Month: July 2012

Emerging Motor Vehicle

People always grezzn easy to move around the country. On the creation of this wheel was likely and gave rise to such proceedings as engineering. Known schemes of self-propelled trolley Italian scientist Leonardo da Vinci. In the world until now do not stop the discussion about the first home machine. Here are the confirmed facts of history. In 1885 Karl Benz has developed a three-wheeled cart with a gasoline engine. There are records of the assembly bicycle with a motor Gottlieb Daimler.

Release of the original prototype of the modern machines with the ability to use established for the Benz. Its gasoline engine combustion have water cooling. Further there was a two-stage gearbox and engine power was increased. The top speed was 19 km / hr. Meaningful production car began in 1890. After three godkov became available four wheeled vehicles. Here was a group of French engineers prilashena employed at the plant against the will of Benz.

After all, they built the first car faster. Simply, he was with the steam engine. In 1900 he appeared light and humble in the management of the car with the name Mercedes. His company is obliged to the Austrian born banker Jellinek. This car has combined a combination of the final technical achievements. But France was not far behind in relay engineering. In 1890, the company for the production of woodworking machines and band saws with an engine crew gathered Daimler. Already a year later, construction machinery has undergone a transformation and the nature of control was promoted to bookmark an endless capacity for self-improvement. Fast forward to for in these times. You can order rental car representative and learn the power and comfort of modern models of cars. Was French inventor Georges Bouton, who was supported by the Count De Dion, with the opening of the company De Dion-Bouton. This company has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the car. Their engine is steadily working on 1500yub/min. On this time period had the engine from Daimler are achieved only 800 r / min. The main advantage of the design was conceived in the crank. This engine was installed on the three-wheeled auto De Dion issue in 1895 to increase capacity to 2.75 L / s from the original 0.75 liter / sec. And his power is continuously growing up: from 0.75 hp To a more impressive 2.75 hp Vehicles with these engines were in demand and lasted until 1912, despite the emergence of four-cylinder models. An innovative approach was featured in the brand Louis Renault auto 1898 release. In such a direct transfer of the brand appeared in the box. Rear-wheel torque transmitted through the shaft case with universal joint. In the production of passenger cars with a copy of the model Panhard et Levassor England terribly lagged behind France and Germany. The most original designer of the car those years is William Lanchester. His car has been created on a scientific platform. So chronicles Anthony Byrd. Motor balance and lack of vibration was achieved by connecting the shaft gears with spiral teeth. Added automatic lubrication system. C automatic transmission, Santa Claus delivers gifts to the house at the time of this writing. Component parts of the machine is stationary on the frame were collected. Industrial output of this car was delayed and William could not partake the fruits of their creativity. To be continued …