Month: March 2020

Mobile Possible

Elf metal launches Web site with optimized display on Smartphones and tablets the inventor of the innovative idea of wedding ring working on the site again. So it will be now possible to search for optimal ring models with the Smartphone and tablet. The special about the wedding of Elf metal: Each wedding ring includes the spouse’s own essences. Different things can be, photos, tickets, strands of hair, letters, parts of special clothing and more. Almost no limits of the imagination.

Extensive new features at the site of the wedding ring manufacturer Elf metal were presented already in the last year. So interested parties can get since all wedding ring models in a 360 macro video see the last relaunch, details to call the different models and admire a new design. Nicolas Keller understands that this is vital information. Now, the creator of Elf metal, Lucy and Markus King, again working on an innovation. More and more customers visit our website from a mobile device. So that they can maximize all features on the Smartphone or tablet, we develop just one for mobile optimized website. “, reports Markus.

His wife Lucy adds: it is very important that our customers find an appealing design. This must be ensured also in the mobile view.” The release is imminent, the page is currently in the last phase of the test. Because not only the mobile view is optimized with the relaunch, new features, such as a mobile route planner, an overview of all wedding ring model videos and users expect more. About Elf metal: Unique wedding rings with own essences Elf metal LLC is known for their innovative idea of wedding ring. Each wedding ring, forged in precise hand work in the Atelier in Zurich, involves the spouse’s own essences. The future ring bearer put together select materials that connect them with each other. Different things can be photos, tickets, strands of hair, letters, parts of special clothing and more. Almost no limits of the imagination. This personalization of own wedding is unique. The rings are the solution, looking for special pieces of jewellery for all people. Industry insiders call the unique wedding rings by Elf metal as brilliant Countertrend to the global mode of the unit and the growing mass market. Who would like to learn more about this wedding ring idea now, is on the Web site of Lucy and Markus, there to see even a preview of the new site. And soon the favorite model can be chosen convenient on the go or comfortably at home on the sofa. Zurich, Elf metal GmbH, Markus Spuhler

OnOffice Software GmbH

The entire price structure of the online real estate software provider has been revised and reduced many deals significantly in price. David Treadwell is likely to agree. Now, all onOffice Software GmbH’s customers benefit from sharp price cuts in the areas of support and Web design as well as the revision of the software package. The prices of our performance and services we have to chosen to revised and new price concepts to put together. In addition to the new simple pricing structure and the transparent price overview on our company’s website, all customers and prospects at a glance can see which services offer service included or for small packages are optionally add bookings,”explains Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the intentions of the new concept. In the support section, customers can book now for 39.00 instead 49,00 per hour online training, where you get clearly explained tips and tricks to desired topics from software professionals. The online group training sessions were on 29,00 /. Participants / hour down corrected, so this price just for estate agency with several employees is attractive. About the online training, the price of support hours, which can be used for example for administration settings, rights management or template creation was reduced from 95.00 to 39.00.

“The adjustment of prices in the support to serve, that all customers using our professionals their software version perfectly tailored to their needs, set up as well as optimized”, Stefan Mantl stressed. The hourly rate for Web design, which includes design and implementation phases of new websites and adjustments to existing pages, has been reduced by 95 per hour to 65 / hour. By using this new pricing Web page updates, and the installation of new features, such as for example a RADIUS search, the representation in multiple languages, or a wish list, should be made more attractive. Also eliminates the Setup price of 99.00 from August for new customers per user for the software onOffice smart. This price concept should allow just new founders and small brokerage firms with initially low budget to build their businesses by using the professional real estate agent software onOffice smart on a solid base.

Philosophical System

For Epitcio Rodrigues the French philosopher August Comte (1798-1857), living in a period where the ideals of social reform were very present in the speeches of intellectuals as Saint Simon, of who he was secretary for a time, it innovates when defending that the organization or social order rests on a system of beliefs and ideas, that is, in an intellectual system. Thus, the intellectual or philosophical reform if becomes necessary condition of possibility of a social reform (Cf. CORDON, 1983, P. 23). In other terms, without a change of system in the ideas, it will not have revolution politics. From this constatao, Augustus Comte develops a true structuralized philosophical system at three basic moments: the first one is a philosophy of the history, in which it looks for to elucidate the development of the human spirit to justify the positive philosophy; the other characterizes for the recital and classification of sciences; e, finally, presents sociology as capable science of to determine the structure and the processes of social reform, by means of the transformation of the institutions.

