Google Chrome

Competition among browsers or internet browsers is becoming more at odds. Although for many the simplicity and speed of Google Chrome is final and for many of us the forcefulness with which Google is positioned is absolute, cannot be side ever that we have very serious companies working hard. Our work is to try all the tools that we offer to make our navigation more enjoyable. Recently has crept across the network a compilation of new Opera 10.5 pre-alpha to be officially released Tuesday. Many somewhat desperate enthusiasts have made this compilation and have already found some important developments. However, it should be noted that the developers have stated that the final version (i.e.

official) will feature a new Javascript engine that this unofficial build has not yet. On this engine, we can only say that it would once again at the forefront of the browsers Opera. Another novelty is the integration of Opera with Windows 7. Making use of the Topbar of tasks Windows, Opera has implemented previews of tabs on the Aero Peek thumbnail. He also placed links on the pages that you have already open on the initial screen. This function is not completely new since other browsers already had it for a while (e.g. Internet Explorer and some versions of Firefox). On the other hand, one of the most important novelties and looking compared directly with the mentioned Google Chrome, is the choice for navigation incognito by tab and no window.

Chrome came out with the novelty of this navigation mode that leaves no trace on the PC, however for many users to activate this mode for tabs will be more comfortable to do it on Windows. Finally, we can only wait for this new version of Opera to bring other news us. Definitely the fight for the supremacy of internet browsers is not yet completed.