PVC Roof

For the device these zones are used, as a rule, materials similar to roof cladding. For example, on asphalt roofing are used Special bituminous materials with high resistance to static and dynamic breakdown. For the membrane also have a special PVC material for the exploited zones. Unlimited use of (Foot terrace). There are two basic designs, which are now used in Europe – a classical system of interlocking tiles laid on a bed of crushed rock and support system (regulated and unregulated). Roofs for the motion This type of transport operated roofs are divided into 4 classes: for vehicles up to 2.5 tons, for vehicles up to 30 tons (usually need to check fire-fighting equipment), rail transport (railway stations with multilevel ways); helipads. Most popular today in Europe, construction – with the castle tile.

Here the system is simple: support structure, slope, waterproofing, thermal insulation (usually extruded polystyrene), separation geotextiles, protective compacted crushed stone and tile. It should be noted that such a device for the roof to use specially treated fungitsilami rubble. Otherwise, it will sprout seeds. "Green roofs" "green roof" – a decorative lawn, flower garden or park, divided into the roof of the building. In addition, it is also an excellent technical solution to solve a number of problems associated with human habitation in the city. The important role played by a live carpet and roof construction – as an insulator and fire safety. "Green roofs" can be both flat and sloping.

There are examples of such roofs with slopes up to 60 . The design can be both classical and inverted. However, classical rarely used, as they inevitably raises the issue of protecting the waterproofing from mechanical damage in the garden works. In the inversion of "green roofs" the role of protector is perfect waterproofing insulation performs. In addition, "green roofs" are divided into extensive and intensive. On extensive vegetative layer thickness is less than 50 mm (turf). On extensive – more than 50 mm. It is already possible to grow flowers, shrubs and trees. Today, "green roofs" – is still a wonder to our country. But, for example, in Paris they already occupy about 15% of the total area. So, apparently, for their future.