It was also intention of Comte to proceed to a religious reform or to establish a new religion. (GIONNOTTI in: COMTE, 1996, P. 8) In the first part of its thought, Augustus Comte if strengthens to justify the positive philosophy historically, leaving of a consideration in which it conceives ' ' the history of the society as being over all dominated for the history of the spirit humano' ' (CORDON, 1983, P. 27). This means that history, while social order and progress of the society, is the result and the manifestation of the progress of the human intellect; thus, its philosophy of history is, in last instance, the history of the progress of the human spirit. Conveniently to explain the true nature and the proper character of the positive philosophy, it is indispensable to have, of beginning, a general vision on the gradual march of the human spirit, considered in its set, therefore a conception any only can well be known by its history.

Bicycle Headlamp

Since then, like a bicycle was invented, the question arose of the road lighting the night itself, and so far it has not been given a definitive answer. It all started with a banal 'bat'. Hanging kerosene lamp gradually improved form, has gained protection from wind and soon put it in a bicycle lamp. If you are not convinced, visit technology investor. Used it is not all. Most prefer not to mess with such a troublesome device and preferred use the bike only during daylight hours. With the advent of lamps glow all changed dramatically. There were lights to mount on the steering wheel.

Ate these lights from a dynamo, which set in motion the wheel bicycle. The brighter the light was, the harder it had a cyclist. Of course, a dynamo made plug that would in the daytime lights have not worked in vain. With the advent and popularization of batteries, accumulators and chargers, the question of the source was seemingly resolved. Lamps are filled with special gas, which increases the luminosity of lamps, reflectors (reflectors) have acquired a finished look and began to focus the beam of light is there where necessary.

As a result, the market, a large number of storage bicycle headlights. The next step of the development of cycling coverage became a breakthrough in led technology. Since it was established production of bright LEDs on the market in mass quantities out led bike lights. Their advantage over conventional lamps consisted kollosalnom superiority in energy consumption. led headlamp will significantly increase the time of lights from one set of batteries. The reverse side of led flashlights and headlamps – cold light (bluish) and is not a sufficient level of coverage for a comfortable ride. Significant breakthrough was the emergence of super bright LEDs and led matrix. Today it is the most advanced lighting technology. One super bright led has a light output of 150-200 lumens, which provides good light and comfortable driving. Matrix LEDs provide light output to 900 lumens, which is comparable with the light of a halogen lamp. These LEDs are shining white light comparable to daylight and very comfortable for perception. led lights, made on the basis of these light sources are very reliable, economical and unpretentious.

Biography Of The Poet, Novelist, Lecturer, Juan Benito

Juan Benito Rodriguez Manzanares Poet, writer, novelist, columnist, lecturer, military. Born in the city of Valencia in Valencia neighborhood of the Virgin of the Helpless, that was close to the Avenue de Castilla, now Avenida del Cid, and crowned by the great bell of the impressive church of the Lord’s passion, shelter a community of Jesuits, on April 12, 1962, the third son of Leandra and Diego. He began his studies at the center of Our Lady of Fatima, concluding them in the vocational training center, San Vicente Ferrer in the neighborhood of San Isidro. At both institutions took advantage of his stay there, winning their respective titles.

He completed his studies in various centers, which get different titles to his credit as a technician in various fields such as electricity or electronics. Some years later made other training courses, aimed at a new address, among which include studying the Valencian language, which leads to the grant the title of professor of Valencian language and introductory course to the poetry of Valencia. From a young age is particularly prone to narrative and poetry, one of his early poems, there you stay Valencia, dedicated to his hometown to have to leave to meet the GOS. His first novel, was written in 1996 shortly after the end of the SMO, which chronicles the adventures of a replacement soldier, steeped in delusions of grandeur of Lieutenant Colonel of his battalion, the novel is entitled, Heroes of replacement. However your work environment will always be related to the military world, meeting their different jobs in places like Cordoba or Algeciras.


When the city lie many workers begin their workday. A habit she knows, and by far the pharmacy sector. And is that many of these professionals have had to adapt after the boom of the pharmacies 24 hours to begin his work when night makes its appearance. Given this recent fact, Asefarma () of the Pharmacy Consulting leaders of our country – has 350 pharmacies as customers, “advises care habits for the health of the apothecaries and their employees will suffer the least.

“The pharmacist does not escape the dangers of night work. In generations who have night shifts suffer disruptions in their circadian rhythm. Besides insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, panic attacks, cardiovascular diseases are other disorders that may develop. “, As explained Eva Maria Rodriguez Illera, head of the Department of Labor. Since Asefarma has about 300 customers in Madrid and pharmacies that keeps track of medical studies reveal that every 15 years of work at night there is a premature aging of 5 years or working at night to discourage children under 20 and over 45 years and for people with gastrointestinal complaints, makes the following recommendations: u “Night work in pharmacy is different to the day since there is so much influx of customers, and consists mainly of dispensing prescriptions and management jobs. Therefore it is advisable to distribute as far as possible the workload and avoid doing the heavy lifting in the night or early in the morning. ” u “The company also must ensure a free health assessment before their assignment to night work and thereafter at regular intervals to make a medical examination to detect a history of digestive disorders and other conditions.” u “The owner of the pharmacy should always take preventive measures such as increasing rest periods, or to promote a place of such work to ensure adequate lighting, comfortable temperature. .

