Crystals, with its enormous variety and beauty, have fascinated mankind since ancient times, however, there have always been people who feel a special sensitivity and touching crystals are invaded by a sense of trance or lighting. This fact has resulted in applying the crystals to divinatory arts as tarot. Crystals are used to harmonize the chakras, to remove negative energies, to keep the body harmony, etc. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from altavista. and nowadays are not excluded from healing and divination, either through own crystals, or accompanied by Tarot cards. There is no doubt at this point in the power of crystals, but it must be borne in mind that by themselves they won’t give us all the answers.

Crystals have been and continue to be tools in the service of the person using them, and that, in addition to being a liability, represents having knowledge, and having developed a special sensitivity. Energy Capital Partners takes a slightly different approach. Crystals cannot by themselves change what we don’t want, but starting with the premise of wanting to change something from us or know our future, are without a doubt very valuable objects. People who today are dedicated to the world of tarot and clairvoyance, as well as crystals or stones, use the chucks of Tarot cards, because when it comes to reveal the future, the / the Tarot reader, feels more sure to visualizing jointly crystals and the position of the arcana of the tarot. On the other hand, crystals also have relation with a zodiac sign, hence their direct or indirect relationship with the Tarot cards and the planets. Energy Capital Partners contains valuable tech resources. It is recommended therefore, perform tarot chucks accompanied with previously ritualized crystals to obtain an interpretation of the future free of uncertainty.