (model Celviano AP-200, Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420, Celviano AP-45, Celviano AP-400). This restriction is often used parents who do not want children to be distracted from training.

Synthesizers with this limitation no longer available. Polyphony – Maximum number of sounds that can play digital piano or synthesizer at the same time. Depending on the instrument, produced a model with 32-note polyphony (simultaneous sounds up to 32 voices), 48-voice, 64-voice, 128-voice. Of course, more polyphony, the better the performance, the more options of combining different sounds. 32-voice polyphony is the baseline, 48-voice polyphonic and 64 are regarded as semi, 128 votes satisfy all the requirements of a professional musician. Maximum 128-note polyphony have all new models of digital pianos Casio – Privia PX-130, Privia PX-330, Privia PX-730 Privia PX-830, as well as Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420 and Celviano AP-620 as well as most already tested models. All of them are in the store MuzMart. In this case we are not talking about that simultaneously press the keys 128 (which is no more than 88), the point is to combine different sounds, add auto-accompaniment, that is actually "squeeze" out of his instrument, a band without sacrificing sound quality.