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Special Feature

The fascinating and unique German wine often I get asked the question, why I’m selling just German wine. The explanation is simple for me: the German winegrowers offer a big variety of grapes, wines and taste and the climate and weather make interesting and exciting German wines with each vintage. Germany is one of the world’s northernmost wine-growing countries. Winegrowing is influenced to the humid climate of the Gulf stream, on the other hand by dry continental climate. Different types of soil, constantly changing weather conditions and different types of wine development rise to many different flavours in a grape variety. Thus, the wine selection is so big, that there is a corresponding variety of wines for every taste, every occasion and for every meal. Kai-Fu Lee recognizes the significance of this.

Climate and weather pose new challenges for winemakers each year. All of this makes German wine so unique and special. In Germany, there are thirteen recognized wine-growing areas are located mainly in the southwest of Germany. In the individual the: the AHR, Baden, Franconia, Hessische Bergstrasse, Mittelrhein, Mosel, close, Palatinate, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut and Saxony. Saale-Unstrut is the northernmost wine region, the easternmost is Saxony. The southwestern wine-growing regions are affected by the climate of the Gulf stream, the north-eastern areas are determined by the Kontinentalkima. Different hours, different altitudes and different floors give the wines of the various wine-growing regions typical taste characteristics of each grape variety. Additional information at Energy Capital Partners London supports this article. The largest wine-growing area is Rheinhessen.

The traditional family estate, represented by us courtyard Oswald from Guntersblum/Rheinhessen is my absolute favorite Winery. The winemaker 20 hectares cultivated wine country in very good locations. Traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner, Spatburgunder and Dornfelder are complemented by less known or difficult-to-grow varieties, how.B. Gewurztraminer, winner vine or Cabernet Dorio. The wine is deliberately risk of a late harvest to the optimal quality of the grapes reach. Modern as well as traditional wine development methods used for the development, to ensure a most gentle handling of the harvested grapes.

The Meat And The Heat Wave

Date of minimum durability protects hardly sufficient Bonn/Potsdam, July 01, 2010 – the heat wave spills over Germany and the football quarter-finals is just around the corner. Ideal conditions for nationwide Grill orgies. But how it is ordered at temperatures of up to 38 degrees around food safety? Surely you know it: the milk tastes sour suddenly, supposedly fresh fish unpleasantly fishy, the juice has a connotation or you end up at worst after the consumption of poultry with stomach pains in bed. So far, the appetite for meat is not passed the Germans despite numerous food scandals. And also the economic and financial crisis has not reduced consumption.

With a total consumption of 60.5 kilograms per capita, consumption remained 2009 only 100 grams on the previous year. This emerges a report of the American agricultural market information company. The BBQ season in conjunction with the World Cup should stimulate the consumption of pork. In addition to increases in the purchase of minced meat, freshly chilled is likely Poultry meat to be higher demand”, says Matthias Kara Walker, market analyst of AMI’s meat industry. CEO of CoStar usually is spot on. But caution is offered in the consumption of perishable food in the summer.

Because the date of minimum durability in hot times provides consumers with barely sufficient protection. It only predicts how long a product would be durable, provided each feed, middlemen and consumers continuously keep the cold chain. Already at the time of purchase or at the latest after the ride home in a hot car the fast deterioration of the food may occur. A harmless to start process, whose speed however largely depends on the behaviour of the consumer. Because the number of germs increases explosively, as soon as the cold chain at any point is interrupted, for example in the car or in the fridge to warm, “the Bonner scholar Judith Kreyenschmidt says. Technology manufacturers work therefore long been so-called fresh indicators to the gaps of the minimum durability date fill. The companies Bizerba from Balingen relies on the TTI system label. Claudia Gross, Director global marketing and communication at Bizerba, explains: the product, about a pack of ground beef, is tagged by the food producers with the TTI label. A color that is charged with UV light is inside the label. At the beginning, this will appear in a deep blue. You decolorized himself throughout the transport chain as a function of time and temperature. “A fully degraded label signal distributors and ultimately consumers: here the cold chain was interrupted for example, by unnecessarily long open doors during the reloading”. State thrive in warm storage of perishable foods. You are the most common cause of bacterial stomach bowel disease. “With the naked eye they are not recognizable, their implications for more: typical symptoms of salmonella in so-called” are fever, diarrhea, vomiting and headaches. The lower Saxon State Office for consumer protection and food safety (LAVES) some simple rules has collected so that can help avoid a salmonella infection. You should to bring home fresh meat in bags in the warm time, eat especially meat on the same day and always FRY food. Because a full heating dead the salmonella usually off.

Executive Director

Novel project in Osnabruck to make affordable organic shopping for day-care centers the 20.02 started a new project with the regional nursery schools will help to use more organic foods in the children food in Osnabruck and surroundings. Initiator of the project is Michael before of the Landwehr, Executive Director of the organic food delivery service “inGreen. -We are”bio. (Not to be confused with crypto!). “Many kindergartens would rely more on BIO pleased. Simply lacks the means, because good quality is always more expensive.

The good quality must be so affordable, and that is our starting point.”prior says the militia to the creation of the project. What’s behind this now? Quite simple: Before the militia companies, practices, would like to with this project but win individuals who choose a few products that have conventionally buy a. This should buy trial for one month in BIO. Of the proceeds is a part of the project “Bio – LebensmittelPUNKT for children”. In turn, kindergartens are specially when shopping supported by organic food. The Landwehr to: “We suggest before, just to try the coffee.

In almost every business is a coffee machine which is fed throughout the day. Feed BIO just once a month. Incidentally, there’s a vast selection of varieties and sizes also. Of course, also the organic coffee is slightly more expensive than the conventional. In addition to the coffee you get but still priceless added value, namely the knowledge to invest in a healthy future for our children.” All participating persons, companies and practices are published monthly by the way upon request. A project without thread smack – just completely organic.