Month: January 2014


As mentioned earlier, households do not receive income directly from productive activities, but the factors of production they own. For this reason there is no place whatsoever in the intersection of line 3a with the columns of the bill, 1 and is at the intersection of row 3a with the columns of the account 2. This means that the factors passed to the owners (households) that contribute to the production and value added, and the total value added should be equal to total transfers to households factors. It is common in communities exist transfers of income between households, which sits at the intersection of row and column home home. Government transfers are an additional source of income to households that come from the payment of wages (for example, community workers employed in public works) or direct government support (such as those made from programs fighting poverty). Thus, these transfers are based on the intersection of row 3a with the column 3b.Finally, households can receive income from remittances that migrants send, ie, household members or relatives and friends living outside the town and they send to their families or friends. These transfers are recorded in row 3a and the columns of the account 5 (Rest of World). The sum of the components of the row homes account will then total revenue from them. As mentioned above, one contribution to the development of the MCS is the detail that this accounting scheme can provide about social issues such as income distribution. To do this, households can be divided into groups based on different criteria. These are taken based on the study objectives and the characteristics of the community studied.For example, households may be divided into two groups: poor (with incomes below a standard for measuring poverty lines) and non-poor can also be classified according to their principal business or source of income (agriculture, livestock, commercial, employees, migrants and others).

Burning Fat

Burning fat in women more difficult is that in men for several reasons. However, if you understand the reasons that support this fact and take appropriate measures, a strong and feminine figure can be achieved. The burning of fat in women is more difficult, because? Women are almost twice as many fat than men to help them having babies. In general, women have more fat in the lower half of the body and fat cells are those who stored fat. Men, on the other hand, have more fat in the upper part of the body and in this part of the body fat cells tend to release fat.

When women go through a program of weight loss, lose the first inch of the upper part of the body and much later the lower part of the body. Another factor to consider is that men have more muscle. Muscle tissue is more active and requires more calories than fat. Easier men lose weight because of these muscles that burn fat. Women have more body structures small than men women are smaller than males and have a small body surface, and lost little body heat. Men, by contrast, may lose more body heat because of his larger paintings. Heat loss increases the rate of metabolism, and this helps men to burning fat faster than women. Male hormones help men faster fat burning hormones testosterone increase metabolic rate growth and efficiency.

They also increase the muscle mass in the body and help the body burn fat faster. Since men produce more testosterone and growth than female hormones, burning fat is more effective in and lose weight faster than women. Other factors of fat burning for women during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body fat cells retain water due to hormonal changes. As fat cells are enlarged, translates into the slow movement and this makes it difficult to metabolize fat. The hormone progesterone, which is produced in large quantities by women, causes hunger and makes women feel sleepy and less inclined to exercise, as being weight gain. Fat cells multiply and expand during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the fat cells are present in the body, and once the body has more calories than the recommended daily amount, fat cells expand making it possible to increase weight and fattest apparently. The onset of menopause decreases the production of estrogen, which results in an accumulation of fat around the chest and waist. As you get older, you lose muscle and increases grease with every year that passes. Since the skin falls with age, not the fat cells can cling this gives rise to cellulite. Therefore, women gain weight more quickly than men and have difficulty losing weight and burning fat in comparison with men. Women have more difficulties to maintain weight loss, since their bodies learn to retain grease in a period of time. If you want to stay in good physical shape and maintain a good figure you have to visit the following information: how to burn fat in man sy women.

Black Hawk

However there were signs everywhere, got me a dessert typical of its region, the Lullaby of the House’s side coincidentally she was native of the country of my male recio, I realized there was a glasses shop with his surname, finally, thousand signs that reminded me of it but no There was a tab. After the disappointment of not knowing was what I was looking for I stumbled upon an Aviator, was fascinated with him, and by those days came out a commercial of AX with a pilot who towards losing the North the Lady, then making zapping me di cuenta programming containing films such as Top Gun, Pearl Harbor, the fall of the Black Hawk, Codes of war an infinite number of uniformed films which impressed me, even! I went to the mall to distract me a little of all this bombing signals and I found myself with a stand of the air force with a lot of Airmen talking about this new race, having 500 races of which speak just chose this! But my dear Aviator was not by any party, he had gone to campaign and I do not nor a mensajito him was me. That is why I tell you, are not signals! Isn’t that the destination is sending them tracks that they discover that he is her true love! What happens is that We see only what we want to see, unconsciously senses are seeking details, things, words, sounds, smells, flavours, images that remind us of the Adonis. to the other half. those moments of joy that we shared with him, but simply that is a search. a longing that whether it is indicated. And Moreover, I say that I am convinced and I have absolute certainty that the day that my half displayed no signs or tracks, there will be nothing to indicate me, is more there will be no doubt, there will be only the immense happiness of knowing that we belong forever, and that no signs nor signs of destiny, needed because nor is it own destiny can be against love. Do not look for signs!