Month: October 2015

The Business

Any MLM company should require the dealer monthly more than the consumption of a family as a requirement to collect their commissions. The consumption of telephony, Internet, cleaning agents or any other product. Only what you consume each month, instead of having to buy or pay and store products only to cash your check. The fruit of your work is yours, you’re more active or less. I.e., that each time that a member of your team Bill a second phone, or buy a cream for hands, you should receive a Commission, regardless of whether that month you checked $ 1,000 or 5,000. No are you should steal for not doing what they consider convenient. But they do, and we respect it.

Finally, after all, they are the rules of the game, and although most of the time nobody warned him you before entering the business, once inside assume it and meet, what remedy. Furthermore, it is frowned upon to protest and say what you think. If you don’t like the business, always can go elsewhere clear that your computer stays where is, ceases to be your team to be yours, and thus continue to benefit to your upline and your company. I’m sorry to be so critical, but when you see the truth, and you are aware of the hidden handling of the MLM, return you a little revolutionary however, I have not written this report to make you feel bad, so you think that MLM is a fraud and that you fight against your company at all. The MLM is one of the forms of business more lucrative, simple and rewarding that they exist in the world, and we are fortunate to be here.

What I intend to is quite the opposite. It is that you learn how to use leverage to your advantage. Intelligently, and jumping you harsh conditions of your company.

Wharton Business School

A new style of life and management in companies: Innovivir (* 2) to the lifestyle of the innovivir, can find you ancestral affiliations in Greek philosophy. Heraclitus the only thing that exists is a change (* 3). Change is the essence of the innovivir. Innovivir is live to innovate, is opposite to survive. When the directors of a company managing a structure that allows them to innovivir, what you have achieved is promote and sustain its development around innovation in new businesses.

The innovivir is also a management style, where a system of mechanisms: strategic, tactical and operational, make innovation in a flow. This can be seen in a study by Wharton Business School (* 4), which distinguishes three levels during the development of a technological innovation. Then, their descriptions and examples: level 1: in the Heatshielding, determine the types of innovations that are desirable, are established processes that ensure support for them and creates and directs a climate that encourages its development. -Cam, we have a business development manager and Regional technology, replicated in five countries of South America where we have presence, it is the area responsible for innovation in new businesses of the company. We even have a center of technological innovation (CIT) exclusively dedicated to the development of innovative products applicable to the energy sector, axis of our mission. -In the Google offices, the approach towards the needs of knowledge of every Netizen is consistent with its organizational culture.

Proof of this is that each who decorates his Office as you want, all under the logic of an environment relaxed and personal, is faithful representative of the spirit of innovation focused on each of us, the users. Level 2: in the Venturing, includes procedures that allow us to discover what customers need and how to meet those needs in a cost-effective manner. -The Peruvian subsidiary of Cam, we have a system of intelligence markets (SIME) with which we manage the company’s knowledge, feeding it, organizing it and channeling it, as the case may be, to the key people in the Organization, the objective that all know what they need to know at the right time.

Business Promotion

Has your business grown thanks to your facebook page? or perhaps your growth has stagnated despite your efforts in the social network. If you still don’t see the results that you are expecting in terms of advertising on social networks get in action. For more information see this site: BDT Capital Partners. You’ve what actions undertaken in social networks? The most important thing of having a page on facebook is that you approaches your efforts solely on promoting your company and its products. You cannot design a combination personal & professional and much less you involucres to your business with friends, i.e. keep a line depending on the account type. It is clear that your first experience in social networks has been through personal relationships; But if you now use this medium to promote your business, what types of messages listing on the network to speak of your brand, your service or product? In our experience, we have seen how people lose credibility through inappropriate content, as well as the publication of photos in your site staff. Basic thing is to keep the role of business staff divided into the network. In your account you can say what you think, voice your concerns, talk about the climate, your family, but your business account should always have a professional appearance according to what you preach.

If you don’t take into account this Miss presence in the Middle, because you mostraras an image to not interested users who finally are your potential consumers. Social media is an effective tool to get customers, but it is important to have clear objectives and a plan of action. You’ve probably seen pages on facebook for companies which are not respecting the line between the personal and professional. What do you think of this? They seem reliable business? Does it seem appropriate to interact with your customers through a more personal facebook? Make sure you have an image according to which your company promotes. Social networks have proven to be effective when advertising, do not miss this opportunity and used the network of a professional manner.