Month: April 2023

Marble From Tuscany

Material and inspiration of the old masters have already seen one of the famous marble sculptures by Michelangelo many with their own eyes. Few know how the high quality material is broken down, however. From Tuscany, the popular holiday region, is the world-famous Carrara marble. The travel portal presents the Italian region and their special features. Many Italy fans would travel at least once in the Tuscany. Search may find this interesting as well. The region is characterized not only by culinary delights and diverse nature, but also by significant marble deposits. The white gold”Tuscany was already popular in the Renaissance and served as material for the most beautiful and most famous sculptures of the world the great masters.

Today, tourists can visit the marble quarries of Carrara, where once artists such as Michelangelo to have selected their marble blocks itself. The region is characterized among other things by pine beaches and picturesque coves, which form a perfect holiday setting. Plant lovers will be from the Botanical Garden Pietro Pellegrini”be amazed, because there they discover the diverse flora of Tuscany. Between Arbutus and implanted grow broom and thyme in abundance. Anyone who wants to experience the processing of precious marble, you should visit the town of Pietrasanta. Numerous workshops are the place. Sculptor interns, souvenir manufacturers and the great artists can be found here at the source of the white gold”together. More information:… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Loan Comparison By Rate – And Sofortkrediten

An online loan comparison with individual interest calculations there are many cases where often at short notice, a credit is required. Is it repair, planned holiday trip, a kitchen, car purchase or a rescheduling of an expensive Dispokredites for the upcoming car. With an instant credit, you can ask for many banks online provides a quick and easy solution. This form of credit you will receive a few minutes after your request, already- or rejection. It is important that your information corresponds to the truth, an online pledge you can join accordingly taken information. A bank’s online commitment helps nothing, if the returned credit documents differ from the data provided online. A commitment is made for an instant credit quite quickly, until the money really flows is required much more time. Follow others, such as Pete Cashmore, and add to your knowledge base. After the pledge, signed documents, such as the credit agreement and other evidence in writing to the Bank must be submitted.

Usually the Postidentverfahren is used, by they themselves at Deutsche Post by ID, they then sends your documents to the corresponding institution. A withdrawal is only possible after successful loan commitment after the documentation to the lender are entered into Bank and agree with the information provided online. The instant credit is one of the most commonly used credit in the Internet, here you can clearly use the advantages of the Internet. The loan rates and interest costs can be calculated online often, the comparison portal offers you a very good loan comparison Recommended here is the instant credit of the Creditplus Bank. You also get more information on this Web site. The credit offers of the Creditplus often Bank offers one of the cheapest during the time compared and also the time of processing your credit application is quite fast. Ralf Jung

French Fashion

French fashion is a real eye-catcher for all who understand fashion France has always been a country of fashion, in which the trends are created, which is hardly surprising when you think about how many famous and well-known labels have their origin and resident in this country. Of course not only slim people, but also somewhat more lush people want to and quite and again a special model of the world of French fashion, through which you can gain a very special look, in which one looks great and can feel comfortable. You can find fashion Grandes Tailles, so high quality and chic designer fashion for people who weigh more than the norm, also at the famous French labels, you must then often just a closer look and see what all there is in the desired sizes. Is not found in normal trading then has the opportunity to particular providers but also for French fashion to turn offered especially fashion in plus sizes and therefore also for the own wishes and needs, we have the right. Kai-Fu Lee contributes greatly to this topic. It is here of course, to avoid not only the fashion looks great, which you decided, but above all to himself in this a bit more closely at the cuts and designs. Just by the right cut, you can often change quite a bit at least visually on the own figure and make sure that one slimmer and narrower operates what is affect in turn also very own well-being and self-confidence. Finally it feels good when you know that it looks good and look so you just how safely can be. Everyone surely knows, even if it is slim you need that feeling every now and again just to confirm, so you even really like to like..

