Eclipse DemoCamps

Eclipse-coder gather on June 10 and – interested in the Berlin Fraunhofer FOKUS – on 13 June turns in Dresden do everything to the latest version of Eclipse ‘Kepler’ 2013 also comes together the Eclipse community worldwide. DemoCamps from Norway to China, from Canada to Germany are planned. Once again a big issue revolves around for developers, scientists, organisations and the free economy: the latest version of Eclipse and their extensive applications. This year she is product named Kepler”. Eclipse is an open source development platform, a programming tool, which is part of the daily work virtually for every Java developer,”explains DemoCamp Organizer Lars Martin of the SMB mbH company for software development. In the Eclipse DemoCamps, exchange among the specialists of the programming scene, deepen and spread their expertise related to the open-source platform. Free admission are not only local industry experts.

Also programming newbies, people interested in Eclipse and end customers benefit from the open exchange of information and contacts. Berlin and Dresden must not be missing in the long list of venues globe this year. On June 10, Eclipse coders and enthusiasts in the German capital gather. Three days later, on June 13, the Eclipse community come together finally in the Saxon State capital to the exchange of experience and knowledge. Both events already point to an extensive and varied list of lecture. Both events are organized 2013 Gesellschaft fur Softwareentwicklung mbH by Lars Martin of the SMB. We are proud and happy, this year in Berlin as well as in Dresden to organize the Eclipse DemoCamps along with support from science and research. So we work closely in Berlin with the Fraunhofer FOKUS.

In Dresden Technical University, Faculty of Informatics, to the side is us,”Lars Martin reported. I am looking forward to exciting and informative days in our Eclipse DemoCamps, as well as the exchange of knowledge in the Connection of our lecture series.” “Martin’s post software archaeology Raiders of the lost code” is in addition to numerous other contributions of to open debate. This reports the DemoCamp organizer of the need and the challenges of modernization of legacy applications. The tool-assisted, automated transformation of legacy applications and to more modern methods and technologies offers high accuracy and quality at low risk. Last but not least this approach saves valuable time”is Lars Martin’s central thesis.