Red Flag

Some reader alerted me reply that I am assuming a role unjustified victim, because if things go as badly as I proclaim how can you write in many different ways and with so many different directions? Even I know, believe me. However, neither are as many as it seems, nor are all you want, or your readers are clearly in line with what I write. I'm so aware of it, that some of my regular opinion columns have names that refer to this condition: "Offside", "A counter "… And if there are no expressions of that meaning is because my other collaborations have no section title, otherwise … It is true that a history has caught contrapie. Born during the Franco regime, was opposed to it since I use political reason. As also keep in good shape my memory, I remember that many liberals now, the new leftist converts, are active in the struggle in which those we did we played the type.

Without being affiliated to any party-and, especially, not to be, "I could serve the cause of democracy in Bilbao, first in Barcelona and then in actions is not something to detail now. Two notes, only. One that I live in Barcelona hosted the first secret talks for the merger of Red Flag and PSUC. Another, later military for two years and a half in the match resulting from this merger, the most effective in the fight against Franco-up just a week before first democratic elections in June 1977.