Month: October 2013


The effectiveness of stoves is measured by his redeeming what consequently determines the consumption and consumption changes according to the fuel. Today the two most common types of stoves for the home are: Gas stoves and firewood stoves, these in turn can burn other solid combustibles such as coal and the anthracite. For better understanding, let’s split this article into two parts. First of all we will talk about the performance and power of wood burning stoves and in our next article will discuss the performance and power stoves of gas. Environmental factors can influence heat emission which would result in an increase in consumption and a decline in the efficiency of the stove, but above all what will determine the real heat capacity of a wood-burning stove are its own characteristics.

The first factor that has taken into account is if the wood burning stove is open or closed, in a very simple example to generate 10Kw heat open stove is necessary to employ between 15 and 20 Kg of firewood dry for closed wood burning stoves already consumption is reduced to only 3.5 kg of dry wood. If you are looking for closed wood burning stoves, it has to take into account if these have a self-cleaning system, this system also self-cleaning stove burns all the waste resulting from burning which increases the interval between refills. Another important factor is the location of the stove, stoves open always tend to be in the Center or in a corner of a room or a room, but as the wood burning cast iron stoves are at some point more mobile, remember to not put them near stairs since the escape of hot air will go to superior rooms. Gas stoves for household gas stoves are normally designed to use Natural Gas as fuel, but can also burn LPG with the help of a conversion kit for LPG. Compared with other domestic stoves, gas stoves have better performance, efficiency and a burning cleaner, that is why the sale of gas stoves have increased considerably in recent years.

The performance of gas stoves for the Home revolves around 75% and 90% with natural gas or LPG. In Middle gas stoves power 5kW, enough to heat a room of 100 m 2, but there are stoves reaching up to 10Kw of power or more depending on the size of the stove. Two other factors that contributed to the rise in popularity of gas stoves are easy installation and a burning with low emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases to the environment. The combustion of natural gas or LPG only produce water vapor and therefore carbon dioxide like I use the term clean burning since the production of ash, soot and mainly CO2 are virtually nil.

San Andres

Walking through the quiet streets of San Andres, where Saturday evening become solitary geographies; the night breeze surrounds you in a nostalgic blanket that transports you to the 1970s, where San Andres was a urbanization of middleclass that used be inhabited by University students (including my father), but returning to our current and raw reality would today have a macabre implausible Act which in my opinion should not be forgotten. As he had told he was by San Andres, he conversed with my youth friends and I went to my house in Marcelo Corne, everything was laughter, memories, jokes, we crossed tracks amenamente until it happened the bitter. Some young people of dubious reputation we continued, were hasty and carelessness us attacked. high there! Give me everything you have or you short face – me increpo, then he took my mobile phone and a watch, I opposed resistance since it was more higher than the and was thinking to reduce it, while that was happening to me, my friends were overwhelmed, they were given to these unscrupulous their belongings, including my friend Anthony who had only half Sun to go to his house and above didn’t you give, did wrong since he awakened the wrath of the offender who’s vehemently borrachete against; seeing this I could not more, my youthful adrenaline afloro and wanted to help him but type me reduced, we struggled and inadvertently asked for help, alerting so the vigilantes that they surrounded the area. Timely intervention allowed to not happen to major, the Rovers fled frighten throwing in the way some of our belongings, then that happened all that bring Anthony to my house and gave him a glass of water so that it relaxes. What should be noted is not the loss of some belongings but insecurity that afflicts San Andres, one no longer can walk quiet, in our unconscious this doubt it that if we left night we steal or even kill us.

Can it be changed? How? Very easy giving awareness talks to the general population where instructed to do in an assault, also should be asked more street lighting to the municipality already in many parks and streets at night all is dark, conducive to an assault, eventually must be installed serenazgo which permanently monitor the area and supporting in conjunction to neighbourhood areas. All this may be and even more if we all unite, we leave the discrepancies in oblivion and back to Trujillo that was in the 1970s, the beautiful and quiet town of spring where as used tell me my father, Dr. Miguel Palacios Celi, could walk at night, night without the risks that we face today.

The Initial Stages Of Space Exploration

Design study of space stations of various types in recent years engaged quite actively. In particular, several options have been considered by various American companies. This is a great base-station weight Hundreds of tons, designed for a crew of 50-100 people. At the stations planned to create artificial gravity, and to supply electricity to provide nuclear power plant. The central issue in the creation of major stations – is the choice of the optimal form and methods of assembly in orbit. The views of experts agree that the base-station will be collected from several types of blocks of various sizes. The station can take the form of the torus, hub with the blades, stars, wheels, weights and other forms to help you easily implement the rotation of the station, at the expense of which will be an artificial gravity. Establishment of large plants will require effective methods of installation in space, the choice of rational methods of approach and docking. In this sense, is of interest to build blocks of the station with a special vehicle-towing. Set of complex automated apparatus, with which the search launched on the block, capture it and joining with other blocks in this case will be set only by boat-towing. The blocks will have a simplified apparatus, that drastically reduce their cost. The ship towing can be equipped with fully automated control system, remote control from Earth or from onboard the space station and to assemble in space without a human presence. The variant of towing with manual control.