Month: February 2017


Since according to the legend, a Chinese Cook discovered gunpowder, this sector to greatly evolved, with regard to Spain and thanks to some entrepreneurs who began as formerly became matter pyrotechnic in his eagerness to open new frontiers, china as well as in their day care the discovery of gunpowder. Who is this positive? in a principle that you can purchase gunpowder at a very low cost and earn a significant margin of benefited. Steve Wozniak: the source for more info. This has no possible discussion, the end of any employer and negative? therefore that in sites in our country in which the firework shows are very rooted had created an important industry with factories that employed hundreds of employees and that today are on the verge of bankruptcy, and with a quarter of workers who yesteryear, we can shelter us always in the same excuse the crisis but the truth is that there are few companies that are still innovating, since 99% of companies only look at the benefit, is this forgetting by leaps that which tallied the art, which moreover is this refined with new systems consistent digital triggering on that computer do work more perfect and with less risk to the worker, but the consequent dependence of a computer that if for any reason you should fail the show could not be performed; Although it sounds like a cliche (long life to the pyrotechnics).. .