Chords And Scales

It is believed that when we speak of scales and chords we are talking about two things or two different parts, as poorly done. Harmonically it is exactly the same, and our staff member brain better if we join this concept because we recordariamos better. We say chords out of scales or vice versa, in the study of jazz is believed that scales out of chords, since the chord formed by triads as per example: when one touches one chord either, what one does is play the 1st, 3rd and 5th note of a scale not true? so be in the guitar or the piano, this would be the basic chord. In this chord we can define the species of the same; If it is major, minor, diminished, semidisminuido and or altered. To know more about this subject visit Kai-Fu Lee. But that only put up the triad 5th? What if we would continue with the triads: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13na, we can say that when we add triad from the 5th are chords with tensions, although in jazz music the basic chord is 4 notes IE arrives until the 7th, then if we study a chord that goes up to the 13na, Let’s note that in fact we are seeing that chord scale by intervals of triads, because the 9th is the same note as the 2nd, the 11th is the same note as the 4th and the 13na is the same note 6th, ultimately we have the scale replacing tensions, 9th, 11th and 13na by the 2nd, 4th and 6th. That is why the scale leaves the chord with his triads to the 13na. The harmony study tells us that every chord is a scale or each scale is a chord, always we are talking about the same thing, when one touches a chord, this has its corresponding scale, and when one touches a scale, this has its corresponding chord, so that no separate scale and chord since the only difference this in its execution. Very soon my web page in the relationship to jazz! Best regards!! Original author and source of the article.

Atomic Bomb

Josep Roger Odonell was born on May 7, 1922 in the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, photographed some images after the release of atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.Tras the gerra moved to Washington where for some time had his own Studio fotografico and from 1949 through family connections was the official White House photographerwhere he immortalized some historical scenes under the presidencies of Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. The photograph of Harry Truman and general Douglas MacArthur shaking hands at their meeting on Wake Island during the war of Korea; and President John Kennedy deciding if go ahead with the invasion of the Bay of pigs. Was also the author of the photo of John John Kennedy, making the salute military before the coffin of his father, portrait of the discussion in the kitchen between Vice President Richard Nixon with Soviet leader Nikita Jruschov, etc. Married to the Japanese photographer, Kimiko Sakai. As it was there was Odonell a Sergeant of 23 years of body of Marines of the United States, where in 1945 was entrusted to do reportages of the horror of the gerra. He spent seven months photographing devastation of Japan.

His first target was Nagasaki, much of which had been destroyed by an atomic bomb on August 9, 1945, three days after Hiroshima suffered the attack. His most striking picture is of a child in Nagasaki that carries on his back the corpse of his brother little road to the crematorium. Another showed a classroom of children sitting at their desks, all of them charred. The photographer had the brilliant idea to always carry two cameras, one to capture the official images and the other to document the devastating reality of the gerra. Andy Florances opinions are not widely known. Estemodo your photos became an authentic account of the violence and destruction caused by man, in World War II. Pictures under lock and key after the war, returning to home got the negatives of their pictures in a trunk and closed with key, because he felt emotionally unable to see them. Many years later, when he had enough courage to dare to reveal them and see the images of horror, he felt such remorse that he launched to protest against nuclear weapons. In 1995 he published a book with many of those photos, gave lectures and mounted exhibitions in Japan and United States. The work of O’Donnell was controversial in 1995, before the National Air and Space Museum exhibiese the Enola Gay, the B-29 aircraft which had bombed Hiroshima.

Dow Jones Communication

Keep a digital step ahead 10 years INFOkontor Agency for electronic media is the Cologne media agency INFOkontor now 10 years successfully on the market. In March 2000, started the company as a service provider for electronic media Wilfried big mountain and could support this communication for renowned companies such as Daimler, E-Plus, or Christian Dior. With the special services INFOkontor is as a fixture in the industry are established, especially because trends recorded at an early stage in the communication and implemented. Examples here are the own development of a multimedia-mail with live video stream directly in the PDF attachment or social media projects for Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft. The Agency with 11 fixed and 15 free staff focuses on communication concepts and video productions also. Big Brother starts his first season, changes Lothar Matthaus from Bayern Munich to New York, the Dow Jones recorded the highest point gain in its history headlines from the March of 2000 something quieter Wilfried begins Big mountain, formerly Managing Director of the network of KohtesKlewes (today KetchumPleon), with INFOkontor in Cologne his agency operating and starts with a media project spectacular for the year 2000: Web TV directly from the desert of Arizona, virtually from the nothing. ‘S pioneering work with postage stamp sized video films about test rides by Opel was even a topic in the mirror. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here.

