Month: December 2016

Astronomy Of Ancient Greece

Assessing the progress of mankind in the path of seeking the truth about the Earth, we consciously or unconsciously turn to the ancient Greeks. Much has arisen from them, but also through a lot of them came to us from other nations. So ordered History: Science submission and opening of the territorial Egyptian, Sumerian and other ancient oriental peoples are often kept only in memory of the Greeks, and from there became known to subsequent generations. Striking example of this – detailed news about Phoenicians, who inhabited a narrow strip of the eastern Mediterranean coast and in the II-I millennium bc. er.

opened to Europe and coastal areas of North-western Africa. Strabo, a Roman scholar and a Greek by origin, in its semnadtsatitomnoy "Geography" wrote: "Until now, many Greeks borrow from Egyptian priests, and the Chaldeans." But Strabo skeptical of his predecessors, including the Egyptians. The flourishing of Greek civilization to the period between the vi century bc and the middle of the ii century bc. er. Chronologically, it almost coincides with the time of the existence of classical Greece and Hellenism. This time, in light of several centuries, when raised, flourished and died the Roman Empire, called the antique His initial overseas assumed vii – ii century bc, when policies are developed rapidly, the Greek city-state.

This form of government has become hallmark of the Greek world. Development of knowledge from the Greeks is unique stories of the day. The scale of comprehension of science can be represented at least by the fact that in less than three centuries (!) Went their way Greek Mathematics – from Pythagoras to Euclid, the Greek astronomy – from Thales to Euclid, the Greek natural science – from Anaximander to Aristotle and Theophrastus, the Greek geography – from Miletus to Eratosthenes and Hipparchus, and so on.

External Hard Disks

The external hard disks are not as recent invention as it would think. The first computers depended on external memories to run operating systems or other programs. The unique form to maintain all these programs in a single site (and not in dozens of floppy disks) was an external hard disk. An enormous and little practical hard disk. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi. Over the years, the internal hard drives happened to be the standard to handle the information of a computer. With the height of technology USB, the external hard disks happened to be alternative portable (and more resistant than delicate internal hard drives) to do backups of the system, to execute some functions and to take what it is possible to be needed from a computer to another one. Advantages of external hard disks.

By their great capacity of storage and its portability, the external hard disks have become a great ally from the users of portable computers. They allow to load different types from archives and, even, to execute some programs (what it allows to save resources of the computer). external hard disk format allows, in addition, encriptar information and to protect it by means of passwords, which adds a security level to protect its information. Two different computers in an equipment. Nevertheless, one of the great advantages to have a hard disk is to be able to run a different operating system different from the native operating system.

Although it is not a standard solution (and something unstable can be), is possible to run some functions of another operating system in an equipment if the BIOS allows the beginning of system from a extrable memory. Therefore, to qualify a computer to run different operating systems is possible and expands the possibilities of the computer. An alternative for people in movement. A hard disk adapts perfectly well to modern equipment, expands the capacity of a computer and allows to transfer information from a side to another one. It is a technology that, although cannot compete with the duration of an internal hard drive, can perfectly compete as far as versatility and functions, especially for people who look for a form fast to expand and to update its equipment without majors adjustments. The external hard disks are excellent solutions for the people who need to transfer information and programs to several equipment.

Security Systems

On some occasions, it may be necessary to keep safe from different friends of the alien articles or documents, to which we should only have access within the home, the Office or trade. These material goods, should be kept in a safe place and what better place to a safe deposit box is hidden, under the desk, closet, floor or within any room in our home, Office or business. There are different types of safes, depending on your location, where they are going for and the level of security that contain them. All of them are manufactured with an extremely heavy and hard metal and consist of a security system that only through a secret key open the safe.Depending on its size and its location, we have strong wallbox, drop-in boxes or Cabinet. The wallbox are oriented to, as its name suggests, to embedding them on any wall and leave them sealed and hide them with any box above, for example (as in the movies). Drop-in boxes are of a smaller size and commonly used to introduce them within some furniture (such as the hotels).

And the Cabinet, are larger and are intended to introduce them in cabinets.The opening of each of them, system is currently mechanical and is based on the introduction of a series of numbers that will unlock the door. If you have important documents and valuable jewelry nothing is recommended over the use of safes which provide us with good security. We can find in the web countless shops’s safe-deposit boxes, are of great help to examine models, prices, and features. In the times that run is best be prevented and perhaps not trusting both banks.