Roger Kay Kuori

And the fact that the implants, it is still a foreign body (although the quality of life of which is guaranteed). According to many surgeons still must be replaced new – in 13-16 years, and it is not convenient for everybody. Recently a lot of information about the Brava Breast Enlarger System developed by the American surgeon Roger Kay Kuori. This system allows you to prepare for the procedure breast augmentation own fat (fat grafting). The advantages of this method is that adipose tissue itself does not cause pathological reactions in the breast, the natural to the touch, and do not require replacement in the future. Also vacuum bra Brava Breast Enlarger can be used in cases of hypoplasia of the breast to increase its own tissues, which are better fitted to conceal the implant. But the most promising, in my opinion, I think Use of this system in combination with patients undergoing fatgraftingom mastectomy for cancer. Since in this operation removes not only iron but also the subcutaneous tissue, pectoral muscle.

That leads to a significant shortage of tissue, and does not promise to install the implant. A transplant operation TRAM-flap is very traumatic, has a greater risk of complications, which makes it not very attractive for patients. As you can see the attention to the female breast and its present form long ago. Changing only the methods and means of influence to change its shape and volume that with advances in technology are trying to make less risky more predictable and giving the most natural result. Let's look at the differences between the most modern methods. Implants Implants are pros cons 3Dfatgrafting pros cons 3Dfatgrafting-suited for the majority of patients increase the volume and shape correction cancer;-achieving results within a short period of time;, requires no special preoperative preparation. -Needs to be replaced after 13-16 years, the risk of complications, although not large, but present;-little promise for the reconstruction of the breast (mastectomy), the lack of fat – no complications, the natural to the touch chest, do not need to be replaced in the future;-fits-all patients, including a visual reconstruction of the amputated breast, at a fence-fat correction may be problem areas on the body (liposuction). -Need for a long preoperative to 600 hours with 10 hours per day minimum;, several procedures for a significant increase in volume. As you can see, these two methods are not mutually exclusive, but complementary, and I believe that with the introduction of Brava Breast Enlarger and method 3Dfatgraftinga have appeared Surgery more opportunities to achieve the best results in the creation of beautiful breasts.