Presentations a mobile sales presentation solution that offers two times one Berlin-based communications agency offers traveling two times one ppt2app company now with ppt2app”a lean solution for mobile presentations. Using the cloud service ppt2app can download their PDF and PowerPoint presentations in a secure cloud environment, manage and provide their sales representatives via Web app on their mobile devices. With ppt2app, a cost-conscious, practical and customizable in the respective corporate design platform provides two times one marketing departments to centrally maintain and to provide enterprise-wide transparent presentation material. ppt2app can be used independently of other applications and is intuitive to use. So can concentrate on their essential functions marketing and sales and create special presentation experiences with ppt2app, without having to worry about complex technical design and integration. The service ppt2app by two times one is optimized for Apple iOS. An adaptation on Android devices is planned.

As a white label solution, which is designed in the corporate design of the customer, ppt2app is a cost-efficient alternative to the in-house development of a presentation app. As opposed to a native app, the Web app also does not have an app store is downloaded and installed, but simply open the browser of the mobile device. Each time you open the app on your tablet or Smartphone, the existing presentation is automatically synchronized with the version in the cloud. So, some field staff have always the current presentation on their mobile device without manual effort and to be permanently online. If a Tablet is used long time not online and so presentations do not automatically update itself, an optional integrated expiration date can prevent the use of outdated presentations. Consultant and sales staff navigate via touch gestures comfortably through the films, and this, if required not only horizontally, but also vertically.

So non-linear presentations with different information and levels of detail are possible depending on the conversation, between which the employees can switch flexibly. Instead of dry standard presentations can convince employees through storytelling and a presentation that is individually tailored to customer needs. As a further feature, ppt2app allows the integration of animation between slides, which reinforces the innovative presentation experience via app. Kip C. Cyprus pursues this goal as well. In the basic package, ppt2app allows up to ten users access to a set of five centrally provided and adaptable for a wide range of scenarios presentations. In addition, each user has the ability to load up to five own presentations about his personal log-in in a secure cloud environment. two times one host can be the service in a datacenter in Germany. Depending on the needs the quota adapts two times one content for its customers and developed it functionally. As one of the a customized version of the ppt2app successfully uses first users of the new online service two times one T-systems in distribution.