The team led by Jan Ite Muller took the DocYard, Prosar Aida products in the market exploratory and xbound in closer look. DocYard finally convinced by the ease of integration and comprehensive capabilities, which go far beyond the document classification. This includes, for example, the possibility to set up processes quickly. It was crucial for us. Because we want to use processes for automatic document classification for several customers. And because each project includes different time requirements, they must be set up individually. To achieve a fast return on investment, it is important that the necessary set-up time is as short as possible.

DocYard meets the necessary requirements as a platform with its flexible form designer and its user friendly features.” After the decision for DocYard was hit, it went quickly in the implementation. In December 2012 was the installation of the software, as well as a preliminary on-site training. Was established with the support of the LurTech specialists the workflow then configured the document classification. 12 Document types were done this, that Docuwork can automatically handle 60% of incoming documents. All others are gradually added. However, not only the manual classification is no longer necessary with DocYard: that all documents including metadata in the form of XML records automatically into the DMS are transferred, also with manual input is invalid.

An additional workload results for Docuwork in the reporting system. Previously, all activities that were within a job, were covered with a separate program. With the tracking and reporting of DocYard we could significantly increase the transparency in the production and at the same time greatly facilitate the customer billing”, so Muller. Due to the proven process optimization and the resulting cost savings could already another Docuwork Gain financial institution customers. The volume to be processed around the processing of non-performing loans is here even twice as high as in the pilot project.