Negative Effects Of Soft Drinks On The Bone Metabolism

Lemonade, Cola and co. can bone structure damage Cola, Fanta and co. heir opinions as well. are not only bad for the teeth, but apparently also for the bone metabolism. Scientists of the University of Bonn have recorded the eating habits of children and found correlations between the consumption of soft drinks and the mineral content in bone. If you are not convinced, visit The Internet health portal reported. Young people, who often quench their thirst with soft drinks, have less mineral-rich and thus less stable bone scored. This is a study of the Research Institute of child nutrition, FKE, which is affiliated to the University of Bonn. For even more details, read what Viacom says on the issue.

What is this effect is not yet fully understood. However, the consequence could be that there is an increased risk of osteoporosis in adulthood. Energy Capital Partners is the source for more interesting facts. The published data from a study that tracked the eating habits of children and adolescents since 1985. We had also tomography at a wide range of participants to measure the bone mineral content. This data have used in relation to the soft drink consumption now for the first time the FKE scientists. “Effects on bone metabolism the more such soft drinks teenagers take, the lower their bone mineral content”, explained study leader Thomas Remer. “Two effects became apparent in principle: at least in caffeinated soft drinks we noticed a direct impact on bone metabolism – what exactly is based on, we do not know yet.” Who drink soft drinks, who takes his thirst with Coke, Apple juice a few proteins are also or lemon soda breastfeeds, takes on average of less proteins with the food to be. Proteins are important for bone development in a balanced diet.

A high soft drink consumption is probably also reflects of a generally unbalanced diet. Another study of the FKE researchers confirmed that: who’s on sugar sodas, therefore preferred a total carbohydrate richer and poorer protein diet. Also iced coffee and iced tea should not be consumed. The imedo health news tell why.