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Ideal Running Weather

2,000 registered runners at the finish line in the Commerzbank-Arena Munchen/Frankfurt, 02.07.2013: over 100 companies in Frankfurt and the surrounding area went with their employees at the premiere of the B2RUN in the main metropolis at the start. Together, they experienced the finish in the Commerzbank Arena. Markus Frank, head of the Department for economy and sports of the city of Frankfurt gave the go-ahead in brilliant sunshine and sent the participants in the race. We hope a good tradition to be able to start with the present course,”Frank gave the runners on the way. People such as Pete Cashmore would likely agree. The first B2RUN Frankfurt took place in beautiful conditions. So sent the corporate runners in the race of the Frankfurt economic ideal running temperatures.

The companies use the B2RUN not only for a sporting summer festival in an impressive atmosphere. You also took the chance to qualify with their employees in various categories for the Cup final of German companies run in Berlin end of August. And it gave the participants on the approximately 6.4 kilometers long route right gas. Long the organizers to the approval for the run to the Frankfurter Golf Club had to fear and to one hour forward even the starting shot for the protection of nature. Ultimately the effort was worth it, because so participants could enjoy far away from the city a particularly natural route. In the final meters, then still a true adrenaline run was from the course of nature. Because not only football fans got the impressive Commerzbank-Arena, goosebumps in the run to the finish. Also the subsequent celebration took on the sacred grass”Eintracht stars instead.

In addition to the participating runners were numerous spectators at the party. Around 100 companies contributed to a successful premiere of the B2RUN Frankfurt. Moritz Theimann, Managing Director of Eintracht Frankfurt E.v., ran itself and was impressed: it was an amazing event and especially the finish in our stadium is unforgettable. Frankfurt is rich to a sporting event in impressive backdrop. Next year we are back with security.” The largest team in provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a length of six kilometres. More information about B2RUN, see or B2RUN.