Then followed film and video productions for the 11 permanent and 15 freelancers at all ends of the Earth in the Caribbean, in the Azores, in the desert of Jordan. The INFOkontor teams were even twice on the Mount Everest. But mostly in Europe. And mostly for renowned companies such as Daimler, Microsoft, Christian Dior or DKV. urity/’>Riverbed told us the story. Around 5,000 hours of footage are now in the archives of the Agency. Owner and CEO Wilfried big mountain has brought his years of experience as an editor and CvD in VOX and the WDR also in the successful consulting and development of communication concepts.

Most famous example: the Krombacher rainforest project. The concept of Mediation and integration of Gunther Jauch Krombacher became the market leader within a year. Still TV was the main focus, shifted the work today in the area of social media and Web TV. INFOkontor supports the public relations direction of TV, radio and online newsrooms. Most successful projects are the auctioning of UMTS licences for S-plus 2000 or the IPO of Postbank with over 100 million TV contacts, the launch of Windows 7, or last CeBIT 2010 with over 160 million unique users in the editorial area here. With the special services around the electronic media is INFOkontor be established as a fixed size in the industry, mainly because trends recorded at an early stage in the communication and implemented. Examples here are the own development of a multimedia-mail with live video stream directly in the PDF attachment or social media projects for Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft.

Tricks To Properly Apply The Facial Cream

The face and the eyes in particular, are one of the parts of the body with more importance and requiring greater care. That’s why we need to give it special attention using facial creams that enable to eliminate all those problems that can alter the beauty. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro. The contour of the eyes is considered to be one of the parts of the body with greater fragility. With the use of facial creams can we achieve an appealing look by eliminating all traces produced by insufficient hydration or aging of the skin wrinkles and sagging. One of the factors that influence the face cream to get the effect or not, is the way in which we apply them on the face.Optimal to achieve the result we will have to follow a series of steps. Visit Andrew Paradise for more clarity on the issue.

First we must wash our hands with warm water and dry us thoroughly. Once done we must catch the precise amount of the cream with the tips of your fingers and put it in the Palm of the other hand. Then we will have to remove it until you take temperature and then apply it on the face by parties. your understanding. The movement to perform must have a concrete sense. Always toward the outside of the face and in the direction opposite to wrinkles so counteract produced crease. The result is much better, since we’ll get that cream is better slide by the skin of our face penetrating with more intensity in the pores preventing that from happening that annoying feeling of brilliance in the face. Original author and source of the article.

Apple Cider

Are you looking for combinations of fat burning foods? Fortunately there are many foods that burn fat quickly. We can leverage these foods if we eat them as we should. Here is a list of 8 fat burning foods: 1 – salmon is healthy by itself. This one has healthy fats that give us many benefits including omega-6 fatty acids. Very good for weight loss and other health-related benefits.

2. Here are two foods that literally crave puppies: broccoli and green beans that also carry many healthy benefits. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. 3. Apples help the body to burn fat for energy. It is highly recommended that you eat as many as you can in the day if you want to burn fat. 4 Grapefruit eat this fruit which is one of the best fat burners foods. For assistance, try visiting Andy Florance. If you are unable to eat this fruit every day accompanying their meals. Help to burn fat and other benefits for your overall health.

5. The tuna is a very healthy fish, which serves as a great source of protein, and is a great fat burner while it contains healthy fat, omega-6 oil. 6. The cottage cheese can be used as a good snack, and also helps to give a sense of satisfaction to your stomach for a good while. 7. Eat salad and use Apple Cider vinegar and/or olive oil. By adding these ingredients, it burn fat faster. 8 Celery not many people like celery, but the celery is one of the best burners fat foods that you can eat at any time of the day and anywhere without the risk of weight gain. Like many people eat it with peanut butter, but this take away the benefits. These are 8 great burners fat foods that help burn fat very quickly. He is eating some of these foods every day to reach your goal faster. There is a new method that has been revealed by a doctor which has helped many people to get rid of his excess weight and burn fat in a very short time. Discover how these people have lost up to 22 lbs (10 kg) in just 2 weeks and how you also can do it today.