Laminate Flooring

When we decided to take our flooring with parquet flooring, some doubts, laminate parquet?, floating floor? can arise us, do solid platform?, which we shall better?. First of all, we must ask ourselves which is the most important attribute, among others, we are interested in soil response to our interests. If we seek a pavement practical, easy to maintain, that resist domestic shocks, and, above all, if we have children in destructive age, the most correct decision would a laminated parquet, although a recognized brand (not all are equal). Michele Glaze is actively involved in the matter. On the other hand, if what we want is the natural appearance, the solidity of the tread, the image and robustness, we decantaremos us by the layered floating platforms; You will have to try that with a special affection, since they tend to have a higher value than laminates, and are more sensitive both to shock and household chemicals. Finally, if your budget allows you to spend a considerable amount of money, you are lover of wood and formats traditional, and you want to – using recycled – your flooring are witness to its significance for this world to its tataranietos, the right choice is a sober stage of solid wood, a class VIP or in this case VIF (very important floor) to enjoy for generations. Naturally, from among the options suggested is necessary to select brands, product lines, species of wood, etc. Although this topic will try it in another article.

Systemic Study

Sometimes we have gotten ourselves to ask if greater rivers of the world have by definition some direct relation yet that one related to urbanism, and mysteriously we can assured that they are an element very important to consider, and that for that reason must first of all be an element to study when we want to speak of urbanism of the cities. One of the problems with the cities more populated with the world is exactly that there are no sufficient services for all the population, and this causes that every time he is more difficult and complicated to secure good results, for that reason a suitable frame of politeness creation becomes important still more obtaining ne the own large city, organized and agreed with the factual powers and the citizens. Many writers such as Mikkel Svane offer more in-depth analysis. For this reason, we see great successes in some of the great cities of the world. They do not have to be cold and remote examples, rather must be generating of dynamic positive in other many cities of the world, that they generate without a doubt, good actions between all of them. For more information see this site: Mikkel Svane. It must be a natural element of discussion and detraccin between all the elements and the actors of these cities the power to develop to projects of this magnitude without the greater work or consideration of the most intrinsic and dogmatic principles, but for that reason is not smaller important all the examples than they can arrive to us from the first cities

Software Specialist

HR Access win Lars Lindegaard as new business development manager-Germany Wilhelmshaven, 18.10.2011 – in the function of the Business Development Manager Lars Lindegaard mission made, the dynamic growth the HR Access group in the German area to continue and to position itself as one of the leading solution providers and service providers for the human resources continue to expand. The native Dane previously among others served as area Sales Director in the ADP EasyPay and as a District Sales Manager at ADP Employer Services GmbH, as well as a sales manager at Paychex Germany GmbH and has vast experience in the distribution of HR solutions and in the implementation of complex Softwareeinfuhrungs projects. It is not something Samsung would like to discuss. Lindegaard is responsible for the development of medium – and long-term oriented business plans to further expand of its customer base, and to support the HR access customers as well as for the successful implementation of goal-oriented sales strategies on the German market. “In many companies the HR work is today unfortunately still rather than administratively distinct administrative area is perceived and understood too little as a strategic success factor and central control instrument of the most important corporate resource, which makes an important contribution to the long-term business growth and targeted risk management”, Lars Lindegaard white. “Here I would like to convey our process and solution competence, to pave the way to a strategic personnel management together with our customers. We ourselves in this process as a strong, internationally-oriented and reliable solution partner, which supports its customers with technically competent advice on the side, with a comprehensive portfolio of services helps them, lowering their costs, increase productivity across the entire organization and to prevent risks due to loss of know-how and capacity constraints in the long term.” Description of the company HR Access is one of Europe to the five largest suppliers of complete software for human resources management. In Germany has the company headquartered in the traditional IT location Wilhelmshaven, where HR Access has historical roots. Based on 40 years of experience in local and international markets, develops, implements, and marketed HR Access solutions and services for the payroll and payroll and human resources management.

Also offered comprehensive services such as consulting, outsourcing, compliance, maintenance and care. Currently, HR Access manages more than 10 million employees for 2400 large and medium-sized customers in over 50 countries worldwide. In its core market of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, HR Access has currently has approximately 900 employees at eleven locations. HR access customers include companies such as Ludwig Gortz, France 24 and the Geneva Cantonal administration. In 2007, HR Access HRa Suite 7 on the market, which has been completely redesigned based on modern Web technologies and continuously certified brought the integrative platform solution.