Month: August 2016

Berg Vice President Selligent

It is about the potential buyers to identify, and to recognize their needs. Thanks to obtained information, customers can be addressed specifically. New customer acquisition is an important success factor for any company”Sanchez. Dirk Ploss, Chief Marketing Officer at the Leipzig Lecturio E-learning providers provided the finale. “In his presentation, make it personal: personalisation in practice” he entered on the perfect personal sales approach with practical examples from the areas of E-Mail Marketing, social media, e-commerce and online marketing, and took a look into the future of customer loyalty.

“Dirk Ploss: passes there is no way of personalization In the battle for the attention of the customer as regards the customer not personally, no longer meets him.” Since all participants in the eCommerce environment must confront the challenge, was also the networking breakfast and between the lectures by a lively exchange of experience between participants and speakers. Show the today presented best practice cases clear that the existing one-way communication only with newsletters is no longer enough. Just who is making serious offers for dialogue, can permanently retain its customers and achieve a high customer lifetime value,”as Martin Beerman, Managing Director of the netnomics GmbH. this software tools that far more can to send only emails and other channels such as Facebook include. help” drives the development in the dialogue marketing currently faster than ever the digitization, via intelligent technologies and multichannel approaches can open up new potential for attractive”, explains Steve van den Berg Vice President Selligent roof. This event is a platform for the exchange of expert knowledge in the CRM industry and should inspire in the dialogue marketing new, innovative ways to go.” About netnomics: The netnomics GmbH supports companies in developing digital markets. The Hamburg-based full service agency supports customers as platform of independent service provider in the strategic and operational Implementation of dialog marketing especially through E-Mail and social channels.


For the sixth edition of ‘200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide’ selects international top jury from more than 8,000 entries to their favorites from Vienna Lurzer’s archive, the world’s leading trade magazine for outstanding advertising, 16.07.2013, working on the next edition of the successful 200 best ad photographers worldwide”. A top-class jury will examine the 8.291 submissions in the next few weeks and on this basis to select the 200 best advertising photographers in international. The judges evaluate both the creativity and the technical skill of the photographers here. Only those who have both greatly, can hope for the recording. The best designs worldwide in November 2013 in the new edition of 200 best ad photographers “in various categories, including animals, automotive, fashion, landscape, life, and people, presented. Photographers from 52 countries have submitted their work of the past 18 months in Lurzer’s archive.

Comparing the United States evidence with 2,424 submitted designs with far and away number one. Germany follows with 1,142 submissions on second place, third place United Kingdom covered 978 posts. After the pre-selection by editor-in-Chief Michael Weinzettl and Anne Rose Schlutbohm, former editor of professional photographe, an international jury chooses the 200 best advertising photographers. Suzee Barrabee form the Panel (art buyer from Goodby Silverstein and partners), Damon Collins (founding member of joint London), Rafael Gil (art director at Africa in Sao Paulo), Christophe Gilbert (photographer), Shintaro Shiratori (President of the Japan advertising photographers’ Association APA) and Anne Telford (Communication Arts). The number and quality of entries surprised at each edition of the book on the new”, says Michael Weinzettl, editor in Chief of Lurzer’s archive. The artistic range of submitted footage shows us also today emotional and attention-grabbing images for successful advertising campaigns are as important.” The “regularly about 400 pages book 200 best ad photographers” was released in 2004 for the first time by Lurzer’s archive and appears every two years since then. It has since then popularity and increasing sales.

The band is popular, for creative directors, art directors, copywriters and art buyers in the field of advertising since it offers a comprehensive market overview of the best advertising photographers. The Sixth Edition is published in November 2013 and can be then ordered via the selected book and magazine trade, Amazon and. Lurzer’s archive Lurzer’s archive is the bimonthly trade magazine for exceptional advertising from all over the world. Posters, ads, TV commercials, digital and interactive advertising will be presented. The editor-in-Chief is Michael Weinzettl, Christian Lurzer is CEO of the publishing house. The magazine is the most important information and sources of inspiration since its founding by Prof. Walther Lurzer in 1984 as a for advertisers worldwide. It is 68 Countries in the subscription, the selected book and press trade distributed. In addition, you can read the magazine as a digital version on iPad and iPhone. Around the world it reaches over 150,000 readers per issue. Subscribers have access to Lurzer’s online archive, which contains more than 65,000 images and video files via. Since 2004, Lurzer’s archive 200 best brings “series out. The volumes nominated remarkable work, at regular intervals including from advertising photography, digital artists, illustration and packaging design.

