Axel Fischer

Two beautiful songs for which not all too frequent moments in life. Except these two ballads, magic shows the night”be quick and distinctive title musical concept with a clear look. Axel and Thorsten formulate strong and self-confident in 5 vor 12″to the request to accept reason, immediately in the song for all eternity” to promote the Unzertrennlichkeit. “The catchy hit Jeanny” inspired, however, tired spirits and appeals with its irresistible charm the impossible come true. An excellent composition, which blurs magic and reality and loose and sexy celebrates the desire of the idea. Paris’ and I give you the time”grant us the sympathetic two further insight into your emotions and show up both in love and very sure, to do the right thing. Thorsten Kolsch sums up: the work on this album was fun Axel and me very much and we are very curious how many people we can reach.

With the magic of the night”a great dream come true is gone for us.” Conclusion: With new times, Axel Fischer enters musical new territory together with Thorsten Kolsch, which itself has won several band contests. The singer- songwriter Axel Fischer already collected veritable hits as a solo artist. “He wrote with girl you let” the title song of the VIVA school SOAP final class “and landed right in the TOP 40 of the media control single charts. Whole 10 weeks continued the pop hits in the TOP 100 and sold thousands of times. “” Episode titles such as the Heather anthem “and the Eskimo dance” also notable placements brought Axel Fischer and led to a steadily growing fan base. With the cover version of Amsterdam”he made in the recent past to.

In cooperation with the Group of Cora, he recorded the cult hit of the 80s in a new pop- and earned biggest praise both fans and critics. Are fixed until today as a result: the Entry in the TOP 40, a sustained over 10 weeks chart presence in the media control single charts, as well as all 30 weeks top places in the DJ charts. EMI Music Germany (Electrola) released the album on April 24, 2009 magic of the night”. With this debut, new times will provide for fresh air in the German musical scene. By natural looseness, actual skill and a boundless joy in the music, they put this debut a remarkable brand: a strong foundation for the way to the top. These new times: we are ready to expose us to the harsh laws of the party hit. We are happy as the 2-man of the new German pop Schlager, Boygoup on what comes.” Source: Emi Music links: new times