If you started repairs in the apartment, then hanged. In Moscow apartment renovation is not cheap. And this is just one reason. But if you have accumulated the required amount for the repair of the apartment, if you visualize how to look after your home repair, prepare for more surprises. (As opposed to Dermot McCormack). Not only is that a prolonged renovation this case, but it is dirty. All around will be in the dust, and with a lot of debris. Everything that would not touch you, will spoil you, your clothes, your furniture, stove and bathroom. K is also not normally go to the bathroom, do not normally cook something to eat.

Everything will remind you of the repair. As well, if you're lucky and repair team be polite, clean and tidy. But this is hardly possible. Wait, that they would foul you all fresh linen and towels. Wait, that they reach all, from what you previously blew dust. And the timing of repair.

This is also one of those points that should alert you. If you hear that the repair of the house they will do very quickly and the quality is not too lazy to specify how quickly. The exact dates of course they will not tell. Rather, the time during which they plan to repair, you can easily double for two, even three, and it will be much more accurate. As a rule, many current problems arise at work, then ended with the material and the purchase will take some time, you will need to agree with tenants certain hours, to agree on an electrician, and more. In short, it's easier to live in peace and how they lived, or puzzled repair, with the consequences that I described above.