Month: May 2017

Magee Charlatans

Did not manage to always purified, and can not do now, no scams – fake magicians or charlatans Mages, as they are now called. This topic can devote an entire book, well, better the second time, in another topic. So who they are – charlatans magicians? Charlatans in magic – it's crooks, swindler, who are trying to capitalize on the human sorrow, misery or misfortune. Hiding under the guise of real, proven magicians, sorcerers, that really helps people, charlatans charge a fee for something that is not earned. And an inexperienced person who is not faced with magic, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to distinguish a charlatan magician from this magician. But if you become familiar with methods for their actions, the principles of "Work" and deception, then it should be possible to expose the pseudo-magician, and not get into his 'network'. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee). How to distinguish a good magician, magician of sharlotana.

There is a belief that real magicians do not take money for services and a strong spell. In the old days, so it was. White magicians, witches and wizards do not require a fee for their assistance. People will thank them, as they could, knowing that the magician, though, and has magical powers, but he, like others, need food and clothing. Nowadays, it is not! Zhin changes and dictates the conditions … And even lighter mages have to take payment for the spell or other magical services.

Black magic and magicians, all done out of greed, for power and money, poklanyayas darkness. But times and mores changed … Payment, which take mages, is given to the rituals associated with, the purchase of magical attributes of themselves for magicians to life. So happened that many people do not want to pay for something that already received. And you have to take prepayment. This, unfortunately, are magicians charlatans. Fake magicians, like many real magicians require prepayment. But we must not forget that the real magician, will never impose their services, if you have applied, and then changed their minds, he will not call you, write to threaten. Magee charlatans trying to attract people with its "unique", "exclusivity" – type: Master of Magic and master magicians. Or: "I have lived (a) 18 years in a Tibetan monastery, and using a green magic voodoo (explanation: Magic Wood – Afro-Haitian religious magic, in which worship God and to his evil spirits). Or-Certified Mage, a specialist of the highest category … Practice for one of magic. I use only white magic or black only … Remember! Magic one! And, for what purposes it uses a magnetic field, what rites, rituals, charms he carries, and leads to his identity, he is black or white. Can not make a strong spell, or put on the gravestone damage to white magic. If you are convinced of this, it is – a charlatan magician. In general, before you go to an elite salon magic, or the 'office' of magic, a well-analyze all the facts and make matching the findings so as not to bite the tricks of magicians charlatans. You can use the search on the internet, there are lists of names of charlatans on the internet ….

Technological Education

Consideraes Final Many times in we feel front inside to them impotent the reality of the Physical Education of the pertaining to school context, which had, among others factors, the absence of a work proposal. We desire with these studies to develop a definite platform and to present arguments similar to bring a reflection on the contributions that the Physical Education got with the implantation of the So Paulo project makes school in the net of municipal education of Uchoa. We evidence that a significant and contextualizada boarding disentails the Physical Education of the norms and preexisting behaviors thus promoting the recognition of the Physical Education as a knowledge area. Another important factor must be detached, therefore, breaking of these three principles: intervention, systematization and evaluation, are born a new professional position. We can affirm from these reflections that the proposal, contribute for the opening of questionings and one to rethink inside on practical pedagogical and the legitimation of the Physical Education of the pertaining to school context. Bibliographical references. BRAZIL, ministry of the Education and Sport. Secretariat of Average and Technological Education. In a question-answer forum Pete Cashmore was the first to reply.

Regulatory Law (Spain)

Regulatory Law (Spain) Law 14/1986 of 25 April, General Health: The patient is entitled to the record of all your writing process (in history), and to receive a discharge report after your hospital stay and the outpatient report. The history is identified with a unique number for each patient and should be stored centrally in one place. Royal Decree 63/1995 of 20 January on the management of health care National Health System: The patient has the right to communication or delivery, upon request, a copy of your medical history or certain information contained therein, without prejudice to the obligation to preserve them in the health center. The Public System must preserve and guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained in the History.”The patient has the right to confidentiality of all information regarding your process and your stay in public or private health institutions to collaborate with the public system. Access to medical records without authorization, to the detriment of another, is punishable as a felony and is punishable with imprisonment. Equally revealing professional or disclose your medical history will be punished with the same penalties. The history should be an accurate reflection of disease course. The data from your documents can not be altered, forged or simulated, which would constitute a crime of false documents is punishable by the same legislation.


Our weakness starts when finding that it is basic for our lives that the people accept in them, consider in them, them love, etc. Is good, however is not essential and yes that let us accept in them of the skill that we are. As to wait that the people enjoy of our company, if we ourselves we do not enjoy them.

When we feel badly with us, we all block the good that the life reserves for us. The life was wise when placing all power of transformation inside of us, only depends on us our transformation, therefore it is on our control, if we go to use it or not, the problem starts to be alone ours. It thinks: ‘ ‘ You only have you you stop changing voc.’ ‘ The rejection of itself makes with that if it becomes executioner of its life.You are a promise of this life. Development of Auto-love is the force capable to breach chains, crossbars, cadeados, fetters that imprison in them to the emptiness of the soul and to the pacts that bring in them sufferings and we understand when it, changes start to occur in our lives.

The power to take care of of us is only, cannot be divided with nobody. As it can have balance of us inside, if to open hand of this power. The only pact that will be able in giving security to them in this life, is to trust our proper forces. Thus we will only be authors and actors of our proper pacts.


