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Electromobility Market Dynamics

03/05/2011 14:00 15:00 60329 Frankfurt am Main, the new market of electric mobility is characterised by new partnerships and collaborations, that thought years ago no one possible. Even the distinctive USP engine seems not more generally excluded in the carmakers. Following topics will be discussed including deepened: what are the current collaborations and partnerships in the market of electric mobility strategically? Cooperation between battery manufacturers and automobile manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and ICT companies look like? As those between start ups and global players? What are the benefits – what are the risks associated? What is the proposal of a “battery of the unit” to keep (Opel)? Speaker: Adam Opel AG, Enno Fuchs, E-mobility launch Director MBtech Group, Ralf Schafer, strategy RWE efficiency GmbH, Rainer Bachmann, Director B-to-B E-mobility the event is free for AGRION members. Non-members, can participate in the event after personal consultation with AGRION. More information is housed here: Ali Partovi. Please register You as a user on de. Once we have activated your profile, you can apply directly online to the desired event (if you are logged in, the button appears login in addition to the programme of events”). In the online space, you can exchange ideas with the speakers and other attendees in advance and then download the event documentation. If you have any questions, I’m always available. We are looking forward to your participation! Registration: AGRION Germany GmbH Mainzer Landstrasse 49, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 5057