Month: May 2012

Development Substances

Experienced professionals in these areas are taken for the elimination of diseases and abnormalities in psyche with compositions based on essential oils. Parallel to these areas surely there are others. Professional business has adopted odors. Now sell special aromamachine that help increase the number of sales through supermarkets in the special odor fields. Application of these technologies on information from different sources provides an increase in sales to 80%. This can be achieved only through regulation of human mental reactions. Opening the next page of the evolution of flavors, we see that the military and intelligence services, too, to keep pace with the times. There are a number of substances called .

These substances able, to change the psychological reactions of human beings. For example, using such a tool, you can make a person feel sadness or euphoria, anger or loss of will start. By controlling such reactions, You can not not much less – to achieve regulation of the behavior of large groups of people. The next step in the development of aromatic technology has led to the management and sustainable change in the standard of mental reactions. In other words, using aromatic substances, a person can change their behavioral responses. Man lives by controlling our lives by emotions and thoughts. These operators it is reacting to the situation, builds its own destiny. For example, a man accustomed to the role of the slave and use it for a long time, as a rule, can not step over this nasty habit of his, even in critical situations.

Good Organization

Daily Good organization is key to getting the maximum from the day. Take your time as if it were gold. It is true that many times a day we have to perform tasks that we dislike. yque can do to make happy? There is a concept called Flow Statement and was proposed by a psychologist of those who have many consonants in his name, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This state is acquired when the person is performing an activity falls into a trance and performs as efficiently as possible and enjoying it. We've all been at some point in their lives under this state. Surely many of vosostros when performing what you like time flies and you remain engrossed in the task. The truth that time is a very good indicator of whether we are under that state.

Pues well! Ynos touches fix the kitchen and we do not want a damn? looking to get into flow. One technique that can be used is: forget about everything that is different from the job that you offer perform, forget your troubles, forget your wife left you or you have no money to make ends meet (especially in this life than death aincluso!). And since you are focused kilometer scrub that pile of dishes? aempieza! The flow state lingers. It is a state which is going slowly. Try to do things slowly and well. Take the necessary time, haste is the enemy of the state of flux. She will start slowly, like a robotic machine just enjoying what you do. Still slowly and carefully washing dishes (dishwasher !……

implement if you have not, just kidding). Try to do your homework as best you can. Now try to be efficient with time, you're going to do well but starting to let you go, acquiring some skill in the fregao (My God, if I heard my mother). Really, I use this technique when I go into the kitchen a mess and I like the heart sink. I can tell you that the flow entering the left spotless. I used something very everyday in which you can apply this technique. This is the extrapoleis to all aspects of your daily life or your work. You can even apply to interpersonal relationships. Try to be comfortable with people you treat in your day to day. and No I have ever spent that time flies when you're comfortable with someone? This state of flux must be part of our daily lives. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. To will is not enough: we must implement it. Cana Goethe My name is Daniel and I have a blog about personal growth. .

Property Damage

a At the beginning of the disaster, and when they have finished, it is always something of rhetoric. In the first case has not yet lost the habit, in the second, has recovered. It is at the very moment of trouble when you get used to the truth. Albert Camus is also regrettable that the serious damage to property, trachea deaths caused by the recent earthquake in Chile, genre, social decomposition as strong as an earthquake in many of the Chileans have used the circumstances to the looting, theft, damage property, violensa, thereby showing that Chile is still in a serious crisis of values, a social breakdown that occurs in these situations where many face hunger, misery, take the opportunity to loot, steal from supermarkets, shops products, some non-edible, simply luxurious, television, radios, appliances and more. to much looting, vandalism has been shown on television worldwide, especificamentea the Chilean television has mostradoa images of looting and vandalism against a supermarket in the city of Concepcion, one of the most affected in the region of Bio Bio. "It is the need," said one of the hundreds of people fleeing with food in hand sustraidosa of southern grocery store known leader.

However, others took to stealing plasma televisions, washing machines, consumer electronics. The population forcibly opened the stakes of this mall. "We have no water, we have no home, we have nothing," said one of the damaged by the earthquake that took part in these events, demanding the presence of southern authorities in the place.