In full digital revolution, people increasingly become accustomed to working with a large number of devices, each designed to make their lives a little better. At a given moment, it wasn’t nothing strange having an mp3 player, a mobile phone and a digital camera. However, we are beginning to use increasingly fewer devices to cover a greater number of functions. The example more clear are our cell phones, which have become powerful phones, digital cameras and music players. You may find Pete Cashmore to be a useful source of information. This fusion of devices is suitable both from a practical perspective as economic. Click Steve Wozniak to learn more. If we look at the typical equipment of an Office printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers will find a multitude of electronic devices that consume not only financial resources, but also a precious space. In an era in which many companies make use of technology to cut costs, it makes sense investigate new options for allocating resources and space vital for our Office to more lucrative activities. In fact, with the advent of the Internet era, increasingly more companies are using the modality of work at home, either as part of a flexible work contract or simply to cut costs, which asserts that physical space is becoming a very valuable commodity and that requires a rational use.

Then, what they can do businesses to more effectively manage their space? With the wonders of modern technology to the fingertips, perhaps time to dispose definitively of cabinets to incorporate digital storage: a whole repository of information can be stored on a portable hard drive the size of a hand. As well as consumers reap the benefits from the merger of technologies using devices that serve multiple purposes, companies would have to adopt similar principles. Instead of pulling cables for all your Office and worry about the logistics of connecting your computers with all printers and scanners, or decide if it is worth the penalty have a photocopier on another desktop, you can literally centralize all these functions in a single device. Moreover, in our age of email and full revolution of telecommunications where information transfer reaches unusual speeds, talk about fax machines can cause grace in several offices. The fact is that people still use fax machines, so if you can have fax functionality in a multifunction printer, without wasting one centimeter of space, does not have it? Multifunction printers can solve all these problems. They are able to make you save valuable space that you can devote to more important things, and course, avoid you the need to invest in different devices. Considerable benefits for your business. Original author and source of the article

Real Estate Investments

Investments in real estate during the crisis. Investment in real estate during the crisis have diminished greatly. According to the results of surveys and statistical analysis of test sixty percent of Russians still believe real estate the most reliable sources of investment. What is investment? Investing – this is to invest in various objects of business and other activities, such as intellectual, and material, with a view to profit. That is, the investor rejects spending today to get profits tomorrow.

What objects were attractive for investment before the crisis? They were and land areas as a purchase, and enterprise developers, this is the purchase of residential and commercial real estate and rental and sale. If the pre-crisis time construction projects were considered attractive for investment, but now the situation has radically changed. Now consumers want a more affordable price and higher quality real estate. Therefore, when investing in real estate should be approached from the viewpoint of financial management, the is, to calculate all future income and expenses. To help in the calculations are coming financial instruments performance such as internal rate of return, net present value, modified internal rate yield, I think this is enough to start. To invest in real estate must have accurate information.

Information must be obtained from various sources and be sure to use a professional evaluation. Where can I get a professional assessment of properties, certainly in the real estate agency. How to calculate the value of the property having on hand accurate (at least, we believe that information is more or less reliable, because we got it from various sources) information. Now hold the calculation of our investments. Suppose you and I choose the subject of investing one-room apartment in Moscow Metro South West. We buy a one-room apartment for four and a half million rubles, expect to sell it after five years at a price calculated at an annual growth of prices for apartments in nine per cent and receives seven million five hundred forty six thousand rubles for five years, and also we are starting to rent out our apartment for thirty thousand rubles a month, all costs of the rent is deducted, we will not waste time on trifles. Thus, we have three hundred sixty thousand rubles a year lease of our property, and also for the lack of facilities for investment, invest in our lease payments to the Russian stock portfolio, which will bring let the same nine per cent per annum in the year (this portfolio of shares, ie mutual fund), and at the exit after five years, we have two million rubles, which we summarize our income from the sale of the apartment after five years of use, we get nine million five hundred forty-six thousand that the payback period of our project for five years, the index of profitability of our project is fifteen per cent internal rate of return Seventy-seven percent, a modified rate of return Seventy-one percent. Fairly good results even with such a surface calculation of the project, which shows the fifteen per cent – a good steady income, while the market is growing at nine percent per year, according to our assumptions, that is, income is growing faster than the market and any market changes for the better soon lead to an increase of our income. That's because with the help of Excel's uncle Bill can make a pre- evaluate the attractiveness of real estate.

The Life

' ' In general way, I think that she is necessary to see as the great strategies of being able if they incrust, find its conditions of exercise in micron-relations of being able. But always it has also return movements, that make with that strategies that co-ordinate the relations of being able they produce effect new and they advance on domnios that, until the moment, were not concernidos.' ' The subject, in its development, is removed of the exclusive field politician to be installed in the daily one. Without leaving to recognize that the hegemonic interests of different social groups if find for backwards of situations of being able generalized, it is considered that it is not the only manifestation of the power properly said. The power is, in essence, a personage who crosses all the scenes of the life human being. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robotics expert . ' ' I want to say the following one: the idea of that it exists, in one definitive place, or emanating of one determined point, something that is a power, me seems established in a enganosa analysis and that, in all in case that, not of the account of a considerable number of phenomena. In the reality, the power is a beam of relations more or less organized, more or less piramidalizado, more or less co-ordinated. () But if the power in the reality is an opened beam, more or less co-ordinated (and without a doubt badly co-ordinated) of relations, then the only problem is to arm itself of analysis principles that allow an analytical one of the relations of poder.' ' Its final nature cannot there be apprehended seno where its intention is total onslaught: in the interior of practical Reals and effective and in the direct relation with its field of application. It results logical then not to take the level macro as starting point for its analysis, without the multiplicity of acts that daily are carried out by the individual.