Month: September 2016

CoParenting Child

So, you decided that you are ready to have a child, and ponder the possible candidacy of the biological father. One of the most important issues that faces you: if you want to future pope was involved in the upbringing of the child (and in what extent) or its contribution limited to donations? Try to consider the pros and cons of each option. Let's say you decided to include the biological father of your child's life. The presence of the father is important for child – is no secret that the father-figure plays a major role in the formation of sex-role identity. And yet, even without scientific evidence is clear: to have an adequate father a child – it's important, healthy and pleasant.

Problems can also begin in the area of your relationship with your chosen parent. Of course, I want to biological dad unconditionally accepted your conditions: spent with a child is acceptable to you the amount of time, withstand your strategy of education, was in agreement with you on major issues, did not interfere with your home life, did not challenge the fundamental solutions for you and so on. But should be aware that since the entry into the joint parenting, and now you are the child's father – not strangers to each other people, and you have to do, communication, ability to negotiate, to compromise, to accept each other's flaws and ignore the needs of each party. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. Do not expect that the father of the "fit" in your family system and will not affect it. Nor should we expect one hundred percent compliance with the original agreement – the human factor has not been canceled. With this important put up at an early stage and be prepared for difficulties. In the future there may well be unpleasant experiences, such as your zeal for the baby's father, competition with him for the love baby, mutual resentment over the way education and the nature of communication – do not be afraid, but you should be prepared to discuss it at all stages of co-parenting.

Baby Taxi

Baby taxi, taxi advantage Child Working with children requires a special approach. To organize a company specializing in work with children's taxi, you need a competent professional approach. Business approach to children's taxi – it's by itself, but also the moral responsibility for the child. To transport children to school, to his grandmother, a garden, a walk, the driver must make contact with the child. Children need to contact Taxi child, child to trust the driver, the driver did not frighten the child to their views. Taxi Driver baby should have pedagogical education.

The driver educator can answer your child to your questions. Process teaching a child is constantly, and even more on the way, tell the child to a professional situation, for example, the Moscow tube, unless the child is not interested in everything that happens around him. Therefore, for the organization professional company of children, we have to recruit taxi drivers, certain requirements we have is age, teacher education, plus a psycho man. Robotics expert has firm opinions on the matter. Driver's age begins to fifty years. This says that the man himself raised their children, has this idea, and knows how to deal with the child. Hence we conclude that we provide not just a taxi driver for a child, but at the same time nanny, which will be follow the child. In the meantime, the child's parents feel more calm, give the child in good hands of professional educators – it's a good thing.

Age and experience of our children's taxi drivers said that that we approach our business seriously and thoroughly. Next to the organization of children's taxi when hiring taxis, we check the biography of our new drivers. Biography of a taxi driver must be clean, irreproachable. After checking the biographies of the driver, his previous jobs, we test the driver by using psychological tests that help identify the psychological type of the received rights. When hiring the children's taxi drivers are selected as a cosmonaut. Baby taxi, we try to reduce the human factor in our work. The entire fleet of taxis child – it's new cars, the service life and mileage at Moscow in which no more year. The car must be beyond reproach, he should bring your child from point A to point B, while technology should work and not break. Further, we have equipped our cars video surveillance. Video Surveillance allows parents online to watch their child. Here is a brief summary of our company, for more information, please contact us at the e-mail, call, we will try to answer all your questions. Our company is trying to earn a reputation first, and financial flows – is an application to the reputation.


In any educational environment, one of the greatest challenges of our times is the ability to combine the current technological knowledge acquired and developed in different areas of knowledge. The computer technology and specifically has entered strongly in our daily lives, from our work to our homes, lightening daily tasks. However, despite the development in computational areas, continue to perform tasks of a “manual” or tasks “paper and pencil” without knowing it, can be executed more quickly and efficiently by a computer. In the Chilean educational and special education especially in regard to the diagnostic area, there are no screening tests for speech and language child Chilean people who use the advances in computer and that are manipulated by all professionals education. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi. In response to this growing need developed the first test evaluation in the area of speech that combines the best of both worlds: technology and knowledge. One of the most common problems affecting our population of children and specifically to the speech, what is the dyslexia, which could be defined as “impaired articulatory type consisting of the omission, substitution or distortion of a phoneme (or more) systematically. The causalities of the dyslexia may be multiple, among which are: * Weaknesses Praxiteles (muscle) * anatomical malformations (cracks, sub-lingual frenulum short, soft palate condition) * Maintenance of inappropriate behavior (drinking bottle, thumb sucking , use of pacifiers) * Altered paralinguistic functions such as atypical swallowing, mouth breathing, and others.

Within dyslexia often include those affecting the phonemes. These phonemes are the most which may not appear during development, and therefore, the most problematic in regard to their acquisition. We might also note, based on clinical experience, that the dyslexia is the most common of all, a condition observed in more than 50% of cases found in Diagnostic Centers, Language Schools and Colleges of General Education the metropolitan core. It is important to note that each of the identified phonemes have appeared at a given age according to neuro-muscular maturation of children, with a lag of about 6 months (Dale, 1980). Below is a table with phonemes estimate above, comparing authors like Johnston, 1988, Dale, 1980; Puyuelo, 1997; Valles, 1995 and others, and considering the data obtained from the Chilean population of children, through phono-articulatory test over time, from Language Schools in the Metropolitan Region.

