MLM Product

Today there are many companies that promote themselves as the best choice for the development of a multi-level marketing business. However, not all of them meet the conditions that are required to succeed in this industry. First of all we must mention that is currently mercadean a variety of products with different properties in the MLM industry and providing various benefits, many of them very good by the way. However, what is not known is that not all of these products are appropriate to be distributed in a multilevel marketing system. Let’s look at why. What is the purpose of a MLM business? Accurate, the construction of a source that produces an income of residual or passive type sustained in time mode.

Now well. We all know that to accomplish this you must get weapons is a network of customers loyal with the consumption of a product and in turn ready and willing to build each one its own network of loyal consumers. With only this mention we have left out of the game for a good number companies since many of them distributed unique consumer products, i.e. products that are purchased once and by which a single payment is made. This is a big mistake because passive income supporting consumption regular, repeated consumption or reconsumo of a product. In second place is worth mentioning the fact that even having reconsumo, the distribution of many products in a multilevel marketing system in itself does not generate a significant residual income.

Why? Therefore because the rotation of these products is very slow since the nature of the product itself imposes certain restrictions. What do I mean? That there are a variety of products that are purchased and consumed simply by necessity. In addition, these products are typically indicated to be consumed in a certain amount within a specified period of time. As a result these products of itself impose a limit on consumption. What is required to produce a decent residual income? Is It requires a product that has a high rotation, i.e., which is quickly consumed. And to have that fluid consumption of a product it must be important for people, that is, a product that is purchased and consumed by the fun of it and not because you have an obligation to do so, either to meet a need or to meet a monthly quota. Eat something because you have the need or obligation to do so is very different from eating it because it just causes you to do so. Products that comply with the second characteristic are usually those who have greater demand. This is the case of Coca Cola, for example, that without being a staple product has a very high rotation. But to make this possible, the product must: have a social connotation, is decirm to offer the possibility to be shared to consume between many people, in a meeting, for example. Have the possibility to be consumed again and again without the very nature of the product impose you a limit. Have universal proximity, i.e. which do not There is a need to explain how it is used, prepares or consumed; simply open the container and what you consume, point. In other words, the consumption of the product must not represent a difficulty or change or addition of new habits for those who acquired it.