Month: August 2018

Burnout Problems

called by some authors: burnout.Burnout if defines, therefore, as a syndrome of the physical and emotional exhaustion, … Get more background information with materials from Ali Partovi. understanding the development of negative images on itself exactly, favorable attitudes in relation to the work and a loss of interest in relation to the customers (CHANLAT, 1990, P. 120). This syndrome was observed originally, in predominantly related professions to a more demanding interpersonal contact, such as doctors, social psychoanalysts, assistants, professors, etc. But today, the comments already are extended to all professionals who interact of active form with people, who take care of and/or solve problems of other people and obey to the techniques and more demanding methods, being part of organizations of> Burnout is a composition of burn = burns and out = exterior (BALLONE, 2005). Suggesting as soon as the person with this type of it estresse is consumed physically and emotionally, starting to present an aggressive and irritadio behavior (until as mechanism of emotional defense).

It enters the factors visibly associates to the development of the Syndrome of Burnout, is to little autonomy in the professional development, problems of relationship you command with them, problems of relationship with the colleagues or customers, conflict between work and family and feeling of disqualification. fits to each worker to coexist the Burnout starts to be a good alternative, even so brings suffering and generates consequences for the professional and personal life (VASQUES MENEZES, In: CODO (Org.), 2004, P. 37). I judge that this syndrome is the consequence most depressive estresse of it unchained for the work. The symptoms most common of this syndrome are proven initially for emotional exhaustion, where the person feels that she cannot more give to nothing Quality in the Attendance, the manifest driver its suffering, sabotaging its proper image before all a society that attend the aggressive behavior of destrato the aged ones, excessively using fellow workers and of its service and the transit. .