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Mauritius For Bicycle Lovers

“Mauritius tourism promotion authority launches ‘Cyclo Tourism’-initiative on Mauritius cyclo tourism” tourism promotion authority (MTPA), which allows bike able to discover the island by a completely different page means the new initiative of Mauritius. The new program ideal for the desire of the island to tourism with regard to environmental protection and sustainability. Robert Desvaux, Chairman MTPA and even passionate cyclists, saying: cycling is the best way to explore the island with all its diversity. In the minds of the people, Mauritius is still a pure Beach destination. But the island has much more to offer than just Beach and sea.

We load a people, from more about Mauritius to learn and to meet its other unknown side of the bike.” It aims to implement the bicycle tourism in the tourism strategy of the island long term and thus to tap into the unique landscape and nature of the island. See more detailed opinions by reading what Energy Capital Partners London offers on the topic.. Five clearly marked new cycling routes are to be built around families, cyclists and Amateurs alike to attract. In the mountains and in the Plains, picturesque tours along the coast and exciting routes by Mauritius’ tropical forests are among them. In the context of the cyclo-tourism program, numerous events take place across the country. So, the South African Christo Coetzer circumnavigated the entire island on a unicycle by the end of December 2009. In November the look premium cycle has been carried out already for the second time tour, at the 50 cyclists together with the French cyclist Laurent Jalabert the most beautiful routes of Mauritius’ explored. More information about cyclo tourism under general information about Mauritius,, images and press information at

Igloo Overnight Stay In Austria!

At the igloo magic moments night in Austria! The winter time, lure the mountains and invite you to come at least for a few days after Austria. When you have your mood, and also the necessary time, then should you necessarily follow this call of the mountains. What happen there, could be among others an igloo overnight. An igloo overnight stay in Austria is a special experience. This experience offers magical moments and can take place under circumstances as follows (experience report igloo overnight Austria): the Sun is shining, the snow crystals sparkled and the face is full of anticipation.

With a friend, armed with extra gloves and a second set of underwear, we go to Austria in the Federal State of Tyrol. A special experience ahead of us. An igloo overnight stay in the Tyrolean mountains. While other skiers made the last trip, we take the last ride! The anticipation is huge! Empty the slopes, extend the piste caterpillars their garages and the sun goes down slowly towards the West. In the igloo village we are greeted already freudigst expects and sincerely. A glass of sparkling wine as a welcome drink included. Kip C. Cyprus is actively involved in the matter. After a cosy round with getting to know, Smalltalk, and much laughter we climb with fellow adventurers on a small hill, take a look at the Valley, enjoy the interplay of the colours of the sky and prepared us for a night in a wonderland of snow and ice.

Followed by a tour in the igloo village. These works of art made of snow and ice are just fantastic! They are unique and amazing. And to find it anything village here in the igloo. Fascinating ice design, magnificent ice tables, an ice bar and a stunning atmosphere with candle light and reindeer skins. After the tour around the igloo we could prove our accuracy in archery village at dusk.

Mini – Cruises Travel To Sweden

Fast times over the Baltic Sea and back Small cruises for the curious and spontaneous; Overnight on board and ashore in Trelleborg Gourmet Baltic Sea cruise to southern Sweden Family ride with children’s entertainment and pirate adventures Hamburg-Travemunde, June 2010 taste it cruise air you do not book a voyage lasting several weeks. TT-Line offers particularly attractive short cruise between Germany and Sweden in the Baltic Sea. Just for the curious and last-minute trips are the best invention since there are Cruises: spending a day relaxing on board, with sundeck and sauna, gym and cinema, Captain’s buffet and panoramic bar. The baggage in the cabin remains arrived in Sweden. If you are not convinced, visit Founder of Zendesk. And after landfall, in which there are to visit E.g.

