Month: May 2019

Affordable Telephone System

Phone professional 4TS provides unique analysis for telephone systems new acquisition of Austrian telecommunications professional 4TS bashers now available at the analysis and operation together with the comprehensive range of telephone systems. There have been the very attractive phone tariff models and technical solutions (Voice over IP telephony, site networking, mobile dial from your mobile phone for international rates to the fixed network prices, etc.) thrilled with the Tyrolean company customers, so one goes yet one step further with 4 TS and offers very attractive solutions virtual telephone systems technically as well as price. Thus, any new telephone system also becomes an affordable telephone system! can anyone determine the requirements and the configuration of its new telephone system step by step. On the basis of a sequence 7-step, an approximate cost estimate for a new telephone system can be created now quickly and easily. The offer, which is listed at the end of the input provides an approximate but Cost composition dar, however does not apply a binding offer for the new telephone system. It offers an ideal base for the purchase and basic information for a new, decentralized phone system called the Virtual PBX in the jargon – but. Should ambiguity occur at one of the 7 steps to the new telephone system or with terms such as hosted pbx, IP-PBX, IP-PBX, questions arise VoIP platform, a professional info is available under 0043-5356-62220. This benefits the PBX product of 4TS offers no telephone in the House no additional power, cooling or local maintenance on-site at the customers required easy and non-bureaucratic extensibility of extensions and capacity no purchase required, you pay only what you actually need and use direct access to centralized VoIP platform for additional services (call forwarding, Mp3 upload for outgoing messages, voice mail boxes, multi clients set up), etc.) Great flexibility through centralized management of extensions “and global Administratability combination VoiP platform and Virtual PBX enables timely and intelligent handling of changing requirements for capacity, extensions, features individually for your company tailored no gag agreements” since 100% flexible system always up to date with new features no old software versions locally, because central system is always up to date held four Telecom Services (4 TS headquartered in St.

Johann in Tirol (Austria) allows optimum analysis of telecommunications processes in company savings potential. This saving opportunity is reinforced by the mediation of products, rates and services. Best connection – new customers – more sales – the communication optimization model for phone and online – all to read on. Contact: Four Telecom Services GmbH & Co KG Oliver Kuhl k.