Programming Language Python With Best In Class

The open source programming language Python attains a top spot with the best placement in the Coverity scan report. PLANTA Projektmanagement-Systeme GmbH uses Python in his multimedia project management system PLANTA project since 2009. PLANTA is in good company: CERN, Mozilla, Google and YouTube have opted for this programming language. Reasons why PLANTA has opted for Python: intuitive and easy-to-learn language clear and readable syntax supplied standard library was particularly extensive Python in the early 1990s by mathematician and software engineer Guido van Rossum designed. PLANTA has fully integrated Python and offers its customers thereby the possibility to depict the business processes of the company individually.

The flexible customizing using the Python API allows not only easy to adapt to the surface in the form of masks, but also the implementation of all workflows. PLANTA Projektmanagement-Systeme GmbH with headquarters in Karlsruhe is one of the leading providers of Enterprise project management software on the European market. 33 Years, PLANTA offers industry-independent software solutions for enterprise project and portfolio management, as well as services for all phases of the software implementation and operation of software. The financially independent software house employs about 55 workers at its plants in Germany and of Switzerland.