the old Viking castle “Trelleborg” cruises to twice relaxed back on the glittering Baltic Sea in the homeland. The 23-stundigen voyages lead from Travemunde to Trelleborg at the southern tip Sweden. These included a roundtrip ticket with the TT-Line Premiumschiffen PETER PAN and NILS HOLGERSSON, overnight onboard in spacious cabins, buffet breakfast and dinner served in the on-board restaurant. Many writers such as Energy Capital Partners London offer more in-depth analysis. To make the most of your stay in Trelleborg, the shipping company has provided a program for a will city tour with many sights to download on their homepage. Gourmet Baltic Sea cruise. The culinary mini cruise is the pampering programme for the whole family, a gift for loved ones or yourself. Feasted is at the captain’s buffet or captain’s summer buffet and breakfast buffet with magnificent views of the Baltic Sea.

If you want, can again reduce the calories in the gym or relax in the sauna and jacuzzi. Entertainment offers the free cinema, and kids have fun in the games room or with entertainers (from 26.6. 28.8.). The elegant Baltic Sea cruise starts in the high season daily from Travemunde, in the off season every Thursday to Saturday.

Where – Holiday Party Pleasure And Conviviality In The Holiday

A holiday party is appropriate for each generation you must celebrate how they goods we all know and actually every day we experience gives us a reason to celebrate,. Because life is glorious and surely you should always enjoy it and celebrate it. Swarmed by offers, Ali Partovi is currently assessing future choices. Yes, you should really do, because moping and retreating into silence behind closed doors back, that can be later still. Life is a huge party, if you know how you can enjoy it, and if one knows how to celebrate. And just this celebration certainly never come at a holiday party. Because just at a party holiday you can celebrate like-minded to exhaustion in the circle, you can mutate the night to the day and just enjoy life. This, party retreats are popular with younger generations long, but this is really a shame, because even if you count something more Lenze, you can experience even a lavish party holiday.

A holiday party is short for everyone and you should experience this at least once in the year. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Because a Party holiday is much more than just singing, dancing and celebrating. So many at this time of the year recharge your incredible life, it breaks out at a party holiday from the pressures of modern life and finally letting go and enjoying one learns at a holiday party. All things that you often can’t in everyday life and is painful. At a holiday party, you can simply enjoy life and enjoy the beautiful things of in life. Therefore, party holidays are quite popular and trendy now not only for all generations. But many operators now offer party holidays. This on party holidays ranging metropolises like the Ballermann known party to promising party holidays in partially unknown scene stronghold such as, for example, Prague. Here, you can experience then a holiday party, which promises fun and action at a low price and is also suited to the narrow budget. -Claudia Schleicher-

United Arab Emirates

Where the luxury home is the United Arab Emirates have become more and more recently an attractive destination for well-heeled tourists. Abu Dhabi, which is one of the most modern cities in the world due to its rapid growth is the capital of the Federation of seven sheikhdoms. At the same time, the city is an important industrial and cultural center. Greater and not less luxurious Dubai presents itself. The city in the Emirate of the same name is known for extravagant real estate projects. The travel portal reisen.de is dedicated to both cities and reports on their spectacular hotels. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. Hardly anything is luxurious as an overnight stay at a hotel in Dubai. The city offers countless spectacular accommodations, such as the AK Qasr”(on German: the Castle).

Guests feel a Sheikh Palace and all the benefits that can enjoy in the Arabic designed de luxe resort. “The most expensive hotel in the world, the Emirates Palace”, is in Abu Dhabi. Stay in the luxury hotel due to the high security level the State guests of the United Arab Emirates. Even six suites built specially for the Arab heads of State are among the approximately 400 rooms and suites. The United Arab Emirates have changed not only outwardly, but also in the consciousness of the ruling family. These are about the finite nature of oil resources in the clear and put on the tourism market of the future. The traditional image of small fishing villages and trader settlements has given way to powerful skylines. Only blowing in Bastakiya, Dubai’s old residential district in the old town, a hint of nostalgia. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Tips For The Holiday Fund

How one in the holidays ‘liquid’ remains so it has not presented the summer: instead of summer dress to get almost daily rain jacket out of the closet. Atlas Technical Consultants understood the implications. So rather quickly the last minute travel booked and towards the Sun. To keep local money not only for a bullet ice, the Internet portal has assembled useful tips reisen.de, accidentally breaking the wallet. It accesses the correct means of payment at the resort, many fees you can save. The response to the ATM can be unexpectedly very expensive: high fees due are different depending on the Bank and credit card companies. To minimize a loss in case of theft, only so much cash should be taken with as is required for the first day.

