Electric Generators

Electric generator 12kW R$ 45000,00 without maintenance prev. Source: three-phase electric generator (Thales). Table 1? Costs of an three-phase generator of 12KW table 2 demonstrates the cost of the necessary equipment for the insertion of a system of control in the plant. Architecture of the system Cost PC/PLC and panel of 20000,00 supervision R$ PC with 15000,00 remote PLC R$ and panel of supervision Source: Price of market. Table 2? Costs of implementation of supervision system (not increased the value of software) table 1 demonstrates that the fact of the periodic maintenances based in the information is excessively harmful not to attempt against it techniques of the manufacturer of the material. Table 2 demonstrates that a simple system (PC with enslaved CLP and panel of supervision) is capable to supervise a plant to make use information, allowing the analysis of data for in such a way, to plan of the best possible form the necessities of stops of the production line, and mainly at which moment these stops will be effected.

6. Conclusions Conclude that when implementing system GEP (statistical Gerenciador of processes) in an equipment, to become a good alternative, allowing profits in economic questions with feeding of data in spread sheets or reports (given aquisitados automatically), precision in the work to be carried through and quality of execution, aid in the planning of the production, harmonizing the perfect functioning of the process with the works to be carried through in the equipment. The intention of this article is to display a form of innovative supervision of processes, using equipment, in the case the CLP, in a new way, integrating functions and allowing with this a bigger flexibility in the treatment of imperfections and eventual stops it system, implanting this system in equipment already installed becoming clearer and dynamic the analysis them events. 7. References 1 Figueiredo Miguel Mitre de Amorim, Analysis of the human performance in the operation of electrical systems, Chesf, 2007. 2. Site of the manufacturer of the CLP. 3 you of the desenvolvedora company of the Studio Appearance.