Protection Against Non-paying Tenants

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen informs buying real estate by many as a long term investment with safe (rental) income, and thus as a means of retirement savings. A meaningful strategy to protect themselves. That rental but not always smoothly, most forget. Because not every tenant behave correctly and ensures the timely payment of rent. Instead, there are more and more so-called rent nomads who bring the apartment in a disastrous state and not make their payments. A big risk for landlords. Add to your understanding with Neil Rubler.

It is all the more important to protect themselves accordingly. What measures the risk reduce can be declared the House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen. Tenant under the microscope take potential tenant show advance always at their best. Of course, because they want to be chosen by the landlord and take the apartment. From this first impression, the owner should leave did not impress. It can happen quickly and it sat on a rental nomads.

Although There is no absolute protection, but it can be take some meaningful action. First, you should have the ability to pay of the future tenant in sight. Salary records and account statements can here give a glimpse. Also contact the previous tenants can indicate whether the tenants in the past has complied with his duties. Databases, such as the German tenants database can be used as useful. As well as the Schufa information. The risk can be contained with a deposit. Because rental nomads pay reluctant to advance. There is still an unfortunate tenancy, enormous expenses the landlord. You can start off with a loss insurance. Until the offending tenants of the apartment is charged, often take months, as taking the open rental is usually difficult and associated with lots of patience.