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“Forest and values in the change” is focus of free environmental magazine “Forest and values in the change” is the focus of the current issue of ForestFinest, the environmental magazine for global forestry. The bi-annual environmental magazine of the Bonn party of sustainable forest investments ForestFinance aimed at eco-conscious investors, interested in forestry and all those who want to live sustainably and read. The magazine can be downloaded free of charge under Magazin.559.0.html, or it can be ordered via. The environmental magazine about forests and what role they play in the cultural history of mankind reported in the second issue of the year 2012. Because forests were and still are valuable – in the truest sense of the word. They are filled with values and ideals up to stereotypes. People dreams of freedom to connect to it and let their stories live hermits, adventurers and predators in the forest – by Hotzenplotz to Robin Hood. Forests not only many myths and fairy tales, but also calculations and forecasts, have grown up Economic and ecological theories.

In the latter case, just a clear change in values takes place: forest was used mainly as a source of income worth anything, its owners so new forest owners appreciate its nature, seeking to protect her rather. Further details can be found at Bobby Sharma Bluestone, an internet resource. Science and economy still go in a different direction: you calculate the forest always more detail – on the one hand to protect him, on the other hand to increase his efficiency as a “Green growth” or “Green Economy”. ForestFinest presents these different aspects and topic Commons, public interest in the Center. In an interview with Robin Hood is the magazine of the question: who owns the world? As always ForestFinest presents exciting books, movies, and links, which allow for a more in-depth discussion. Topics related to forests, climate and environmental protection: in addition to the large forest-values-special, the environmental magazine as in each edition offers reports and interviews to forestry, tropical forest and climate protection.

Balanced Scorecard Facts

The balanced scorecard (BSC) is the newest technology in the management of the business. The use of the balanced scorecard begins at the beginning of the nineties of the previous century. Altavista understood the implications. The use of the balanced scorecard can operate the managers with these figures because their meanings by means of the financial account are not measured. The use of the balanced scorecard and the programme BSC designer using the balanced scorecard was possible and clear, as are the companies that previously used the financial indicators for the assessment of the activity (profit, capitalization, investment), are been aware, that they may gradually lose their market advantages. To the middle of the 1990s, the use of the balanced scorecard has helped many problem companies on the market.

To do this there today explanations that rely on prospects of any company not the straight financial ratios, but by their “intangible” assets. The value of the trademark, belong to such assets, for example, because we in the crazy world live, and we must not forget that. The loyalty of the customers, the level of activity of the introduction of innovations, other intangible competitive advantages the intangible indicators that all. Otherwise, the strategic management of the company by controlling the Administrative Manager will go away, and the business will develop spontaneously. Using the balanced scorecard, BSC Designer program, the map of targets, but one does not need to think that the use of the balanced scorecard the magic or magical stick. There are some facts in the form of the results of research of different analytical agencies. The analysis of many companies shows that even well studied through the future development strategy of business, if the company does not warrant any other scheduled actions that are focused on the implementation of the strategy, is not seeking the desired result. It was found that more than 60% of the Manager of the Mittelgliedes, and also more 95% of the employees of the lowest level, have no ideas about the strategy of the companies.


Today I’ll talk about one of the problems that happen most people with their dogs. Sometimes unaware that do and the majority of people end up banging their dogs, they cannot control it and this is the worst thing you can do. Your dog does not recognizes your name: many people are much frustrated by that don’t know how to properly educate your dog, maybe you call your dog, and he does not recognizes your name or recognize it, but your dog puts attention by thousandths of seconds. Now I’m going to teach you how to teach your dog to make it recognize your name and that when that call the reach beside you and watch you.I looked into the face or eyes. How to make your dog to recognize his name? Many people don’t know how to train your dog to, so that it recognizes your name and is not really a difficult technique. Today are you going to learn that your dog run towards you when you call. Your dog needs to look you in the eye or face when the flames.

