Choose Cable

To supply electricity to the appliance in the home, outbuildings, extensions are used. They have a lot of features, each of which affects the normal operation of electrical appliances for safety handling. In various specialty stores, where you can buy a power tool, you will find a wide selection of strips, made of different materials, designed for a different load, capable of providing two to tens of users. What are the main criteria for selecting an extension cord? Material from which made cable Often, the cables used copper and aluminum conductors. Copper – more flexible, can be freely changed the direction of cable management in places where it is needed, and aluminum, single core, so used to laying a permanent provodki.Kolichestvo consumers should clearly understand what will be the load extension to pick up the correct cable size and permissible to calculate the current that it is also important to be able to vyderzhivat.Zazemlitel presence of ground contact, the normal connector between the housing and cable, which to avoid short circuit of a risk of electric shock and other traumatic situations.

The presence of earthing allow you to connect without the use of hazardous evrorozetki adapters are banned in many countries because of the high and the thickness of the cable pozharoopasnosti.Dlina to avoid serious losses, it is necessary to select the cable length of 5-7 meters high, which is the best indicator. At the same time the load does not exceed 3 kW, otherwise fire can occur. The thickness of the cable must be at least 5 mm. This will allow you to connect many devices to it without losing tension. A good cable should be protected from deformation and kinks that would eliminate the possibility of short circuits. Of course, if you must pass the current long-distance, you need a power strip with great length and area secheniya.Kolichestvo layers of insulation in the cable cables can be single and double layer. Single-layer wire with insulation suitable for routine use in areas with low temperatures, high humidity.

Double-layer cable can be used in areas with high humidity, high and low temperature, underground, outdoors, etc.. d.Kolichestvo outlets should take into account the number of outlets, which is necessary to connect appliances. Often the best option when choosing an extension cord, a body with 3-7 sockets. The choice depends only on need, ie more outlets will be in the housing extension, the more devices you will be able to it podklyuchit.Nalichie breaker This feature is especially important for networks with voltage drops. Also, a circuit breaker prevents overloads, when one strip simultaneously connected to several powerful priborov.Dopolnitelnoe equipment is often equipped with an indicator lamp extension that allows you to see what state the device – on or vyklyuchennom.Pravila security Do not try to change or improve the designs extender. Such intervention can only lead to negative consequences – a violation of the integrity of the wiring, spontaneous combustion, electric shock. The choice of extension is mainly dependent on load and conditions under which it will operate. All these parameters are easily determined visually, so you can easily find a suitable extension of e-shop tools.