Month: December 2014

What Makes Cartoon

What is different from the Visual Arts cartoon or cartoon, what are the Jouralismus? Pictures to laugh, will answer the most. Differentiated considered uses the cartoon like the caricature of ridicule, irony and sarcasm. He pronounces unpleasant and merely provides follies and wounds. Attacks or reveals a situation of contempt. Unlike the cartoon cartoon be considered but rather humorous. The term caricature is rarely used in English. Rather it is “editorial cartoon”. It remains to be determined, the limits in the use of the words cartoon and caricatures increasingly disappear.

Who reexamined cartoon, determines that they are even with or without text. Text is used differently. Times in balloons, times people are illustrated (if the cartoonist not just… met the “victim”) or the items will be labeled. And then there are the cartoons without text.

We do not count here times the names of the cartoonists. Maybe these are the security copies if the representation can rely only on symbols. Can the other be expressed: as the artist on the cartoon accommodates more words, more decreases the quality of the cartoon. The extreme case would be a written pictorial wit. Who has ever tried to tell a cartoon, have determined that hardly anyone laughs… Cartoons to cartoons have an advantage: they are long-lasting. Cartoons, just on a specific subject, are often only a short life. It is worse if one considers the comprehensibility: only in the narrow context of the time, the cartoon can appear self-explanatory. The cartoon, however, longer can it hold its broader themes. Cartoon could be counted among the fine arts. This can not achieve but the importance of a museum oil ham, monetarily it can not catch up also. So far, still not a cartoon for a million euros was sold at auction. What might that be? Not to determine the drying time of oil, rather that the Viewer can laugh about a cartoon. And laughter is not good for business. Contemplative sink before the work, that will not permanently succeed when watching cartoons. It should be noted: only serious face pushes up the value… The possibility to classify his work in the journalistic genre remains the cartoonist. As a “perfect comment” to an life situation embarrassing for example. But there is already a small nuance there: cartoon not the seriousness as the cartoons will be awarded. A caricature is a picture of become editorial but a cartoon is used as the laughs on the last page. What else, be classified according to its task, function or effect as the cartoon? Then these are neither journalism nor art. We consider the cartoons as “Bildgewordenen spirit”. Roger Schmidt

Architecture Forum

Under the agreement the user is the creator of content and community is everything in me would like to rescue the concept of value contribution forums on the web 2. 0. The internet forums accumulate lots of people interested in different subjects, I invest much time in following Xeoweb Forums Forums Loquo or (the latter by curro). Occasionally I get in different forums to see improvements or mistakes that may occur and I think it would be nice to establish bases in an appropriate forum: * Never be limited to registered users the option to read messages or to conduct searches (except payment in forums such as blackhat SEO) Why will it get? it is easier to find another to sign will go. * If you want to differentiate users, than those registered do not see advertising. * Advertising in the forums can be done in an elegant way, google gives design guidelines for the forums and are places with lots of content. Yes, it is important to the hints because surely google users do not write with the density of the most profitable keywords for your website * The titles and mod rewrite care should be the title of the post.

It would also be interesting to establish anchors on generic terms that cover the topic. * The content of the forums can be a good place to establish cross-linking with the content of your site. Adds value and paths to other sections. * Do not take pictures at the signing of more than one size, go ahead an resize * not accept images in the post. You see on small and can be seen in a new window if the user wants. * All outbound links on the forum castrated with no-follow. * The summary of thematic threads that are either neglected for at least the search engines do not forget them. Javier Ortiz, Author of IM and manager.


They were used in LEDs, displays, instrument panels of cars and airplanes, advertising displays, different systems of information visualization. On light output LEDs have overtaken conventional incandescent lamps. For durability, reliability, security, they also surpassed them. One was bad – there were no blue LEDs, blue-green and white. 8. What determines the color of the led? Exclusively on the band gap, which recombine with electrons and holes, ie, from semiconductor material, and the dopants. Than the 'blue' led, the higher the photon energy, and hence the greater must be the band gap. 9. What difficulties have had to overcome a rocket scientist to make a blue led? Blue LEDs can be made on the basis of Semiconductors with wide band gap – silicon carbide, compounds of the elements ii and Group iv or Group iii nitrides. (Remember the periodic table?) Of LEDs based on SiC was too low efficiency and low quantum yield (ie the number of emitted photons to recombine a pair). In LEDs based on solid solutions of zinc selenide ZnSe quantum yield was higher, but they are overheated due to the large resistance and were short-lived. There was hope for the nitrides. Gallium nitride gn melts at 2000 C, and the equilibrium vapor pressure of nitrogen at 40 atmospheres, it is clear that such crystals are difficult to grow. Similar compounds – aluminum and nitriles India – are also semiconductors. These connections form ternary alloys with a band gap, which depends on the composition, which can be chosen so as to generate a desired light wavelength, including blue.

In El Salvador

Very interesting what brings the , which has become clear that institutions that govern the global financial systems may not be designed by the richest countries, but it must involve everyone. Also that the State has one role greater than to comply and, rather than reduce it to their minimum as we issued in the previous decades, should be given new functions and strengthen it because at the end it is the only one able to move forward to countries in times of crisis like this. In other words, instead of putting the public at the service of the private, we must begin now to put the private to the public service. In our countries, so adept in previous decades to spill model and the reduction of the State, will have to rethink many things. In El Salvador, for example, urges a fiscal reform that gives more resources to the State to increase social programs and ensure better education and health for all. But the present Government has refused to carry it out due to their ties with businessmen who refuse to pay more or even pay their part. Finally, we feel very important observation of Luis Fernando Valero, which Spain once more not has lived up to and has given the impression that he only wanted to tell that I had to be at the meeting on 15 November in Washington, and when I say Spain, say Zapatero, which seems that it has made a personal matter sitting in that meeting of Re-Foundation of capitalism and forced to be honest believe that crude oil has itwhich invites as is Bush, who is the host and this has sworn by the shenanigans that the Spanish President.

Not you rose seat in a parade on October 12, when he was in opposition to the passage of the American flag, pulled Spanish troops from Iraq without notice and urged other countries to do the same, and if that was little his industry Minister just said that Bush days remaining, with these cards definitely remained in debt with the Ibero-American community. In debt with young people. The real discussion focused on the crisis global economic. Two blocs of countries became apparent immediately. The most radical qualifies the situation of failure of capitalism and the moderate reduces it to a crisis in the model or errors of people.