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Avon RIBS Companies

Work boats combine the tempting features of stability, high speed, light weight, dependency and high buoyancy, all in a single inflatable boat. Therefore, it is not surprising that work boats have been adopted by many commercial entities that play activities on the coasts. These boats are used as ships of supplies by the companies of trawling boats and barges, companies pescaderas use them as networks and sailing boats, construction companies use as floating temporary bridges and as a convenient way of transporting materials, supplies and personnel. Even the Department of Defense uses them to carry out robberies. The field of boats work covers a variety of different designs and uses that is in constant and rapid growth. It is for this reason that much further research in this field is almost impossible, given countless uses and functions that they can meet. A good example of its versatility are the Avon RIBS used by the coast guard, serving varied purposes as persecution of criminals and even the transportation of pizza and other meals for those performing guard shifts on the coast.