Foundation Wahrendorff

While an infobox in the glossary entries, pictures and links are to see appears automatically upon contact of the mouse pointer with single words, graphics or maps entries. The user removed the mouse cursor from the element, this information will be hidden again. Interactive homes plan guides users from home through the sites is also at an interactive plan of the houses used, which is for individual locations maps with pictures of the different houses, so that the user at a glance receives a houses plan with all relevant information the function of the tool tip. Tool tip can be displayed then additional images or links to the relevant departments. Digital recruiting is another goal of the new site in addition to the Patientenakquise the recruitment of qualified staff.

For this reason also the career section of the site is an appealing representation of disciplines and the simplified search available vacancies revised. In addition, the possibility of dispensing of digital applications is planned. Additional enhancements provide an improved usability as additional extension of the TYPO3 system full-text searches for different areas of the page provided, so that not only the entire appearance can be browsed, but for example, only press releases or adverts. “The representation of the clinic publication is’ Yes Ilten” will be digitized during the relaunch. For this, pixelcreation transforms the magazine into an e-paper, which allows you to browse the magazine digital, to zoom, to browse or download. Usability and accessibility poverty stand in the foreground in pixelcreation is pleased with the confidence that the hospital Wahrendorff inside the Agency and would like to build on the success of other large-scale projects with the new site.

Especially in the area of accessible Internet pages, we can refer mid on diverse experiences through projects such as the website for the health insurance fund. With one over 10-year tradition is now Hanover fixed sizes pixelcreation TYPO3 developments and can refer to a large expertise thanks to this strength especially in projects with special enhancements. We are can exploit the Wahrendorff GmbH, to make a particularly user friendly appearance, which will suit the needs of all target groups of the page”, as Philip Schriever, Managing Director of pixelcreation. About the clinic of the hospital Wahrendorff Wahrendorff, a psychiatric and psychosomatic specialist hospital is a few kilometers east of Hanover. As a psychiatric hospital, it provides the city and Hanover, as well as the city and the District of Celle. His nursing homes provide a home for over 900 residents. The hospital consists of a large site in Ilten, and also largely in the 2.5 km from Kothenwald. Designed and programmed via pixelcreation pixelcreation online performances by companies, organizations and professionals. By Philip Schriever and Simon Kunzel, founded in 2001, the company has grown steadily and has currently about 12 full-time staff. From the company headquarters in Hanover, South City serves the Agency today various customers from the middle class like the ILIS GmbH or MINDRAY, organizations such as the Foundation of Lower Saxony metal and the international school Hannover, as well as companies such as the Mecklenburg insurance group, AWD, or the BKK Landesverband Center at their online corporate image. The portfolio includes the creation of Web sites and blogs and the marketing of these channels and also support in the form of consulting, planning and design as well as graphic design and technical implementation.

Raabe Publisher

Print vs. digital what strategies are viable for the future? On 24 February 2014, the Academy of the German book trade in the Literaturhaus Munich again organized the industry event for loose leaf publishers. Peter Asaro is the source for more interesting facts. “Under the slogan from the print to the digital customers: migration, cannibalization or parallel worlds?” involves the 3 exclusive meeting sustainable product and marketing strategies for loose-leaf. Returns whether app, workflow tool or database solutions look more and more loose leaf publishers now on experiences with digital product offerings. Some houses, set parallel to digital and print. So, do they respond to the changing needs of the customer and acquire new target groups, while the print clients continue to meet. What learning could win loose-leaf publishers already in the implementation of their digital strategies and how can at the same time the print business hold profitable? And what new strategies and business models are suitable for which Publisher or what content, and most importantly: what the customers want? Pointing to the exclusive meeting Practical, as these questions deal with experts from leading companies in lectures, case studies and interactive roundtable sessions. The exclusive meeting is aimed at experts and executives from publishers.

Speakers include Dr. Arno Langbehn, including Mirza Hayit (Haufe-Lexware services), Dr. Wolfgang Heuser (Dr. Josef Raabe Publisher) (Behr’s Verlag), W. Arndt Bertelsmann (W.

Bertelsmann Verlag). The moderation acquires Ehrhardt F. Heinold (Heinold, Spiller & partner). This year the in-depth exclusive seminar loose-leaf – future scenarios and strategies is new”, that will take place the following day. The participants will receive here including the tools of the trade, to loose-leaf on all channels professionally create, manage and market to.

