Month: March 2023

Alicia Keys And Jack White 007 Bond Song Has Been Approved

That is the end for Amy Winehouse great ambitions to sing the title song still England’s biggest nightmare “to find a song for the new bond” is over. You may wish to learn more. If so, isearch is the place to go. The 6 has his theme song for the new Bond movie now quantum of solace. Before so Daniel Craig again crashing out as James Bond 007 in a new adventure, will JAlbum ALICA keys and Jack White find themselves up in the Studio and to sing in the song another way. This theme song is something quite special. It will be the first Duet for a Bond film. Also Jack White hit will write, produce, sing and seated himself on the drums. A real challenge for the Member of the Band the white strips, which contributed also a hit for Euro 2008 in Austria and of Switzerland.

It goes all through the ear, when the whole stadium before kick-off in a loud “ooo Oooo ooooOo” agreed. This hit “seven Nations army” came from the pen of the White Stripes. Do you expect a hit again? It may be interesting. Lisa Walters