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The Technology

' ' brincadeiras' ' generally they are in reason of the stature, weight, race, behavior, pertaining to school income, social notes, conditions, etc. Ace times we hear the phrases of the type: ' ' ei pezo comes aqui.' ' , ' ' hair of leo.&#039 goes; ' They are manifestations of bullying. COMBAT Identification of the aggressor and the victim, to talk in particular (not to display the case still more) with both involved ones. To make more possible fast the guiding of these for a psychologist, (therefore, they have immediate and delayed consequences negative when not treated) with end of that a diagnosis is made, for after that starting a specific treatment in each child. Important to remember that if it does not have to act at any moment with no type of violence, because this attitude would show the child that it also can be violent, the dialogue is always the best option. It is basic to be intent to any manifestation and, if necessary, to take off the child of that cycle. HOW TO DETECT? IN THE SCHOOL: Great number of lacks without reasons? Low notes? Low auto-they esteem? Transport of weapons (aiming at personal protection)? Problems of socialization? Anguish and anxiety? Direct exclusion of certain child for the activities where all participate little the child excludEM HOUSE: Low auto-they esteem? I cry frequent? Excuse not to go to the school? Anxiety, fear. Depression? Anguish OTHERS MANIFESTATIONS OF BULLYING Recently, the technology developed a new called problem Cyberbullying, is email threatening, negative messages in sites of relationships, torpedoes with photos and texts constrangedores, if they had become the most current weapon of constaint for some pupils, being described for specialists cyberbullying crueler than bullying traditional for three reasons: Before, the constaint was restricted to the moments of conviviality inside of the school. Now it is the time all.

The Notion

The education of this disciplines can potencializar these capacities, extending the possibilities of the pupils to understand and to transform the reality. The games can be used pra to introduce, to ripen contents and to prepare the pupil to deepen the worked item already. Chemical preparations with care must be chosen and to take the student to acquire mathematical concepts of importance. In accordance with Borin (1996), one of the reasons for the introduction of games in the lessons of Mathematics is the possibility to diminish blockades presented for many of our pupils who fear the Mathematics and feel themselves incapacitated to learn it. Inside of the game situation, where a passive attitude is impossible and the motivation is great, we notice that, at the same time where these pupils say Mathematics, they also present one better performance and more positive attitudes front its processes of learning. ' ' The notion of game applied to the education was developed vagarosamente and penetrated, delayed, in the pertaining to school scope, being systemize with delay, but it brought significant transformations, making with that the learning if became divertida.' ' Schwartz (1966), All the games have rules, and the games worked in classroom do not have to be different. The games can be classified in 3 types: strategical jogos, where the abilities are worked that compose the logical reasoning. With them, the pupils read the rules and search ways to reach the final objective, using strategies for this. The factor luck does not intervene with the result; jogos of training, which are used when the professor perceives that some pupils need reinforcement in one definitive content and wants to substitute the tiring lists of exercises. In them, almost always the factor luck exerts a preponderant paper and intervenes with the final results, what it can frustrate the ideas previously placed; geometric jogos, that have as objective to develop the ability of comment and the logical thought.

The Intervention

This knowledge initially is boarded in basic education and later, in average education with greater depth. With the objective to cure some problems of learning inside of it disciplines of sciences the focal group was of excellent value, therefore through it if it confirmed small problems that could be substituted by a methodology that expressed the daily one of the pupils. The effect that this strategy can reach to the level of acquisition of knowledge, or to the simple ones I stimulate of the curiosity, arrives at a highest percentage of the satisfaction. The intervention To participate of this lesson they had been selected pupils of 6 year of this pertaining to school scope, for being introduced the first orientaes inside of it disciplines of sciences on structure and function of fabrics. %80%9D/’>James Dondero. None of the participant pupils of the practical lesson participated previously of the research carried through in the school, for the necessity of the project to inside enclose a bigger totality of the school, leading the satisfactory results inside of the proposal pedagogical. The structures of the cells of the onion had been selected as activity practical to be introduced in the lessons practical of the sixth year for theoretically being applied to the pupils in this year, being adapted to the reality of the school, having as objective the didactic-pedagogical development of the pupils, approaching theory and the observed one in the daily one. The laboratory was the place chosen for accomplishment of the project so that the lessons if become more interesting, activating the construction of the knowledge through the curiosity. The space of the laboratory that if finds inactive in the school, makes use of enough resources for a productive lesson, and this was the great questioning of the interviewed pupils, where if it comes across with the necessity and the interest of the pupils to know the laboratory, problem this diagnosised in the accomplishment of the focal group.

