Month: October 2011

Remote Installation Services

Sometimes there are situations that standard means it is not possible to install Windows on your computer. One such reason is the lack or failure of CD-ROM. In this case, we must look for alternatives. One of these alternative is to use a network adapter. The idea of installation of the network is implemented by Microsoft in its server operating system with Service RIS. Using Remote Installation Services can perform the installation of such operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. However, this technology has a big disadvantage – it is aimed for use in corporate networks.

For the operation of RIS. required domain. Thus, the small network left without a friendly technologies. But there were alternatives. Such an alternative is to use RIS-LINUX. The program is written in Python and is cross-platform. In other words, even in the name and the word LINUX – this The program works on Windows systems. In addition RIS-LINUX is free. A more complete description of the installation of Windows can read the article Installing Windows XP on the network. RIS, but not Microsoft.

DriverPack Solution

Well that is too lazy to know everything. Yes, and a programmer for most understandable. True, not all guess that these things are not related to discontinuous. The essence of programming is not just a set of program code. Not just any performance problems. Programming only modern trend, which if properly setting goals can be fully automated.

And now for DriverPack Solution (DPS). This is a clear example of a lazy programmer. Why? Is this good or Bad? Let's start from the beginning. The essence of the DPS drivers automatically installed on your computer. Not yet DPS does not produce a fully automated, but it's pretty close. In principle, for those who do not versed in the drivers, install them, it is the optimal solution.

Although it is interesting even to me, a bit in this disassembled. And it will be useful to professionals who do not go to re-invent the wheel and want to use ready-made solutions. What is interesting ready-made solutions? Well, first of all save time. For example task of rebuilding a computer. Why look for any installed equipment. After searching for some drivers are already installed and look for the missing. When easier to run corresponding to an automatic process. He finds himself set. Not in its database. So offer to contact the online database. And that's all. One of the points addressed. You can navigate to the next. Although everyone can spend hours searching for drivers. Although I myself thought. Why do these programs. But I bought, such as a laptop was already installed Vista. For some reason decided to switch to XP. Now try to imagine my surprise when I'm on the official site Developer of the notebook, did not find drivers for XP. No, I had hoped. Maybe somewhere hidden. Can fit on Vista. In general, spending more than two days, the result I did not find one. Began looking for other solutions. Manually. Came across a lot of sites, look at our advertising and download. But the general solution and found none. Randomly to one of these sites came across a universal solution for the installation of such drivers, but it was split into several files that are difficult to download for some reason. He wanted to find the author's surprise, and the program is not just free. But is downloaded via torrent. For the unknowing very quickly. In general, for everyone to solve the problem with drivers fast and free to you here.

Test Points Massage Pangao

Experience with massage points Our people (Russians, users, computer, etc.) do not like to read, read carefully, read to the end – the instructions, but very curious, as children who presented with a toy and wants to quickly check it in action. The first experience in the operation of massage points we got, nearly ruined and destroyed the massager 2 batteries after a few sessions of massage – testing work, the impact of staff experience and amateurs. If a battery compartment, there are two batteries included, so that someone is needed, we decided to immediately put them into the massager and incorporated into a network of 220 V. It has been speculated that the batteries are needed, for example, to play the built-in music – the sounds. before the operation, remove the.) No network or near you on the road trip – use a battery, and better batteries. Why emerged batteries when running on 220? When you switch to the network 220 to terminals (slots) of the battery compartment once power is supplied to +3, even without including the start button massage. Batteries not like, but we were charging them until they began to flow.

Conclusion 2: the battery compartment is not only used to battery life, but also as a charger. families have purchased massage points. We usually like to test them before sale, and quietly gave. What was our surprise when all at once complained that the glasses once worked and everything, no longer show signs of cheerfulness and optimism. We were disappointed and puzzled by it. Oddly verify, there remain no doubt that something may occur later or in other conditions.

Only after a certain period of reliable operation and no claims, there is belief in the perfect good health. (Lack of confidence from a seller increases the confidence of the buyer). They took back all of the testing.


With the advent of the computer life is becoming increasingly tied to the virtual world in the best sense. The Internet can be very quickly, almost without moving away from the monitor, not only find information on any interesting topic: a great convenience for the consumer – the presence of an ever-expanding network of online stores that offer a huge selection of products and services. E-shop – a sort of new trend of trade XXI century. There is hardly any user who has never seen the Web offers to make a purchase without leaving your home. Offers a variety of products, from household trifles to vehicles and property. If compare real and virtual stores, then the second will be a lot more pluses. Imagine that you decide to buy a particular product. What are you doing? My first thought: I go to the store, choose and buy.

All right, that's just your choice restricted goods to nearby shops. And then it may be that they had bought not quite what was originally wanted (as an alternative was not), the product was not as good as painted advertisement, and beyond it seller … Oh, sorry, that was no one to consult in advance … Now look not to the nearest shopping center and Internet shop range of goods – a large, pleasantly pleased with the price, through a search engine is easy to find interesting product – only manage to choose the best option from a variety of analogues. How not to get lost here on the amount of information received? Full product description and features where you can get answers almost all the questions.