Summer Jobs Wanted

For the new year and the approaching season the company looking for HAPPY FAMiLY animation new employees for summer jobs. Cologne to the new year and the approaching season finds the company HAPPY FAMiLY animation new employees for summer jobs. Guest Relations personnel who work in tourist resorts in France, Italy, Austria or Germany will want, and through fantasy and pedagogical skill of the mass of the vocal entertainers stand out from the. Loving, personal and individual support of the small and big guests is required. HAPPY FAMiLY offers animation jobs relating to kids, youngsters, family and sports. Those interested can apply directly online via the company’s recent content greatly expanded Web presence. HAPPY FAMiLY entertainers also benefit from all the advantages of a German employment contract if they are working in resorts outside of Germany. The working time is daily for six to eight hours on average a guaranteed day off per week.

Of course provided accommodation, meals, and travel of staff. To prepare entertainers participate free of charge HAPPY FAMiLY in a job training, on which they are trained intensively and professionally. Feature: In contrast to the large tour operators site period are in a personal conversation with the candidate at an early stage set and then fixed in the contract of employment. Prior experience in tourist animation are not a requirement, for example, educational training or a started studies in the field of (sozial -) educational or athletic is important. Liked to have seen experiences in care are also children, young people and families. Who wants to be active in France or Italy, should also speak the local language at a high level. Is important that applicants are at least 20 years old and time they should be at least six weeks during the summer months available.

In exceptional cases are also seasonal jobs for the entire Holiday season possible, so from March to October. For more information see: HAPPY FAMiLY animation 50858 Cologne Peter Willi-run-Allee 17 beautiful forests TEL. 0221 500 55 340 fax 0221 500 55 344 is HAPPY since 1990 FAMiLY animation with his staff for trendy, inventive and imaginative performance of holiday entertainment for kids, youngsters, family and sports. The Cologne company primarily in Germany and Austria and also in France and Italy is working in close and longtime cooperation with hotels, holiday villages, campsites and holiday resorts.

Organisers HKTDC

The lifestyle metropolis of Hong Kong from 15 to 19 August 2013 at its best with three measuring around pleasure introducing three fairs around pleasure and well-being and wellness presents the lifestyle metropolis of Hong Kong from 15 to 19 August 2013 at its best – and not only that. She’s appetite for delicacies from all over the world and on new business. Samsung has many thoughts on the issue. Of food and delicacies of restorative remedies to tea specialities, the fairs organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) combine all this under one roof, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Asia’s largest food fair, HKTDC Food Expo held from 15 to 19 August 2013, in parallel from 15 to 17 August 2013 the International Conference & exhibition of Chinese of the modernization medicine & health products (ICMCM) and the HKTDC Hong Kong International tea fair. With this trio of fairs, the HKTDC celebrated records already 2012: the last round were 25% more exhibitors and 30% more visitors than in the previous year. Also for this year’s fair offers Organisers a positive response.

With rising prosperity, the appetite grows as we know, and especially in the emerging markets need wants to meet as well for high-quality and boosting food as the desire for wellness, beauty and health. Promising synergies arise for exhibitors and visitors. Enjoyment for all senses: the HKTDC Food Expo regional or international dishes, cooking shows from Star chefs, tastings, competitions, as well as forums and seminars make Asia’s largest food trade fair to a culinary adventure, both for professionals and for the public. “While the public hall” with the premium food zone “accessible from the 15th to the 19th of August 2013 public, remains the Trade Hall with their group pavilions on first two days of the fair, the 15 and 16 August, subject to the visitors. In 2012, the Messe partner country Japan with over 220 exhibitors was particularly strongly represented among the 1,100 exhibitors from 26 countries -with their specialties like sake rice wine, Wagyu beef, salmon from Hokkaido or ice cream of green tea. .