Today I’ll talk about one of the problems that happen most people with their dogs. Sometimes unaware that do and the majority of people end up banging their dogs, they cannot control it and this is the worst thing you can do. Your dog does not recognizes your name: many people are much frustrated by that don’t know how to properly educate your dog, maybe you call your dog, and he does not recognizes your name or recognize it, but your dog puts attention by thousandths of seconds. Now I’m going to teach you how to teach your dog to make it recognize your name and that when that call the reach beside you and watch you.I looked into the face or eyes. How to make your dog to recognize his name? Many people don’t know how to train your dog to, so that it recognizes your name and is not really a difficult technique. Today are you going to learn that your dog run towards you when you call. Your dog needs to look you in the eye or face when the flames.

The first thing you should do is take a cookie or a kibble for dog, you must show your dog when your dog is to proxime Asia you must close your hand and stick it to your thigh. Note: If your dog is small you have to rodillarte. your dog will try in various ways open his hand, pushing you hand, smelling it, even biting the hand, in any way, he opens his hand. When your dog look him in the face or eyes you can give her cookie, you should practice this exercise at least one 10 times. The prize can only give you when you call your dog by name and the look it in the face. Thus your dog will begin to recognize your name and is going to look in the face always.