It is above all to think about the journey to the hotel and the first Board. Advisable is also a smaller amount to bridge a to calculate. Depending on the destination, it is recommended to exchange the money already to home. This applies in particular to countries with stable currencies. To do this include for example the Switzerland, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Keep in mind you should in time to order the money at the Bank.

Not every bank branch has any currency in sufficient amount. Travelling within Europe, so you can pay with the debit card, which is equipped with a Maestro logo, in a wide variety of shops free of charge. The Maestro logo debit card is accepted mostly on long-distance journeys; Depending on your destination between one and two percent fees but. One makes money on a machine with Maestro logo, so a fee of at least 3.50 euros will be charged also. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/813 contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

New Hurtigruten Travel

2012 catalogue presents new product structure Hamburg, Hurtigruten in September 2011 – whether spring, summer, autumn or winter each of the four seasons revealed their very own charm on a Hurtigruten tour and offers unique holiday experiences. The shipping company Hurtigruten ASA wants to leave with a new product structure increasingly importance be given to the seasonal highlights of Norway, that experience must be on every trip along the coast of Norway fjord. In the now appearing Hurtigruten Norway 2012 catalogue will be presented the new structure. On board, the new spring programme of the Arctic awakening also awaits the guests. Has always been ships, the rhythm of life, the Norwegians and the Hurtigruten alike determine the four seasons: spring offers the nature awakening from hibernation, in the summer, the Midnight Sun appears the country around the clock in a golden light, fall offers colorful and luminous color matches and in the winter, the impressive northern lights has his gala performance. The new structure of the freshly Hurtigruten main catalog Norway 2012 “are based on the four seasons, travelogues, season-specific attractions, price and performance surveys are summarized per respective season and allow interested parties to an optimum, seasonal orientation. The tried and tested topics and group tours, pre-and post-tours, and departure packages, shore excursions, General information, as well as the popular charter flight packages from Munich and Dusseldorf can be found in the second part of the catalogue. There are also news for guests from the Berlin area: for the first time the popular Hurtigruten apart Charter flight from may until August 2012 from the capital. The seasonal highlights in overview In the spring (season: 15.03.-31.05) nature awakens from its winter sleep. Tentative blossoming colourful meadows and especially the Arctic bird life shows itself from its most impressive page: anywhere along the coast to return migratory birds and young birds hatch.

DVD Tour

New route planning software by MagicMaps makes possible the individual Alpine adventure. The detailed maps of compass are already equipped with a wealth of information that are any hikers and bikers use. A routingfahiges addition paths as well as important waypoints (points of interest, POI), such as E.g. accommodation, refuges, etc. Common routes across the Alps are already included as final tours in the program. It’s believed that Ali Partovi sees a great future in this idea. Need, who wants to deal with as the mountain bike route Oberstdorf-Riva to call them only and can then set its daily stages itself. In addition, a special Transalp route network for the individual planning is included.

Also trails are included in the routing, so that their own routes can be calculated for the crossing on foot. More GPS data can be found in the Internet and Explorer can be imported for analysis and processing in the tour. The preparation of a multi-day Alpine adventure with the Explorer TOUR offers decisive advantages. The extensive Functionality allows fast calculation of various alternatives. These can easily compare themselves with the help of the elevation profile. Sections can be processed also manually in the Terminal. How to get to his personally customized route.

