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Heating, plumbing, electrical installation: so the nerves and the wallet be spared POING, September 2009 when flushing the toilet is leaking, strikes the central heating blower or the light dimmer is faulty, a craftsman does not necessarily need to get. “Many work on the domestic sanitary facilities, oil and gas heating and House electrical can be done quite easily even with the necessary know-how”, says Bo Hanus. The renowned author of the Advisor has brought together this expertise in his book “heating, plumbing, electrical installation in the House”, which is now published by Franzis. Bo Hanus will save much stress its readers and of course a lot of money. Explains the experienced by the domestic sanitary facilities of oil and gas heating systems up to the House electrical system “do-it-yourself” author all essential points when planning, installing, maintaining and repairing. Samsung addresses the importance of the matter here. Hanus is most understandable steps. Many pictures and illustrations make the explanations easier to understand. Whether it’s the dripping faucet or the renewing of Mixer taps, sink mounting or installation of switches, dimmers and Sockets: Hanus requires virtually no knowledge.

He explains the components and functionality for example central heating and describes where in particularly tricky places pitfalls lurk. Credit: Samsung-2011. And the author does not conceal the fact also, which works but rather should be left to a craftsman. Specialty electrics: “simpler electrical work in the home network are among the easiest tasks in the home improvement field”, promises Hanus. By halogen ceiling lights up to light-emitting diodes, the cross switch to the radio-controlled light switches the practice Advisor omits no theme, which classically is once in every household. And because the best explanation is useless without the right tool, author presents Bo Hanus tools and measuring instruments each with pictures. So that the reader with him can claim: “the most is a no-brainer.” “Heating, plumbing, electrical installation in the House” from the Franzis Verlag is now available in trade and available at. Hardcover, 576 pages / price: 19.95 EUR / ISBN: 978-3-7723-1818-4 press contact: FRANZIS book & SOFTWARE Publisher Michael Buge Program Manager technical textbook Tel.: + 49 8121 95-18 10 E-Mail: Internet: Franzis Verlag GmbH, Gruber str. 46a, 85586 Poing, Poing seat, Amtsgericht Munchen, HRB 119930,Geschaftsfuhrer: Thomas r drill, Werner Mutzel company information: oriented consistently towards the practical use. For more than 60 years the Franzis is book and software publishing house ( for professionals such as for beginners in the field of technical practice literature the first address, if accurate information and appropriate solutions are sought. Whether electronics, computers, Internet, telecommunications or digital photography convinced the continuously growing number of its readers with current practice issues, effective solutions and a modern treatment, the content and reader claims adequately continues the book and software range from Franzis. “Real simple”, “Hot Stuff”, “Professional Series”, “Do it”, “PC & Electronics” inter alia: Franzis sets with various series on a distinctive publishing profile, which gives already knowledge of tomorrow in the hand the technical users in addition to successful standard works mainly with forward-thinking new publications.