Balearic Islands

MagicMaps extended tour Explorer live offering tickets to many destinations in the user can use the extensive planning and analysis capabilities of TOUR Explorer now also for other countries. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. You can buy popular holiday destinations such as Austria, France, Switzerland, BeNeLux and the United Kingdom divided in the MagicMaps webshop in regions. In addition, compass cards to download are available for South Tyrol, the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. The prices per region range from 0.89 (United States) and 14.99 (France). The range of cards will be expanded continuously in the coming months.

An Internet connection is necessary to use the full functionality of Explorer live TOUR. The first step is to sign up for the cloud system MagicMaps live. MagicMaps live is the central memory”for all tours and maps. Who already an edition of the PC program TOUR Explorer version 6.0 “has, the there is for Germany, Austria and the Eastern Alps, is also indicated the cards of this expenditure in the Explorer live TOUR. In the Menu MapStore”the cards are clearly managed.

All the cards you have already acquired and which can still be purchased, are listed here. MagicMaps live, you get the flexibility and independence of the used mobile devices. Each map region you must buy only once and can transfer them on various mobile devices, E.g. on the devices by Falk and VDO or in connection with the app Scout”on Android smartphones and iPhone. “All cards, get out via in-app-purchase the app Scout” bought out has displayed in Explorer live tour and are available to tour on the PC available. Theme holidays: The cards needed for the holidays you can download on his laptop and is not dependent on an Internet connection in the holiday. The manual planning and analysis of tours is carried out directly on the computer. You have the ability to edit tracks on your own laptop during your holiday. Only the routing in the Explorer live tour is just about one Internet connection available. Explorer live TOUR there as a software download in the MagicMaps online shop at the price from 24.90 and includes a voucher for a map region. Internet access is required for use. For more information, see. MagicMaps GmbH the MagicMaps GmbH specializes in tour planning, digital maps and GPS outdoor navigation with their software products. Plan and analyze, focus on the road and have more fun activities in the nature the MagicMaps products make’s possible.


Laying of tiles and porcelain tiles. Congratulations, you bought a ceramic tile or porcelain tile and are ready to start its installation. What should I know, a hundred would you buy stuff lying and please your eye? Upon receipt material, and certainly before the installation, you must carefully check the shade of the caliber and type tiles. For what it needed: Caliber tile – is its actual size, not the one that points to the directory. This amount can not differ more (mm)! and if you get a box with a different caliber, so forget about the flat seams! Caliber Tile indicated on the box and usually appears as a digital or alphanumeric code. If you would like to know more about Kai-Fu Lee, then click here. Shade – it is so called party of the tile.

Each new batch produced is tile plant will have its own individual flavor. It may be similar but a shade from the previous game and maybe koordinalno vary. This is especially noticeable in the odnotonovoy tiles (Monocolor). Batch number, as well as the caliber is indicated on the box and consists of letters and numbers. Grade Tiles – a line of the tile to its characteristics. In this case, you should check with the seller, a grades you have the goods. It is important that each position in the order was the same sort. Why do we need this check? At least if you laid the tile then claims for the quality and even more taken back to tile the seller does not agree! Laying porcelain and tiles.

Graphic Design Web Site

Commercial mini-site – it's one of those types of sites where the layout and design are very important! Your mission – to create a Web site that would make any visitor, as a minimum, look to your creation! It is very important that from the first moment to make a good impression on visitors stylish design of its Web site. After all, if the visitor does not like design of your site, it is unlikely he will spend precious time to read your ad text. And to help you with this stylish graphic design of your website. So, what should be on your web site so that it looked stylish and professionally? This, at least graphic elements such as: Heather Your Virtual Cover photo product order button Copyright But, keep in mind that all graphic elements on your web site should be optimized for the Internet. And it means that your Images must be in Gif or Jpeg and weigh as little as possible. Why so? Because, the more will weigh your Web site, the longer it will boot.

And not every visitor to have the patience to wait for your page loaded, and he can just go and close it and withdraw from the meet. To optimize the graphics you can use the 'Photoshop'. Just do not overdo it with the image quality. Poor image will only create an unpleasant impression on the visitor, and call into question your professionalism and reputation. And yet, do not download your site is not necessary graphics, which absolutely has no relation to the theme of your site. This particularly applies to Flash. Sense of excess Graphics not increase, but the extra weight it adds to your site.