Month: January 2022

The Cradle

Meets and interspersed with all the love that exists in all and which we can feel in all, it is of course our easy to perceive the love, because we see anything else like love. And we can also easily recognize that it is love, which always remind us in a thousandth of a second, that it is the heartbeat of love, which we hear in all, which always wants to teach us love. And also, we see that there is nothing existing but just this all nursing needs love in their immensity, we take just a universal salvation-bad. So allow us, through our willingness to meet the immediate, to arrive in our true homeland, in the unit, in the divine essence of all existence in the Prime substance of everything existing in the unconditional love in itself. Here not only is love”feeling, but cause of all being. Add to your understanding with Robotics.

Ur thing for peace, hope, acceptance, life and the existence of the unit, as well as our human experience of same, what we can accept everything without too much difficulty as flawless qualities of love. However, we encounter more resistance, if we the To accept separation, the sadness, the pain and the loss, even as born out of love, namely all those so-called negative experience qualities to assume from freedom, from the existence of our free will out in the cradle of the world and of the apparitions were placed, so also are children of love. At all not to speak of the rebellion that rises in us, if we should assume the hatred as originating from the love as original love child. But here too we need to us probably, bow to give free room to develop our consciousness from the divine truth and us admit that also the so-called hate came out of love, that also its essence is the only one and all a existing essence of love. And the hatred is nothing to graphically represent it, as frozen, frozen love, which can again come in vibrant River when we lovingly accept them as such.

Which brings us to the divine equation: Love gives birth to love. This is also revealed in the Universal formula: There is no reality except the divine even if apparently not everything we see, falls under this category and it not seldom pretty is hard for us, as divine descended to acknowledge this seems unacceptable. Nevertheless, ultimately just love exists, and everything is also love, even if that sometimes reaches the limits of our faith ability. But this surely implausible appearing in our normal understanding of everyday time left aside, we should muster the courage and effort, us to admit that we have the knowledge all somewhere within us, that only the acceptance of love as the only eternal constant size parallel can give us true peace and fulfillment to our willingness to learn, in their immediacy. So before ourselves to admit that all other avenues in this regard in the futility of at least temporary lead. Love gives birth to love, everything else is illusory! And in this respect is more freedom of choice the mother of love, i.e. the love is not a feeling that comes and goes, but it is always existent, and we decide to just experience them or not. In other words: Love is not a feeling, love is a decision. 7 moment here let me again on the topic of be in the here and now, of being present in the moment and enter its meaningful impact. Namely on the intensity of the experience, we get…