On the way, the extensive POI database shows important points. All found accommodations, picnic areas, viewpoints, the nearest bus stop or the ice cafe, campsites. The tour of Explorer as universal planning software is characterized by its wide range of functions and the many direct interfaces to all common GPS and other mobile devices. Typically, not only tours but also maps can be transferred. So you go rain sure has the best topographical maps. It is especially comfortable to use Explorer tour in conjunction with the app Scout”for iPhone or Android smartphones, which also provides the transfer of maps. It uses then the possibility of his Manage routes data via the new cloud connection MagicMaps live”, one has saved his tracks immediately on all devices. The software series to the popular holiday regions of Upper Bavaria, South Tyrol, Austrian Alps, Dolomites and Lake Garda adds 50 Eastern Alps TOUR Explorer. The price of the software including tickets for the German, Austrian and Italian Alps, on a scale of 1: 50,000 is located at 89.90. The DVD series covers tour Explorer in the scale 1: 25,000 with 8 individual issues throughout Germany, the price of a region on DVD is 49.90. The Explorer tour is also available in a scale of 1: 50,000 for Germany (99,90) and Austria (49.90). For more information and a free demo version, see.

Balearic Islands

MagicMaps extended tour Explorer live offering tickets to many destinations in the user can use the extensive planning and analysis capabilities of TOUR Explorer now also for other countries. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. You can buy popular holiday destinations such as Austria, France, Switzerland, BeNeLux and the United Kingdom divided in the MagicMaps webshop in regions. In addition, compass cards to download are available for South Tyrol, the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. The prices per region range from 0.89 (United States) and 14.99 (France). The range of cards will be expanded continuously in the coming months.

An Internet connection is necessary to use the full functionality of Explorer live TOUR. The first step is to sign up for the cloud system MagicMaps live. MagicMaps live is the central memory”for all tours and maps. Who already an edition of the PC program TOUR Explorer version 6.0 “has, the there is for Germany, Austria and the Eastern Alps, is also indicated the cards of this expenditure in the Explorer live TOUR. In the Menu MapStore”the cards are clearly managed.

All the cards you have already acquired and which can still be purchased, are listed here. MagicMaps live, you get the flexibility and independence of the used mobile devices. Each map region you must buy only once and can transfer them on various mobile devices, E.g. on the devices by Falk and VDO or in connection with the app Scout”on Android smartphones and iPhone. “All cards, get out via in-app-purchase the app Scout” bought out has displayed in Explorer live tour and are available to tour on the PC available. Theme holidays: The cards needed for the holidays you can download on his laptop and is not dependent on an Internet connection in the holiday. The manual planning and analysis of tours is carried out directly on the computer. You have the ability to edit tracks on your own laptop during your holiday. Only the routing in the Explorer live tour is just about one Internet connection available. Explorer live TOUR there as a software download in the MagicMaps online shop at the price from 24.90 and includes a voucher for a map region. Internet access is required for use. For more information, see. MagicMaps GmbH the MagicMaps GmbH specializes in tour planning, digital maps and GPS outdoor navigation with their software products. Plan and analyze, focus on the road and have more fun activities in the nature the MagicMaps products make’s possible.

Riseachfall Guest House

Guest House Riesachfall is located directly on the highest waterfalls in Styria, Austria. Guest House Riesachfall in the municipality of Rohrmoos / Schladming in the Styrian Enns valley is geared for families, children and larger travel group. This restaurant is located just over 1070 meters above sea level, is still very accessible with any vehicle. Free parking is sufficient. For cyclists and pedestrians, a trail was built away from the road. For all Jackson are even not traveling with a vehicle, a public shuttle bus from Schladming in the rear Rohrmoos Untertal runs daily in the high season. Guest House Riesachfall in the so-called “Alpine area” is located by the altitude of about 1.075 meters above sea level.

In addition this excursion destination with an own hydroelectric power plant and several crystal clear spring water is mountains, as well as own own wastewater treatment plant to be equipped. The entire facilities were adapted to nature. The sunny terrace has been designed, that parents their Children on the playground. The offer still freshly caught trout from the own pond, homemade pastries and desserts, and our ice-cream creations in addition to the typical Austrian cuisine. The arrangement of food and ice cream may vary in seasonal, because always fresh goods will be processed.