The first thing you should do is take a cookie or a kibble for dog, you must show your dog when your dog is to proxime Asia you must close your hand and stick it to your thigh. Note: If your dog is small you have to rodillarte. your dog will try in various ways open his hand, pushing you hand, smelling it, even biting the hand, in any way, he opens his hand. When your dog look him in the face or eyes you can give her cookie, you should practice this exercise at least one 10 times. The prize can only give you when you call your dog by name and the look it in the face. Thus your dog will begin to recognize your name and is going to look in the face always.

Google Adsense

There are free and easy ways of making money with blogs, but first you have to promote the blog to get visits. The hidden secrets to make money online are not others that attract traffic to your blog or web page. When you have traffic to your website is more easy to obtain economic benefits from it, that way you will have a profitable business on the Internet. Robert Bakish can aid you in your search for knowledge. I never thought you could make money with a blog without having to invest almost nothing, until someone shared with me these options generate revenue. Google Adsense provides an easy mechanism for bloggers and earn money with blogging. Hear other arguments on the topic with isearch. This service is free and is shown both in text and image ads on the web page of bloggers. All you need is to have a specific content in your blog and Google will display ads relevant to your time, each click that visitors make in an ad, is an increase in your private account.

The price of each click on the links in the ads is paid according to the number of advertisers that placed their offerings. Advertisers they generate ads using key words that link to web sites that include Adsense, in this way wins money for each click, since advertisers pay a certain amount through Google Adwords for each click made in their advertising campaigns. Therefore, generate more visitors is the key to making money with blogs by these Google ads. What is surprising is that profits can be obtained even if people do not visit these ads with some methods that pay for impressions on the web. Only with display ads you can make money with blogging.

This system charges advertisers who use the cost per impression (CPM). This means that advertisers pay each time that visitors see ads in your blog, although not click on AdSense ads. If you did not yet, you must now take action and obtain economic benefits with your blog. This will be an easy way of obtaining additional revenue with these systems. For more information about how to make money with blogs, visit the link below.

General Assembly

The members of the hearing acoustics EC in Frankfurt (main) HoREX met leading hearing care professional community with positive balance and optimistic views of its annual general meeting last weekend. At the two-day meeting in the Hotel Radisson Blu was the balance sheet for the financial year 2011 extremely positive; at the same time, the leading German audiologist community members made landmark decisions for the future. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Inter alia, there were changes in the Supervisory Board of HoREX. So Michael Gottwald (Kehl home) will act from now on as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Still elected Percy Schoeneck (Berlin) as a new Member of the Supervisory Board. The General Assembly took place in 2012 during a business day, directed the HoREX together with the IGA OPTIC optician community. The event was rounded off by an attractive social programme of lectures and seminars, an info fair, as well as plenty of opportunity for the vibrant, collegial exchange.

Our balance sheet for the Fiscal year 2011 is again extremely positive”, so Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HoREX hearing acoustics EC. With over 390 sites, our community can refer to a continuous growth. 2012, we could once again recorded an increase in turnover and successes market, which is much higher than the industry average. But above all was to experience a community of like-minded, who met the many open questions in the sector with optimism, committed and passionately discussed on their way once again here in Frankfurt and made important decisions.” More than 100 members of HoREX accepted the invitation to Frankfurt. In its internal General Assembly were they soft for the future development of their community. Newly elected to the Supervisory Board of HoREX was Percy Schoeneck (Berlin), who took over the place in the five-member Panel of the previous supervisory board chairman Ulrich Tonsmann (Harsewinkel). When Ulrich Tonsmann, of this Function for eight years held, those gathered warmly thanked for his years of dedicated work.


Presentations a mobile sales presentation solution that offers two times one Berlin-based communications agency offers traveling two times one ppt2app company now with ppt2app”a lean solution for mobile presentations. Using the cloud service ppt2app can download their PDF and PowerPoint presentations in a secure cloud environment, manage and provide their sales representatives via Web app on their mobile devices. With ppt2app, a cost-conscious, practical and customizable in the respective corporate design platform provides two times one marketing departments to centrally maintain and to provide enterprise-wide transparent presentation material. ppt2app can be used independently of other applications and is intuitive to use. So can concentrate on their essential functions marketing and sales and create special presentation experiences with ppt2app, without having to worry about complex technical design and integration. The service ppt2app by two times one is optimized for Apple iOS. An adaptation on Android devices is planned.