Electric Generators

Electric generator 12kW R$ 45000,00 without maintenance prev. Source: three-phase electric generator (Thales). Table 1? Costs of an three-phase generator of 12KW table 2 demonstrates the cost of the necessary equipment for the insertion of a system of control in the plant. Architecture of the system Cost PC/PLC and panel of 20000,00 supervision R$ PC with 15000,00 remote PLC R$ and panel of supervision Source: Price of market. Table 2? Costs of implementation of supervision system (not increased the value of software) table 1 demonstrates that the fact of the periodic maintenances based in the information is excessively harmful not to attempt against it techniques of the manufacturer of the material. Table 2 demonstrates that a simple system (PC with enslaved CLP and panel of supervision) is capable to supervise a plant to make use information, allowing the analysis of data for in such a way, to plan of the best possible form the necessities of stops of the production line, and mainly at which moment these stops will be effected.

6. Conclusions Conclude that when implementing system GEP (statistical Gerenciador of processes) in an equipment, to become a good alternative, allowing profits in economic questions with feeding of data in spread sheets or reports (given aquisitados automatically), precision in the work to be carried through and quality of execution, aid in the planning of the production, harmonizing the perfect functioning of the process with the works to be carried through in the equipment. The intention of this article is to display a form of innovative supervision of processes, using equipment, in the case the CLP, in a new way, integrating functions and allowing with this a bigger flexibility in the treatment of imperfections and eventual stops it system, implanting this system in equipment already installed becoming clearer and dynamic the analysis them events. 7. References 1 Figueiredo Miguel Mitre de Amorim, Analysis of the human performance in the operation of electrical systems, Chesf, 2007. 2. Site of the manufacturer of the CLP. 3 you of the desenvolvedora company of the Studio Appearance.

Central Administrative Region

Projects had been consulted associates to the subject, books, sites in the Internet (City hall of Itabirito and FEAM), beyond the visits the ASCITO (Association of the Catadores de Materiais You recycle of Itabirito) and the CEA (Center of ambient education) that also it made possible the attainment of information. PIN (Projeto Integrado), carried through in the previous period also was consulted, in order to add given referring to the characterization of the garbage and of it I fill with earth bathroom. Softwares (Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and AutoCAD) had been used for formatting of the work beyond serving of support for elaboration of maps and grficos.4.DESENVOLVIMENTO4.1? Information of the municpioItabirito metropolitan of Belo Horizonte places itself in the Southeastern region of Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais, pertaining to the microregion of Ouro Preto and the mesorregio. She limits yourself with the cities of Currency, Brumadinho, New Rasp, Upstream, Saint Brbara and Ouro Preto, as she shows FIG. 01 (Authors, 2009). Figure 1 – Microregion de Ouro PretoFonte: Authors, 2009.A headquarters of the city is situated 848m of altitude and has its position determined for the geographic coordinates of 20 31' 14' ' S of latitude and 43 41' 29' ' W of longitude (ITABIRITO, 2009). The city has an area of 549,22 km and is in the Central Administrative Region of the State, where also the cities of Belo Horizonte and others are enclosed 63 (ITABIRITO, 2009). The main way of access leaving of Belo Horizonte is the BR 040 (Belo Horizonte? Rio De Janeiro) and in the distance approached to the capital of the state it is of 55 kilometers (ITABIRITO, 2009).

FIG. 2 shows the access ways. Figure 2 – Way of access Belo Horizonte – ItabiritoFonte: Google Maps (2009) 4.2? Characterization of aterroO I fill with earth bes situated in a parcel of ' ' Marzago&#039 farm; ' , in the agricultural zone of the city of Itabirito, currently declared of public utility for dispossession ends, in view of the implantation of it I fill with earth bathroom.