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In the competition Pwn2own in Vancouver, Canada security experts already showed its potential when it comes to circumvent the browsers. Charlie Miller expert in security and previous years of this same competition winner, managed to hack Safari on a Mac Book Pro and without physical access to it, which allowed him to carry a prize of $10,000. Likewise Nils (surname unknown) head of investigation of the United Kingdom by Firefox and Peter Vreugdenhil researcher independent security by IE8.While Ralf Philipp Weinmann of the University of Luxembourg and Vincenzo Iozzo of Zynamics, German company, managed to carry a prize of $15,000 by hack the iphone using a site that had been created and that allowed them to steal all the database SMS, including some deleted messages. The only one who has managed to save themselves is Chrome that so far has not been able to be stalemate. According to Charlie Miller security model Chrome called Sandbox combined with other measures is built in that make this browser very difficult to outwit him despite having already found a vulnerability. Remember that in loqueNecesita.com you will find constant information of what is currently happening with the world of internet and technology, moreover, courses and software.