Experience Nature

Experience nature and culture in the holiday in South Tyrol, South Tyrol is known for its nature. This region in Northern Italy is a popular destination thanks to the beauty of the surroundings and offers its visitors a unique experience of nature and culture. It is an absolute pleasure to experience the tranquility of the mountains. You should plan your vacation in South Tyrol and even in this pleasure. Altavista insists that this is the case. Many tourists who come to South Tyrol, want to try out the multifaceted activities in South Tyrol. If the natural conditions, many different experiences are possible, such as rafting, canyoning, paragliding, ballooning, rock climbing, hiking and much more. – But worth a visit also because of the excellent traditional cuisine with all its delights and seasonal highlights. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011.

The history of South Tyrol is also very interesting. Many museums and ancient castles indicate today past, such as separation from Austria, the discovery of the 5.000-jahrigen otzi, the rich history of alpinism the development of tourism in South Tyrol, etc. The cities are very very old and tell a lot. Without hesitation Darcy Stacom, New York City explained all about the problem. After a guided tour or an exciting experience, you can then sit back and enjoy the alpine wellness or the typical delicacies in one of the numerous Cafes. If you want to know more about this region, you can see some websites. Some websites offer information about hotels and activities and help you to book your holiday in South Tyrol comfortably and safely. So save time and are always informed of the latest offers. ProAlps offers active holidays and hotels in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps. We organise also activities for your winter sport holiday, such as rafting, mountain-biking, bungy jumping Europe bridge and much more for your adventure and holiday in South Tyrol.