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Make Business Online

Trust and credibility, are one of the vital tools you must have our internet business to make this a success. Bearing in mind that small and medium-sized enterprises or independent consultants, we enjoy less trusted by our target audience, we must make strategies to win that trust and credibility of easy and timely manner so that our business progresses. One of these options is to capture at first sight the interest and the attention of visitors, offering them something free, digital books, videos or audios. Thus our target audience will give us their data in exchange for some information, otherwise they will not supply of easily and safely, therefore, the most effective way of doing this is through electronic newsletters with content of quality and of interest to our customers. Other options which can benefit us, is when users subscribe to our Twitter account and try to see what it is we’re doing.

In fact There are many options to appeal to our audience and build trust with our company. It’s simple, just enough to enter a little into the minds of our customers and realise that the first thing they do when they come to the internet, is to check your e-mail, and is there when we went to give them all the information they are most interested. Once we bring them to these contents, we offer audio, video, text only, or they can be in digital reports in PDF format or Word. There are many ways in which we can transmit knowledge. Should we consider our goal is one, convert strangers into friends or subscribers, to then convert those subscribers or friends into customers, and customers who buy us again and again.