Month: December 2013

Enterprise Sector

In Colombia an environmental prize called Blue Planet exists, whose objective is: Impulsar and to recognize organizations, foundations, ONG" s, natural companies, people and/or communities that have distinguished itself by direct actions directed to the education, conservation and recovery of the water. This contest was created in 1993 and since then 9 calls have been abierto, each one of as it includes/understands 2 categories that is to say: enterprise general and. When reviewing the results for call 2008 – 2009 I found a situation that seemed to me representative of the perception of the enterprise sector in Colombia against the protection of the water beyond the norm. The enterprise category east year I am desert. The authorities of to this expose it call of the following way: " For the first time in the history of the prize, the jury declared desert this category, since projects did not appear to the contest that offer substantial advances and improvements in the processes of conservation and recovery of the water and developing innovating programs that go beyond which ambientales&quot demands the law for the fulfillment of the norms;. This situation I am caused curiosity and I deepened more in the characteristics of the call and the dynamics of the same, so I made an analysis of the behavior of this prize in its 16 years of existence, since it is a small sample of the behaviors of the enterprise sector against the hydric resource.

From 1993 to the date 67 prizes have been granted, of which 24 correspond to projects presented/displayed in the enterprise category. To these 24 I classified them projects of the following way: 1 corresponds to handling of residues, 3 to improvements in agricultural benefit and 20 to the management of the water proper. The behavior of this situation can be seen in the following figure: Next we will see some analyses on the 20 specific projects for the management of the water.

World Cup

A sambenito that gained strength of failures in the last step, of disappointments that Evans has fought stubbornly. A life very hard was born with a broken nose and at age 8 a horse shot him a coz that was leaving him invalid point. The doctors thought he would never walk, but he recovered. Raised in an Aboriginal community, his father and uncle built him with pieces of old cars his first bicycle, which gave the first pedalling in the abrupt Katherine. Hence it became the mountain bike, which managed two glasses of the world (1997 and 1998) until he decided to break with his past.

He settled in Belgium lightweight luggage. Just brought his 1966 Mustang. His cycling tour has been a way of overcoming. In his first Giro, in 2002, he lost the pink jersey three days before the end. In 2005 he played his first Tour, finished eighth and said that someday would win it.

Few believed him, but his father was convinced. Their beginnings were difficult. In the team Mapei faced ambitious leaders who hindered the collective work. At that time, while many of his classmates were put in the hands of the doctor Michele Ferrari, Evans opted for Aldo Sassi, that became his mentor, at the helm of his career until he died last December at age 51, victim of a brain tumor. There is a day that do not run thinking about him, then said the Australian. After the stormy passage by Mapei, it landed at T-Mobile, where broke his collarbone twice in 2004, which favored his departure to the Lotto. The Belgian training cost him adapt to the presence of a leader with ambitions in the Tour de France, a problem that the cyclist fed are his constant failures. He was second in the Dauphine of 2007 and 2008, of the Flecha-Valona in 2007, but, above all, to seconds to win the Tour de France in 2007 and 2008, and came third return to Spain in 2009. At the end of that year the change occurred when Evans managed maillot arco iris in Mendrisio, close to where European domiciled. He discovered the taste of a great victory and his fate seemed to change course. The eternal second son won the Flecha-Valona of 2009, then the World Cup and, after a year 2010 marked by injuries, Vuelta a Romandia and Tirreno-Adriatico in 2011. An almost perfect Tour in its almost perfect Tour of France has just attacked, true to his reputation for calculator. But he has not hesitated in taking responsibility in the escapades of the brothers Schleck or Contador, or accelerate to win a stage at the top of the wall of Britain. A perfect Tour, says Bernard Hinault. It is the fruit of his obstinacy that morning will take you to become the second oldest cyclist who won his first Tour. With 34 years and a half, he has only one more month which had in 1923 Henri Pelissier when he managed to get on the podium of a Tour who met 20 years. Source of the news: Cadel Evans, the renovated calculator come from another world

Madrid Home

During the successive days, Mabel that not often questioned whether he had done well or badly, leaving his family to settle in Madrid, began in silence to do so. Here I found the love of my life, which gave me the opportunity to have a home and this wonderful family I have, I thought. In Uruguay there other love of my life that would have given me something similar to this? They were your questions. I knew that no one on earth could respond to These questions, but could not prevent completion of them. I also knew that Alex, really filled his existence and that alone justified his residence here. Anyway, I thought that it would have been beautiful, that everything that had been found in Uruguay.

But no one can aspire to have everything according to your wishes, said, but the next day went back to ask him. I was pondering over this, when the phone rang. Era Sophie who called Alex to let know you that Joey was ill. Mabel listened attentively what had Sophie, and promised him that Alex reported by Messenger when you return from work. Tell me at that hour you’re at home? She asked him. Don’t think you can find me at home, said Sophie, not be as Joey will evolve, but at the moment I do not move me from the hospital. Don’t worry you will call the mobile just return.

Please give me your number. Sophie, have faith, please. Faith moves mountains do not forget. He heard a sobbing drowned across the phone. He just learned the news, he called her with obvious signs of concern. Sophie had never called him to tell you something as well. In the rare cases that Joey was unwell, was limited to send an email, saying that he had a viral diseases or some Erythema, or enteritis without importance.