Here you will learn all the pros and cons, and interesting details about the seller in a nearby store hardly tell. 1. There is an extensive catalog of products in all categories, which optimizes the selection of buying criteria. 2. There is a navigation by brand. 3. You can easily compare prices at various online stores in Azerbaijan and choose the most suitable option for themselves. 4. And yet, and delivered for free Who would not need a shop? It is needed by all! To become a member MyStore.Az enough to register on the site.

Artist Without Computer

In the fine arts, I do not think. Alas, not a professional. All the subtleties and nuances of the paintings of great creators flew past me. In general, as some people can not understand higher mathematics. Two days ago my colleague was anniversary. When I saw the picture sizobrazheniem friend in the form of a vampire, then was stunned. It turned out that the cost of a small – less than a hundred bucks.

I do not believe that for the same amount in our difficult times may depict a portrait. Picture looked quite decent. Classic canvas, wooden frame. What's the matter? It turned out that the portrait was made with the aid of a computer on photo to order, then it was transferred to the canvas. Wonderful! I would not even thought of that. I, a man born in the 20th century, it was impossible to imagine that the painting is done with a tablet. He's the one connected to the computer.

The surface of the tablet are hypersensitive. It responds to touch. It turns out that there is also a pen, which when working on the tablet surface, the drawing is transferred to the monitor. After that, I was called 'the village' and 'old'. 'Well – I thought – humanity develops, the fine Art will be closer to ordinary people. But sure whether such an approach? However, if we reflect, to gain tremendous people. For example, a 'lover of beauty', as I absolutely could not tell from the picture, so to speak, 'True'. A cost significantly less. Make necessary additions to the same computer is not difficult, rather than suffer with the canvas. Most (myself included), at the mention of the painting "Black Square" just move your finger at the temple. Let me not offended by connoisseurs. Not everyone can appreciate the work of artists of merit.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

One for the introduction of scientific and technological progress and solving problems of updating and expanding the product range is the creation of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). GPS in accordance with state standard is a set of different combinations of equipment with numerical control, robotics technology systems, flexible manufacturing cells and individual units of technological equipment and systems to ensure their functioning in automatic mode for a predetermined time interval, having the property of an automated setup for production of products arbitrary range of values within the prescribed limits of their characteristics. GPS is designed to perform basic production processes (procurement, mechanical and other kinds of processing and assembly). This system has the ability to quickly setup for the manufacture of various products of a particular production. Flexible manufacturing systems are used in various types of production and varied in nature products and types of work performed, the number and scale of the units, integrated into the system, the degree of automation of individual elements and the whole system, the levels of the organizational structure and other grounds.

For organizational features distinguish the following types of FMS: Flexible Automated Line (GAL) – a flexible production system, in which process equipment is located in the adopted sequence of technological operations; flexible automated site (COD) – a flexible productive system, which operates on the technological route, which can change sequence of process equipment; flexible automated workshop (GATS) – a flexible production system, which is a collection of various combinations of flexible automated and robotic technology areas for manufacturing products specified range; ensure that the system of GPS technology equipment – a set of general related automated systems supporting product design, technological preparation of production management, flexible manufacturing system using a computer and automatic movement items and production tooling. In general, the operation of GPS system consists of: automated transport and storage system (ATCC), a system of automated control (BAC) automated system for waste disposal (ASUO), automated tool support (ASIO), an automated process control system (DCS), an automated system Scientific Research (ARS), computer-aided design (CAD), an automated system of technological preparation of production (ASTPP), an automated control system GPS (ACS GPS) and other flexible Production Module (GPM) – is independently functioning unit of process equipment. Robotic Technology Complex (RTC) – a set of items of process equipment, industrial robot and the means of their equipment, autonomous functioning and carrying out multiple cycles. RTK, designed to work in the GPA, must have automatic changeover and the ability to embed into the system. The main characteristics of the PMG and the RTC are: the ability to work independently for some time, without human intervention and automatic execution of all basic and auxiliary operations, flexibility in meeting the requirements of small-scale production, ease of adjustment, eliminating failures of major equipment and control systems, interoperability with conventional and flexible manufacturing, high degree of completion of treatment parts from one installation, high efficiency. The effectiveness of GPS is provided by operation of computer-aided design, ACSPSW, ASOPP and other automated systems. The integration of all automated systems within the CAM leads to creation of flexible automated production (HAP). The development cost of acquisition, maintenance and use of automation is very high, so automation should have socio-economic background.