As a white label solution, which is designed in the corporate design of the customer, ppt2app is a cost-efficient alternative to the in-house development of a presentation app. As opposed to a native app, the Web app also does not have an app store is downloaded and installed, but simply open the browser of the mobile device. Each time you open the app on your tablet or Smartphone, the existing presentation is automatically synchronized with the version in the cloud. So, some field staff have always the current presentation on their mobile device without manual effort and to be permanently online. If a Tablet is used long time not online and so presentations do not automatically update itself, an optional integrated expiration date can prevent the use of outdated presentations. Consultant and sales staff navigate via touch gestures comfortably through the films, and this, if required not only horizontally, but also vertically.

So non-linear presentations with different information and levels of detail are possible depending on the conversation, between which the employees can switch flexibly. Instead of dry standard presentations can convince employees through storytelling and a presentation that is individually tailored to customer needs. As a further feature, ppt2app allows the integration of animation between slides, which reinforces the innovative presentation experience via app. Kip C. Cyprus pursues this goal as well. In the basic package, ppt2app allows up to ten users access to a set of five centrally provided and adaptable for a wide range of scenarios presentations. In addition, each user has the ability to load up to five own presentations about his personal log-in in a secure cloud environment. two times one host can be the service in a datacenter in Germany. Depending on the needs the quota adapts two times one content for its customers and developed it functionally. As one of the a customized version of the ppt2app successfully uses first users of the new online service two times one T-systems in distribution.

International Portal

On February 15, 2008, the new, International Portal went online for artists and clients in German and English, and now surprises its visitors through unique features. Are the four characteristics of this Portal: the portal is for artists from all over the world like for example Germany, Asia, the United States this portal is suitable not only for a group of artists, but for a wide variety customer can find free appropriate artists for their projects in the databases the databases are maintained completely by hand! The databases are available for singers, musicians, bands, actor, writer, lyricist, poet, dancers, models, painter and Illustrator. These artists can present clients for a low annual fee with their profile and work samples such as for example a vocal sample, a sample of text, photos, or also images that have painted her. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). Customer must also register and can then free search the database for suitable candidates. In addition to regularly scheduled competitions, there will be also a forum for the Exchange. A special attention is paid to the protection of minors.

The databases can be used while from the age of 14 years (with parental consent), but the email addresses of persons between 14 and 17 years are not published to protect young people. Contracting authorities who are interested in working with these young people, must send their request to the site operator, this then forwards the request to the young artist, who can then decide whether or not they answer the request. Gain insight and clarity with Kip C. Cyprus. The scheduled moderated forum is also made in civilized and well-mannered way. Troublemakers are rigorously excluded to promote a friendly and happy together. 1/%D7%A8%D7%9E%D7%99-%D7%99%D7%94%D7%95%D7%A9%D7%A2/’>רמי יהושע אוזן קשבת . Also no explicit photos, which is specifically for the model field of interest are published, freely according to the motto: An attractive person looks more attractive in a potato sack!

Igloo Overnight Stay In Austria!

At the igloo magic moments night in Austria! The winter time, lure the mountains and invite you to come at least for a few days after Austria. When you have your mood, and also the necessary time, then should you necessarily follow this call of the mountains. What happen there, could be among others an igloo overnight. An igloo overnight stay in Austria is a special experience. This experience offers magical moments and can take place under circumstances as follows (experience report igloo overnight Austria): the Sun is shining, the snow crystals sparkled and the face is full of anticipation.

With a friend, armed with extra gloves and a second set of underwear, we go to Austria in the Federal State of Tyrol. A special experience ahead of us. An igloo overnight stay in the Tyrolean mountains. While other skiers made the last trip, we take the last ride! The anticipation is huge! Empty the slopes, extend the piste caterpillars their garages and the sun goes down slowly towards the West. In the igloo village we are greeted already freudigst expects and sincerely. A glass of sparkling wine as a welcome drink included. Kip C. Cyprus is actively involved in the matter. After a cosy round with getting to know, Smalltalk, and much laughter we climb with fellow adventurers on a small hill, take a look at the Valley, enjoy the interplay of the colours of the sky and prepared us for a night in a wonderland of snow and ice.

