Month: September 2014

IpTelephony Beat

Nowadays the internet – the most extensive collection of information. With the need to increase the target audience and clients, and various large corporations, small businesses and private entrepreneurs create affiliate programs whose purpose – increasing the number of potential buyers. Internet commerce, as well as a thriving business on the web – it seems much more convenient way to create passive income, and in some cases even the possibility of a dream come true. But unfortunately not all that fabulous and chic, as many people who seek not only to earn but also a decent life today and in the future. Some suggest ways of generating income from investments partner, while the latter is not legal and impose certain sanctions, and others, forced to wait a lot of time in order to get the first legitimate ruble, which, unfortunately, often becomes the last.

"Is it possible to generally earn online? "- you ask. "Yes," I'll tell you. An original way to earn a good income offers ip-telephony BIT" – a network of Internet telephony was built by Russian specialists, to ensure available, as well as high-quality communication. Affiliate Program Company "ICE" is based on simple conventions by which you can earn up to 30 000 rubles per month with a gateway without investing a penny directly to the budget company, and first earned money will not take long. We offer you a way to create passive income involves the use of software products, let me say that this is the easiest, as well as safe and completely legal way to make a profit on the Internet. Thus, remote work on the Internet, giving real earnings for partners "BIT", based on the following principle. Using the technology of 'Internet telephony ICE "partner gets an opportunity to earn online, and the income received is the sum of the total cost of each minute of the active use of the equipment. Such earnings (Telework) is planning to receive 85 cents from every minute of the equipment. In my experience I would say that even "allegedly" the best affiliate programs in practice are considerably inferior proposals ip-telephony "BIT" and give make the Internet only after a certain period of time. Legal earnings in the Internet affiliate programs "BIT" is provide during the testing equipment. What do you need for what would become a partner OOO "ICE" – just a short walk to the registration site:

Google fighting Facebook?

Those who have seen or been able to try to realize that Google apparently has rowed his claws against, since this tool can be integrated with other networks such as Flickr, Yahoo, as well as, apart from that can exchange information, photos and video with the contacts that you have in you as this tool is implemented in the platform of this post. It could be that Google feels threatened by the high growth of Facebook and that also by the fact that there has been rumors that this social network is in the process of implementing an e-platform for its users, but do not have many details of this work that they would be doing Facebook, Google would not sit idly by seeing that a network has more than 350 million users you could implement a competition, which logically would make him a great blow. While this new tool from Google has gone to a good start, unlike Google Wave, several experts who regard it as a bluff because according to these the same no real innovation, though through it you realize where your contacts are as I write or share a document with Google Maps tool you can geolocalizer which gives a bonus to this tool from Google. Google does not want to lose space and that’s why Google has brought a buzz, and that this can compete, because it does something similar to what they do on Facebook and Twitter users of these networks and the bonus is that technology users to feel like in this tool as they share with their peers while arguments can be made without having to be hampered by people who do not know very well dominate the technology..