Multilingual Installation

Backup42 v3.0 – a free utility for creating backups. Allows you to create as complete and incremental backups, archive files, not only from the local disk, but the network, can send copies to E-mail and FTP, write to CD and DVD, has multilingual interface, the Russian presence. Necessary for both users and network administrators. Here is a list of basic features: – automatic backups when the computer is on schedule or demand; – Automatic search and backup certain file types (such as Word documents and Excel, PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets Access, e-mail databases of Outlook Express and The BAT!, instruments OpenOffice) – backup site – wrapping the data in a format ZIP (possible choose the compression level and password protection) – the correct archiving of files with Russian names – complete and differential backup – Supports ZIP-archives up to 4.1 GB. – flexible adjustment of the schedule for each task – archiving of data from any computer that is available on the network – keeping backups on the local machine or on any machine on the network – duplicating backups to a flash drive, a more local or network folder, send to E-Mail or FTP; – launch external applications before and after the job – time monitoring of backup copies (old archives are deleted) – verbose logging redundancy – comments to the archive date and while creating an archive, the computer name, user name, your current profile, network settings … – Sending a report on assignments in e-mail; – turn off your computer after the backup – Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, Kazakh interface: Multilingual Installation: Install & Uninstall OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 Installation: 1 MB Freeware Download Site

Computer Needs

Good day! In this article we will try to deal with what is usually required to know the average person need a computer. XXI century in the yard, technological progress does not stand still and even experienced users sometimes difficult understand in what a computer is to choose. The stores have salespeople are told that the system unit cost less than three hundred dollars is only useful as a typewriter. Is this true? What should be the CPU? Why a separate computer, video card, if it works without it? What is memory? In general, how to build a computer is not overpaying for this extra thousand? Let's start from the beginning. In order to know what you need at the actually, you have to understand what is in this very 'PC'.

The heart of your computer – the motherboard. Depends on it, you'll get a whole, and how opportunities will be in your system unit. Savings a few dollars on this component, can cause you to fork over a few years to several hundred dollars for a new computer. Each board has several options that need to be paid look for when buying a computer. In the first place you should inquire from the seller what the maximum amount of memory supported by your future 'motherboard'.

As the software evolves more rapidly than computers, it should support at least 16GB. The second important caveat to this question – the number of expansion slots. This will determine whether you can establish additional fees for specialized work with powerful programs.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette an electronic device for smoking, designed using the latest technology in mikrobioelektronike conducive to quit or move to a new more secure level of smoking. Elektrosigarety vs. classic cigarette – the exclusion of the combustion process, carcinogens, tar and other harmful substances (nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, lead, mercury, just over 800) e-cigarette device (see figure and videos on our site). Cartridge – replacement (consumable), airtight container with purified nicotine and aromatic components that mimic the smell of different varieties of tobacco.

Indicators of nicotine: HIGH (High), MEDIUM (middle), LOW (low), NO (no nicotine). Electronic cigarette allows you to control addiction: physical – through the use of cartridges containing different amounts of nicotine (a smooth transition from cartridges high-nicotine to beznikotinovym) psychological – emulates the classic way of smoking a ordinary cigarette. Most smokers attracted exhaled smoke in the smoking process, thanks to him they enjoy the tactile, emotional and physical sensations. The electronic cigarette provides the same pleasures, but without the problems commonly associated with traditional smoking. The main reasons that attract people to this method of smoking: the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere, are not subject to the rules of exclusion areas for smoking, no smell, no fire, it is more convenient and cheaper than smoking.

PVC Roof

For the device these zones are used, as a rule, materials similar to roof cladding. For example, on asphalt roofing are used Special bituminous materials with high resistance to static and dynamic breakdown. For the membrane also have a special PVC material for the exploited zones. Unlimited use of (Foot terrace). There are two basic designs, which are now used in Europe – a classical system of interlocking tiles laid on a bed of crushed rock and support system (regulated and unregulated). Roofs for the motion This type of transport operated roofs are divided into 4 classes: for vehicles up to 2.5 tons, for vehicles up to 30 tons (usually need to check fire-fighting equipment), rail transport (railway stations with multilevel ways); helipads. Most popular today in Europe, construction – with the castle tile.

Here the system is simple: support structure, slope, waterproofing, thermal insulation (usually extruded polystyrene), separation geotextiles, protective compacted crushed stone and tile. It should be noted that such a device for the roof to use specially treated fungitsilami rubble. Otherwise, it will sprout seeds. "Green roofs" "green roof" – a decorative lawn, flower garden or park, divided into the roof of the building. In addition, it is also an excellent technical solution to solve a number of problems associated with human habitation in the city. The important role played by a live carpet and roof construction – as an insulator and fire safety. "Green roofs" can be both flat and sloping.

There are examples of such roofs with slopes up to 60 . The design can be both classical and inverted. However, classical rarely used, as they inevitably raises the issue of protecting the waterproofing from mechanical damage in the garden works. In the inversion of "green roofs" the role of protector is perfect waterproofing insulation performs. In addition, "green roofs" are divided into extensive and intensive. On extensive vegetative layer thickness is less than 50 mm (turf). On extensive – more than 50 mm. It is already possible to grow flowers, shrubs and trees. Today, "green roofs" – is still a wonder to our country. But, for example, in Paris they already occupy about 15% of the total area. So, apparently, for their future.