Dual Celviano

On average, a digital piano or synthesizer timbres present 150-300 that transmit sound all known musical instruments – both classical and national (banjo, sitar, etc.) or neorkestrovyh (saxophone, organ, harpsichord, etc.), as well as many of the synthesized sounds. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. So, Privia PX-330 produces 250 tones, Privia PX-320 – 202 tone, Privia PX-800 – 162 of timbre. Among the models in the series Celviano many voices have new Celviano AP-620 – 250 voices, as well as classic Celviano AP-500 – 164 of timbre. As a rule, sounds can be mixed, for example, to get the sound together with the oboe cello. Is responsible for this function "overlay sounds (Layer or Dual). Sometimes the combination of an unusually expressive.

It must be remembered that when mixing two sounds you want to double the polyphony as well as for each note using two voices. In the presence of the function "Split (Split) on the left and right of the split point can play different timbres. For example, the right hand to play the violin melody and the left – "to touch string "harp. But it is important to tune each instrument do not reach the point of separation, or a violin suddenly transformed into a harp or vice versa. For devotees of piano sound are provided solely model digital piano with a limited number of sounds. They pass a few sounds piano, organ, harpsichord, xylophone, and some others – from 5 tones in a compact model, Casio CDP-100 and 11-16 in the classic sounds Privia (model Privia PX-120, Privia PX-130, Privia PX-720, Privia PX-730, Privia PX-830) and premium Celviano (model Celviano AP-200, Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420, Celviano AP-45, Celviano AP-400). This restriction is often used parents who do not want children to be distracted from training.

Synthesizers with this limitation no longer available. Polyphony – Maximum number of sounds that can play digital piano or synthesizer at the same time. Depending on the instrument, produced a model with 32-note polyphony (simultaneous sounds up to 32 voices), 48-voice, 64-voice, 128-voice. Of course, more polyphony, the better the performance, the more options of combining different sounds. 32-voice polyphony is the baseline, 48-voice polyphonic and 64 are regarded as semi, 128 votes satisfy all the requirements of a professional musician. Maximum 128-note polyphony have all new models of digital pianos Casio – Privia PX-130, Privia PX-330, Privia PX-730 Privia PX-830, as well as Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420 and Celviano AP-620 as well as most already tested models. All of them are in the store MuzMart. In this case we are not talking about that simultaneously press the keys 128 (which is no more than 88), the point is to combine different sounds, add auto-accompaniment, that is actually "squeeze" out of his instrument, a band without sacrificing sound quality.

Stretch Ceiling Remodel

Spanndecke-the new trend for your old ceiling there many renovation opportunities such as gypsum board ceiling, wood panels, ceiling smooth filling, or paper. But it of all with plenty of time and dirt attached. Most people shy away from such work. As a quick and clean solution for a new ceiling, there is a so-called stretch ceiling. A stretch ceiling consists of a specially designed, tear-resistant and waterproof polymer foil which is clamped under the existing ceiling. Compared to a normal ceiling, suspended ceilings convince many technical advantages, but also in terms of design and design in every way. There are surfaces as a glossy, Matt, satin finished, as a marble design, metallic or velvet.

Matte and translucent surfaces can be printed digitally. This type of ceiling is increasingly chosen in bathrooms, kitchens, living room, etc., as suspended ceilings are impervious to moisture, old ceiling must not be removed, furniture must not dream of and they are mounted only on one day and that no dirt. Too sloping, uneven ceilings, curves, lighting fixtures, ventilation systems or complex floor plans are not a problem. For a fitter stretch ceilings Markowski. a ceiling with a stretch ceiling in 3 steps is done: In the first step retaining bars are attached to the wall or ceiling depending on the request as a design element visible or invisible.

The minimum suspension height is 14 mm. should be integrated into the ceiling lighting, we calculate concrete ceilings 8 9 suspension height and 3 cm in wooden ceilings. The ceiling is then stretched from wall to wall. Provide the tension ceiling foil is manufactured at the manufacturer level and with a plastic edge, called piping”. During installation we hang up first loosely the foil in the corners of the room. Then space and stretch ceiling be heated with a heater fan on approx. 40 C, so that the foil blanket is smooth. The technicians then clamp the corners and straight sides with a special spatula. A lighting is also installed be, the recessed and reinforcing rings may be stuck after a cool-down time on the set positions. Now the lights must be wired only and used the stretch ceiling is finished. For maintenance work, the ceiling by an expert can be easily removed and refitted. The Managing Director Sebastian Markowski stretch ceilings Markowski. is responsible for these cases. Contact details: stretch ceilings Markowski Sebastian Markowski Fox mountain str. 27 40724 Hilden Tel: 02103-330284 we are a certified specialist for suspended ceilings and feature a master craftsman of the craft. The special training and years of experience in the field of tension ceilings installation guarantee you the professional version with high-quality materials. Of course, we give our clients the statutory warranty and beyond 10 years warranty on the welded seams of stretch ceilings.