Month: December 2011

Horizontal Directional Drilling

There are many methods of trenchless: horizontal drilling, piercing, sanitation, etc. buroshnek All these methods are designed for laying pipes under the ground. HDD method takes a leading place among all the trenchless technologies as possible, and in abundance. Advantages of HDD as compared to traditional methods of laying utilities are obvious: speed, less financial and labor costs, the possibility of installation in inaccessible locations other methods, environmental, and security. Most of Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for transitions, which for one reason or another do not open. For example, under natural and man-made obstacles (rivers, wetlands, roads, houses, ecological zones, etc.) More and more use of horizontal drilling for economic reasons: because of the speed pads, no need for improvement, dumping, attracting substantial resources and technology workforce. The preparatory process precedes drilling to complete the organization of work required a team of at least 3 Specialists (not counting part-time workers): the operator on the locator, the operator of the installation of HDD and operator mixing plants, mixing bentonite solution. Pretreatment involves a comprehensive analysis and explore the place of work.

Analysis of soil, abundance of communication and other barriers in the land, planning and calculation of the trajectory of drilling. Prior to the drilling unit is brought to the job on a vehicle corresponding to its size and weight (trawl, semi-trailer or a truck). The vehicle must be equipped similar to a certain angle of the Congress (usually 17-20 degrees). Next to install the system for training of specialized drilling mud is mixed water, bentonite and polymers.

American Welding Society

In many cases, the deposited aluminum can be left unprotected, without the use of impregnation. The use of aluminum alloy with 5% magnesium is a great alternative to coating with paint. This alloy is an effective coating for offshore platforms and components that are on deck. Thermally sprayed aluminum is well used for factory equipment operating at high temperatures. When using epoxy impregnation, the coating can withstand up to 5000S, using silicone impregnation – a higher temperature.

In contrast to the coverage surface of the paint coated products Spramet can be used almost immediately after application. Still less damage during operation will be, if coat the individual parts in the production process that allows the sprayed coating to any part of the product and makes it possible to assemble the product after completion or after the repair. The study of the corrosion process by the American Welding Society for 19 years in 1974, the American Welding Society has completed the 19-year study of corrosion protection, zinc and aluminum sputtering coatings on steel with low carbon content. The results of this study the following: aluminum coating thickness of 0.08-0.15 mm, as with the use of impregnation, and without it, provide complete corrosion protection of the base metal for 19 years in sea water and in harsh marine and industrial atmosphere; Zinc coverage without the use of impregnation should be 0.30 mm thick in order to ensure full protection of the surface in sea water for 19 years. In a tough marine and industrial atmosphere, zinc coating thickness of 0.23 mm without of impregnation and 0.08-0 .. 15 mm using impregnation, provide corrosion protection for 19 years in the harsh conditions of the marine atmosphere exposure, apply a layer of wash solution and add 1-2 layers vinyl aluminum. This will improve the appearance of the product and prolong the life of the zinc coating is nearly 100%.


Seam roof and its advantages: ease of material (1m2 weighs between 3 – 7 kg) does not require a particularly strong truss system; Prolonged operation of roofing, (decades) Good anti-corrosion metal mounting modern methods – fast and more reliable, this choice of material – is huge, its color and style can not fail to please!; seam roof and its shortcomings: The virtual absence of sound insulation, high thermal conductivity of the roofing material, depending on the material – high prices, the (relative). Seam roof, is the type of lock which connects the two parts of pictures (single or double rebate) for this purpose faltseprokatny machine. The picture is called, roofing, made of sheet material. Seam roof, consists of paintings (recently – tape) This is a roll material cut to the length of the roof slope, passed through faltseprokatny machine. At the output we have a picture, prepared under the (usually) a double standing seam. In this case, the seam is a seam pattern.

Seam roof is made with the use of the machine can faltseprokatnogo installed as a stand-up and bed-fold. According to the technology used on roofs of both of these types of connections. For example standard: standing seam, the seam is located along the (vertical) slope of the roof connecting the picture. Recumbent fold – this connection is a horizontal painting. Faltseaya roof connected to a double standing seam – provides almost 100% protection against leaks! Old days are gone, they were replaced, modern semi automated. Now cover large areas of the roof does not take much and the quality of work in a hundred times safer, faster, better. How did this all happen? All work is done with the help of special roofing tools. Here is a sample machinery manufacturing standard seam roof: Suppose you want to cover a large area of relatively flat area of the stationary roof.

Murphy’s Law

I am sure that the phrase "Murphy's Laws" heard by many. However, recently I was surprised to learn that few know what it means. This must be corrected! In 1949, the U.S. Air Force Capt. Edward A.

Murphy, who was research engineer, has developed a certain device. Naturally, it was sent to the test, as it should be any development. The result of the first test was a complete failure – the latest device is not something that is not working, as it was intended, it did not work at all. Captain Murphy, as a developer, was involved in the investigation of this unfortunate incident. He checked all the experimental data and found that the technology served the experiment, connected device is not, as stated in the instructions. So Edward Murphy formulated his conclusion: "If there are two ways to do something, and one of them leads to a catastrophe, then someone must elect this particular way ". Captain Murphy's Co-workers jokingly called this conclusion "Murphy's Law." At a press conference a high rank of the Ministry of Defense, who conducted it, said that all the advances in safety are the result of overcoming the "Murphy's Law." The phrase came into the press and in the future "law" has become widely used in life. In Russian counterparts, "Murphy's Law" are familiar to all, "Murphy's Law," "law sandwich," etc. In 1977, in Los Angeles, published a small booklet titled "Murphy's Laws." Its author, writer Arthur Bloch, parodying the language of conclusions of technical experts gave them literary perfection, classified and grouped them into sections. Despite the apparent

Painting Walls

Today the painting – one of the most popular forms of wall decoration. For many years this method has been forgotten, but now there are new technologies, new coloring compositions, and the appearance of painted walls completely changed, and this type of decoration became extremely fashionable. Painting of walls requires very careful preparation for repair work: Paint will not hide any cracks or irregularities, or any other defect walls. In addition, there are many methods of applying paint on the walls of which are becoming chic look, and the paint last longer. So, carefully plastered wall surfaces must be prepared for painting. First, using a rough burlap or rigid nylon brush to remove the spray droplets of the solution. After that, primed, sanded and shpaklyuetsya surface. The new plaster and damp can be a lot of bases, so you should not use a solvent based paint.

If you want organorastvorimoe coating, the surface should be dry in depth and should be primed with a synthetic primer. In the case of repainting carefully scrape peeling layers of paint to a sound surface. The resulting bumps have putty, putty dries When, sanded and rubbed the surface. Then uncovered areas should be primed and spot putty is well proven acrylic primer, produced by modern technology of chemical raw materials of leading world producers. Deep penetration, antimicrobial action. Environmentally friendly, Pozharovzryvobezolasnaya, is used for interior and exterior use.

At the same time disinfect biologically contaminated surfaces of concrete, plaster, brick, wood and drywall. Long-term protection of wood against fungal infections in storage. Serves as a perfect base for applying water-based, latex. and acrylic paints, fillers and building texture coatings (such as topography and wet wallpaper.) It is used without dilution with water. For the prevention of emergence and growth of micro-fungi and algae is applied in one layer (on dry surfaces) by brush, roller or spray gun.