Followed by a tour in the igloo village. These works of art made of snow and ice are just fantastic! They are unique and amazing. And to find it anything village here in the igloo. Fascinating ice design, magnificent ice tables, an ice bar and a stunning atmosphere with candle light and reindeer skins. After the tour around the igloo we could prove our accuracy in archery village at dusk.

Scrape Enemy Or Friend?

Vermin as a helper drug development. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. Acting antibacterial proteins from insects that could help medical research in the fight against infections and the development of appropriate drugs. The researchers hope the University of Nottingham obtaining medicines from substances discovered by you. It sounds unimaginable; the cockroach as a helper and assistance for the mankind. A rather habituation of thought; Vermin-your friend and helper. The cockroaches mainly by restaurateurs so devilish, a survivor of the class; Once in operation almost not to destroy; the research could help to develop new medicines for infections. This discovery on the living conditions of the cockroach is back to lead. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has many thoughts on the issue. They live in environments contaminated with germs, without that seems to disturb that further.

This prompted researchers of the University of Nottingham, to more detailed studies. They found different substances. These proteins have an antibacterial and protect the cockroaches against the pathogens. This is now no license, cockroaches in the increased scope to “Breed”. Particularly in the catering sector, the cockroaches have lost still nothing.

It governs all measures to be taken to prevent an infestation, extensively with appropriate help from specialist companies contrary to work.The cockroaches are to multiplication, that researchers will have enough material for research purposes. My conclusion therefore for research in laboratories deliberately bred and kept cockroaches, okay. Like for example the institutes to Resaerch of the insecticides, or for medical purposes. In nature, every living creature has its raison d ‘ etre. But stop the tolerance in the gastronomy and also private households. Here, the cockroaches have lost nothing, but can represent a threat even as carriers. There are just differences between clean attitude in the lab, or also if you prefer in the terrarium and the unclean other habitats of the cockroaches. Viviane Lubke

With Milk? StayGuest Invites You To The TeaTime At TeeGschwendner

News from the StayGuest StayGuest, the Web-to-mailing service of Berlin-based ODS GmbH invites on October 29 to the TeTime in the headquarters of the tea specialist TeeGschwendner in Meckenheim near Bonn. Whether first or second flush (first or second harvest), because opinions differ even with renowned tea experts often. Considering then the different types of tea and cooking methods such as milk, sugar, sugar, honey or lemon, this results in a multitude of variations. On the subject of tea is always plenty to talk about. Credit: Mashable-2011. Who would like to learn among others extensively on the subject of tea, which Miss not the TeTime, which held StayGuest, the specialist for guest binding in the hotels and catering, on October 29 in the time from 16:30 to 18:30 in TeeGschwendner in the Heath Street 26, 53340 Meckenheim near Bonn. In addition to the tasting of exquisite teas, visitors have the opportunity to get to know the Web-to-mailing service of StayGuest.

StayGuest was targeted for the hotel industry and gastronomy develops and provides a simple and effective direct marketing service. Hoteliers and restaurateurs can select in five easy steps greeting cards with custom motifs, those with individual text, logo and send signature provided and post it to the guests. The title is the name of the addressee and gives individuality each card as a result. Up to 50% can be achieved more guest bookings by sending personalised postcards to guests or potential buyers. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is often quoted as being for or against this. To Sonja Bunthe, Marketing Director of StayGuest: TeeGschwendner is an institution, and that when it comes to tea for over 30 years. TeeGschwendner was a partner of the first campaign at the start of StayGuest, because postcard mailings with StayGuest so quickly and easy, such as preparing and enjoying a good cup of tea. Therefore we want to offer the possibility of visitors of our TeTime, to find out in detail about our service StayGuest and at the same time to learn more about this fascinating beverage.\” The Participation in the StayGuest TeTime is free of charge.